The disgusting pig P.M. Churchill caused untold suffering to the folk of Continental Europe. Never mind that he was a drunkard the man was also bisexual and insane. He lived five day's in a coma before his demise perhaps the Great God of the Universe took him through his evil life.


( BHIMARAMA comment :  The late founder of " The Inter-

national Society for Krishna Consciousness " or " ISKCON "

more popularly known as the " Hare Krishnas " was an

enlightened and holy Hindu mystic by the name of Swami

Prabhupada.  Around 1970 or so he  SHOCKED  his hippie

disciples ( and sealed his own fate with his Jewish ones -

the old man was later poisoned to death by them ! ) when he

told them that there were two world leaders who were the

very epitome of both " the divine " and " the demonic "

personalities as referred to as such by the Lord Krishna

Himself in his talk to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita.  Prabhupada

told them that one of them was the German Leader and the

other was the British one.  ( Well , so far so good - I would

suppose )  THEN - he had them all completely flabbergasted

when he went on to inform them that - in the Eyes of GOD ! -

it was the vegetarian , Adolf Hitler of Germany who was the

very epitome of the DIVINE personality as described by the

Lord Krishna , and that it was Winston Churchill of Britian

who was the very epitome of the  DEMONIC  human

personality as described in the Bhagavad Gita , the holy

bible of Hinduism !  Naturally that had all of his disciples left

in a state of shocked silence for a while.  And like I said it got

him poisoned by the JEWS who then took over his

organization !  There was a book , written by a fellow named

Green (?) or Greenfeld (??) or something ? entitled " The

Children of The Sun : the Cult of ' Divine Decadance ' in

England between the wars " sometime also in the seventies

or early eighties I believe (?)  In it the demonic depravity of

" Butch " Churchill the bisexual is revealed - as well as his

associations with various secret societies - in all of its

disgusting detail.  In addition - when " Whinny " the former

PM of Britian retired to the La Mamounia hotel in Marrakesh

in Morrocco in order to paint an' what have you - it is said that

he was  " hated "  by all of the locals there in Marrakesh ! 

Why ?  Because old man " Whinny " always had the darkest

of dark-skinned little boys delivered up to his penthous hotel-

room there at the La Marmounia - THAT 'S  why ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Churchill was of course a severe alcoholic and an addict of

other recreational drugs as well as of expensive Cuban

cigars and of eating rare ( to the point of outright raw ) roast

beef !  He was also JEWISH on his " American " mother's side

of the family.  And an ardent ZIONIST - as well as a real sadist

in war - and apparantly - in " love " - too !

Nevertheless it was THIS creature, Churchill, who was held

up BY  THE   MEDIA   as being a  MORAL leader ????!!!!!! of all

of Europe and of all Western civilization !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-no less !


In other words, Swami Prabhupada was right !    )

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