Who really started WWII?



Who Started WWII? Not Japan Or Germany

On American activities in 1941, that led to the U.S. involvement in WWII.

Of course, this is very different from what our leftist/Marxist history teachers told us.


Outtake from: How Franklin Roosevelt Lied America Into War by William Henry Chamberlin

"Excerpted from the anthology "Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace," (edited by Harry Elmer Barnes, 1953 -Ed.), pp. 485-491.

The orders to American warships to shoot at sight at German submarines, formally announced on September 11. The beginning of actual hostilities may be dated from this time rather than from the German declaration of war, which followed Pearl Harbor (Dec. 7 -Ed.).

The authorization for the arming of merchant ships and the sending of these ships into war zones in November, 1941.

The freezing of Japanese assets in the United States on July 25, 1941 (pre-Pearl Harbor -Ed.) This step, which was followed by similar action on the part of Great Britain and the Netherlands East Indies, amounted to a commercial blockade of Japan." (end of quote).

Note that the world Jewish community announced that they planned to financially strangle Germany in 1933, before any concentration camps were built by the Nazis.[1]

Also note that England and France declared war on Germany in 1939--as the result of the German invasion of largely-Jewish Poland--and not vice-versa.

Finally, the Allied financial boycotts included Germany as well, hence Germany's later declaration of war.

It seems that our history teachers were bad men--they basically lied to us about a key event in history. They did not tell us that the part-Jewish, commie-symp FDR actually PUSHED for war against anti-Communist forces--Germany, Japan and Italy all signed the Anti-Commintern Pact in 1936/1937, an anti-Communist pact; America did not--long before war actually occurred.

We "officially" sided WITH the Communists in Nov. 1933, people who were already mass-murderers on a horrific scale (approx. 15 million people murdered in Russia by that year). Hitler was barely in office then, having come to power in Jan.'33.

Our siding with Communists "legitimized" Communism for the world, leading to tens of millions of murders from China to Cuba. All because of FDR and his Marxist-symp advisors, many of whom were Jews, e.g., judge Louis Brandeis, who was a close pal, a Zionist and a key player and confidant surrounding FDR.

Wonder what else our teachers lied to us about?

[1] This was announced in many European newspapers in March, 1933, e.g. Britain's Daily Express, March 24, headline "JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY."



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