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PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, 2005 1:23 pm    Post subject: 911 PALES IN COMPARISON Reply with quote


Here is the most genocidal
political movement in world history,

Lenin declared,

"We are exterminating the bourgeoisie as a class."

His partner in crime, Apfelbaum (Zinoviev) stated:

"The interests of the revolution
require the physical annihilation
of the bourgeoisie class."

Who were these bourgeoisie?

Certainly not Jews.

Trotsky gave a clue to their identity
in a 1937 interview in the New York Jewish
newspaper, Daily Forward:

"The longer the rotten bourgeoisie society
lives, the more and more barbaric will
anti-Semitism become everywhere."

Bourgeoisie was a Bolshevik code-word
for Gentile.

The first law passed after the Communists
seized power in Russia made anti-semitism
a crime punishable by death.

(Izvestia, July 27, 1918).


Here is the most genocidal political
movement in world history,
which created the largest concentration
camps and the most horrendous
slave labor system of the 20th century,
in which millions of Christians were
slaughtered ,

(on the size of the Gulag
concentration camp system cf.
C. Andrew and O. Gordievsky,
KGB: The Inside Story and
N.Y. Times, Oct. 22, 1990,
p. 82. None of these camps
are being preserved for posterity.
Most were destroyed long ago by
special military brigades;
cf. Michael Specter,
"Cold Reminder," N.Y. Times,
Dec. 3, 1994).


Communists and yet the world
is comparatively silent
about the holocaust and war crimes
this thoroughly kosher system
inflicted and the identity of
the persons who were its architects.

Auschwitz is on the tip of every tongue
but who has heard of Kolyma, Magadan,
the Solovetsky Islands and the other
infernal Soviet centers of
human destruction in eastern Siberia?

Who has seen films and books
about the millions of human beings
worked, frozen and starved to death
in the construction of the
White Sea-Baltic Canal,
over which stood a triumphant,
colossal statue of the Jewish communist
mass murderer Genrikh Yagoda?

The Jewish-communist epoch

of mass murder

has disappeared into history

in one of the great vanishing acts of all time.

Only practiced deceivers, with all the

sleight of hand of the

most accomplished stage magicians,

could pull off such a coup

against the rest of humanity.

To trick mankind into focusing

nearly all expiatory sentiment,

monuments and commemoration

on Jewish victims and brand

the Mark of Cain--

the very words war crime and holocaust itself--

on Germany and upon Germans alone

as their proprietary trademark,

must be regarded as one of the

most masterful achievements

of psychological warfare

in the annals of illusion.

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