Hitler and Devil's Island Escapees

From book by Rene Belbenoit



Hitler and German Escapees from Devil's Island

From the 1938 book by Rene Belbenoit, Dry Guillotine: 15 Years Among the Living Dead, NY: EP Dutton, 235-6

"Before 1923, escapees [from the notorious and no-longer-extant prison colony at French Guiana, popularly but incorrectly known as Devil's Island] were well received [in next-door Dutch Guiana]. They were tolerated in the colony, where they easily found work, and in the capital there were at least a hundred of them. Then one day one of them committed an atrocious crime ...and after that incident all the escapees have been consistently hunted down and arrested in the Dutch colony, and sent back on the first launch to St Laurent. Only the German convicts get by Dutch Guiana now. The German consul at Paramaribo has special funds for helping out his nationals and facilitating their passage through the Dutch colony. They have only to get across the Maroni [River]. The police commissioner in Albina verifies that they are German, and then gives them a pass to proceed to Paramaribo, where their consul shelters them and embarks them on the first steamer for Hamburg. This is a tacit international situation which is, in some ways, remarkable. Hitler does not forget to save his subjects condemned to hell and death by another government."



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