Read these words carefully and let your mind consider their impact on the world had the racial mongrel, Winston Churchill, not traded his soul and the civilized world, for self-glorification and a life stained by the pursuit of decadence. If this isn’t an Easter story, the struggle between Good and Evil, Light and Darkness, then God alone knows what is.

WINSTON CHURCHILL’S HALF-FORGOTTEN WORDS were penned following the disastrous First World War,  after Russia’s descent into Soviet-Jewish enslavement, and the Jews' unbridled blood-letting pogrom against all things Christian.

"It is the duty of the civilized world to re-conquer Russia. The Soviets do not represent Russia; they represent an international concept entirely foreign and even hostile to what we call civilization.

"To win against Russia militarily and morally would be too heavy a task for the victors alone, and as we must do it, we will do it with Germany.

"Germany knows Russia better than anybody else. That will be for her the great opportunity. It will be this opportunity that will permit a proud and faithful nation to avoid defeat and humiliation.

"She will pass thereby, almost without transition, from a cruel fight against us to co-operation with us.

"Germany knows Russia better than anyone else – that will be for her the great opportunity.

"Nothing is possible in Europe without Germany; everything is possible with her."

  • The Aftermath, Winston Churchill's Treason: 

There would have been no Second World War in which  millions died. Neither Russia nor Europe would have ever been enslaved, the bastard state of Israel would been aborted shortly after conception. America would NOT have become a craven colony of Israel, providing a mercenary army for Jewry's  worldwide ambitions.  The White Race would have increased and spread its prosperity throughout the world rather than grovel and wash the filthy feet of multi-racialism and multi-culturism.

Where darkness and decadence reign supreme there would have been light, where hopelessness grips the hearts of many there would be pride and joy.

Where corruption now festers there would have been the spread of common wealth. The flags of debt-free nations would bask in mutually shared prosperity.

Yet all was squandered because of one puppet’s avarice and the moral degeneracy of his Satanic henchmen. This incomparable tragedy gives pause indeed for much Easter reflection  - and prayer. – Michael Walsh.