I know. I know. You want to return to the scene of the dancing Israelis on 9-11. But there is one more quick lesson that needs to be covered before we climb back into the time machine and fast-forward back to 9-11. If we don’t cover this, you won’t be able to fully understand the “big picture”.

During the 1967 war, Israel occupied the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza. Thirty five years have passed since that war ended, yet the Israeli army continues the humiliating occupation of those Palestinian areas. Those areas are not part of the nation of Israel that was created in 1948 by the UN. What the Palestinian people are resisting today is not the 1948 confiscation of their land. They simply want the 1967 occupation to end. It is this ongoing occupation, not the 1948 creation of Israel, which fuels the conflict today. Prior to the current outbreak of hostilities, the majority of the Israeli people also supported the end of Israel's occupation and oppression of these territories. They elected Yitzak Rabin as Prime Minister and Rabin made more strides towards achieving peace than any of his processors. The 1990's were a quiet years in Israel. Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Prime Minister Rabin appeared to have finally reached a peace deal with Bill Clinton acting as the mediator.

This did not sit well with the hard core Zionists who ultimately hope to expand Israel's borders even more. Hopes for a lasting peace deal were soon dealt a major setback when a flurry of five bullets was pumped into Prime Minister Rabin at close range as he was attending a 1995 Israeli peace rally. It was not an Arab that killed Rabin. It was a Zionist fanatic named Yigal Amir. Amir was a law student at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University. He later told investigators that he was acting upon God's orders and had no regrets for his actions. (1) Amir, a bright young law student was willing to throw his life away in the service of the Zionist cause. (More on that concept later on.)

Rabin was dead but Clinton kept pressuring Israel to make a modest deal with Arafat. This is not to suggest that Clinton was an anti-Zionist in any way. To the contrary, Clinton's mild peace-for territory proposals were heavily slanted in Israel's favor, and Clinton's Cabinet was loaded with such prominent Zionists as Sandy Berger (National Security Advisor), Madeline Albright (Secretary of State), Robert Rubin (Secretary of Treasury) and William Cohen (Secretary of Defense). But in his self-serving and ego-maniacal quest to win a Nobel Peace prize (or simply to leave a lasting historical legacy for his presidency) Clinton pushed a bit too hard for the paranoid Zionists' comfort. Two years after Rabin's murder, Zionist "neo-conservatives" (ex-Democrat Zionists who infiltrated and now also control the Republican Party) finished off the derailment of the peace process by weakening Bill Clinton. The impeachment of Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky sex and perjury scandal had its origins in the behind-the-scenes manipulations of a prominent Zionist New York City socialite named Lucianne Goldberg.

It was Goldberg who played Linda Tripp like a fiddle by urging her to secretly tape record her private conversations with Monica Lewinsky. When the tapes became public, they revealed that Clinton had lied under oath in previous testimony given for a sexual harassment lawsuit which had been brought against him by Paula Jones.  In a most unusual move, a prominent Democratic Senator then broke with his own President and Party and denounced Clinton's conduct as "immoral" on the floor of the Senate. Though gullible Republicans were quick to praise this Senator for "putting principles ahead of his Party" , the Senator had ulterior motives for wanting to weaken Clinton.  Who was this Senator who embarrassed his own Party's leader on the Senate floor? It was none other than the Orthodox jew and arch-Zionist, Joe Lieberman! (2)

Influential Zionist "neo-conservative" journalists like William Safire, William Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, and JJ Goldberg (Lucianne's son!), ignited the feeding frenzy against Clinton, who suddenly became so pre-occupied with surviving the scandal that the could longer focus on the Middle-East. Republicans, who had no idea what forces were really at work, eagerly joined the lynch mob against a corrupt and suddenly vulnerable president who had always seemed untouchable, despite having previously engaged in far more serious criminal activity than "Monica-gate."  First Lady Hilary Clinton publicly claimed that "a vast right wing conspiracy" was out to get her husband. She was essentially correct in her analysis, but her use of the vague term "right-wing conspiracy" wasn't exactly accurate. It was really a "Zionist wing conspiracy" aided by  a bunch of Republican suckers who had other legitimate reasons to dislike a scumbag such as Bill Clinton. Of course, someone in Hilary's position wouldn't dare admit such a thing publicly. If she had, you can be sure that she would never have been elected as a New York Senator in 2000!

When the sad saga had finally played itself out, Clinton was impeached and greatly weakened, America was disgraced, and that poor manipulated Linda Tripp became the target of Clinton's vindictive wrath, nearly ending up in jail and eventually losing her job. The only winners were Lucianne Goldberg and the Israel Firsters that had paid Clinton back for daring to have Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat as an honored guest at the White House. The peace process seemed doomed.

At the head of the Israeli government today sits a brutal man who has been a guest of honor at George Bush's White House on a regular basis since he took office in October 2000. His name is Ariel Sharon. It was Sharon who in the early 80's engineered the merciless destruction of the once beautiful Lebanese city of Beirut. His fanatical Zionist supporters in Israel refer to him as "Arik King", but the Arabs know him as a lifelong butcher, terrorist, and war criminal. There was a time when Sharon was disgraced and his political career seemed to be over. The isolation of Ariel Sharon was the result a 1982 Palestinian massacre which Sharon engineered when he was Israel's Defense minister. It was the Israeli people themselves who forced Sharon to resign.

Sharon's troops blocked the exits from the Sabra and Shattila refugee camps while a Lebanese militia, allied with the Israeli military, went into the camps and slaughtered more than 1,500 unarmed Palestinian civilians while raping many women. (3). Though these Lebanese militias were the ones who did the actual killing, it was Ariel Sharon who controlled the militias and it was Sharon's soldiers who stood by and blocked the camp exits, deliberately allowing the slaughter to take place.

A survivor of the attack who had been raped and shot went to Belgium and initiated a war crimes case against Sharon. Several Lebanese militia leaders were summoned to testify against Sharon in late 2001/ early 2002. Shortly before their testimony, three of them were suddenly killed by unknown gunmen and car bombs. Israel's Mossad of course denied any responsibility for the strange and untimely deaths of these three witnesses against Sharon. (4) And if you believe that lie, I’ll sell you the World Trade Center!

After nearly 20 years of political exile, Sharon made his comeback in October 2000 by initiating the third and final step of the Zionist peace-killing scheme (Steps 1 and 2 being the Rabin assassination and the Clinton-Monica scandal). Knowing full well how much the Palestinians hated him for his role in the 1982 massacres, Sharon and a small army of Israeli soldiers showed up at the Temple Mount (5) - a site held sacred by both Muslims and jews. This was a deliberate provocation. When the Muslims protested the Sharon provocation, the Israeli troops cracked down. Rocks were thrown and shots were fired. In just a matter of minutes, years of peace and the Israeli-Arab peace effort had been finally undone by Mr. Sharon’s bullying antics. When the fighting broke out, a frightened and propagandized Israeli population soon turned to a strong man for their protection - the very man who had deliberately instigated the violence in the first place! Ariel Sharon was elected Prime Minister. The stage was now set for a major war. The only missing ingredient was the "incident", the "Pearl Harbor" that would be needed to bring the US into the war on Israel's side.

True to form, Sharon has brutalized and terrorized the Palestinian civilian population under the pretext of "self-defense". Armed and funded by Israel's wholly owned US Congress, and totally supported by a brainwashed American public that has been led to believe that Israel(!) is the helpless victim, the Israeli war machine has bulldozed and bombed Arab homes at will, uprooted their olive tree crops, shot scores of children in the head, prevented ambulances from assisting the wounded, bombed hospitals, shot and killed foreign journalists, physicians and peace activists, held up pregnant women at checkpoints, terrorized priests and nuns and killed an alter boy at the Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity, siphoned off drinking water from thirsty Palestinians to use for spas for newly arrived jewish settlers, beaten and tortured any Palestinian male who dares to resist the occupation, shot a 95 year old woman to death, broadcast hard-core pornography into Arab homes after capturing Palestinian TV stations, planted booby traps which have killed children, and so much more. The terror is so shocking that many young Israeli soldiers who do have a conscience have left the military in protest and refuse to participate in the oppression. More than 400 soldiers signed an open-letter entitled "Courage to Refuse" in which they expose the lies about the war on Palestine as well as Sharon's brutality. (6) Some ex-soldiers have even been treated for psychological trauma caused by their guilt over the horrors that they helped carry out against the Palestinians.

In the face of these atrocities, America's gutless politicians, corrupted clergy, and lying journalists have remained silent. Worst of all are the mentally deranged American Christian Fundamentalists (funny-mentalists) who blindly and unconditionally support Israel's terror campaign because of some obscure passage in the Old Testament. The funny-mentalists believe that God wants the jews to have Palestine and "He will bless us if we bless Israel."  Millions of Falwell's fools and Robertson's robots actually believe that by blindly supporting the murderous state of Israel, Jesus Christ will return and zap them up into Heaven! One has to wonder if the Mossad doesn't have some juicy little sex secret (ala Jimmy Swaggert /Jim Baker) on these multi-millionaire hypocrite preachers.

And oh how the Christian-hating Zionists are playing these Evangelical fools! Terrorist Menachem Begin even gave Jerry Falwell a leer jet in 1979! (7)  The architect of the King David Hotel bombing and Deir Yassin massacre (see Chapter 5)  later awarded Falwell  the Vladimir Jabotinsky award during a fancy dinner ceremony in 1981. Apparently these funny-mentalists have never taken the time to actually read the NEW Testament, where Jesus Christ talks about peace, love, mercy, and the brotherhood of man. Before the Zionist financiers of his day conspired to have him crucified, Jesus had attacked them with a whip!  I am convinced that  if The Prince of Peace ever did return to earth, he would do likewise to Messrs. Sharon, Falwell, and Robertson!

The funny-mentalist Evangelicals might also benefit from reading the Koran; Islam's Holy Book. They would be no doubt be shocked (as I was) to learn that: