An email from a German supporter
To: Dr.Fredrick Töben
Sent: Sunday, April 06, 2003 12:42 PM
Subject: Radar

The Germans had it already 60 years ago!
The recent news, a new Radar installation in northern Australia has been commissioned which is capable of looking over the horizon  for 2000km is by far not so sensational as most people may believe.
In WW2 the German Luftnachrichtentruppe (Air Force Signals) had already developed equipment which could "see" just as far as the modern Australian Radar System!
For example, in German occupied Holland near Alkmaar a Radar antenna code-named "Elephant" was capable of reporting the RAF Bombers right after they
started for their raids against Germany. This gave the Luftwaffe reliable valuable time for forewarning and organizing the defence. "Elephant" detected 1944 Allied convoys on their way to Murmansk in the Northern Ice Sea, 2200 km distant! Its crew, highly trained LN-soldiers even surprised higher German command staff again and again with their accurate news. German Radar installations 
("Wassermann") in Africa could "see" traffic near the Turkish coast.
Due to heavy losses of bombers, the British developed several systems to jam German Radar, even to bomb them out, and had some success for a time, whereupon a German engineer invented a Radar, which did not require to send any signals at all. It smartly used the signals of the British radar stations. Code-named "Klein Heidelberg" they were  situated in strategic positions in Holland and Denmark.
 As the British could not jam or close down their own Radar,  the "passive" German stations  continued to give reliable reports of Allied  flights and their position when all others  were out of action.