Looking at the Obvious of 911

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Date: 7/6/04 9:42 AM
From: Deacon Elurby
To: john@thebirdman.org
Subject: Re: P.S.; Re: 'Evil Magicians' Essay, Now Blogged:

Hi, John:

Yeah, I had just signed-in to contact you,
after discovering that Blogger is blocking
that page, which I've been able to reach
only by, firstly, going to http:foundersamerica.blogspot.com/
then inserting the number 86 after "america" in the
above address - while it's in my browser - and clicking "Go."

Oh well, the Jewish powers that be . . .

Anyway, it contains these two messages:

right in your face?" you ask. Well, that's exactly what a magician asks of
his audience--to ignore his slight-of-hand machinations, his well-hidden
wires, trap-doors and other props for deception. Israel's Mossad knows the
value of WARRING BY DECEPTION, as that is its motto. The magician's tool is
deception, and we Americans have been deceived by magicians--by a cabal of
U.S. and Israeli agents, who demand that we focus on the obvious, not their
slight-of-hand machinations; not those DANCING ISRAELIS high-fiving each
other and laughing about the murdered victims and World Trade Center's
destruction, all of whom were quietly sent back to Israel; nor those two
Israeli agents caught trying to sneak explosives into Mexico's legislature,
post-9/11, which incident was quickly buried by the U.S. press, and the
intruders sent back to Israel; nor those hundreds of so-called Israeli "ART
STUDENTS" who were engaged - pre-9/11 - in the largest spy operation in U.S.
history, shadowing those Arab terrorists wherever they travelled, even
living next to them, all of which "STUDENTS" were quietly sent back to
Israel, and without any in-depth investigation by U.S. spy agencies or
investigative journalists in America's media; nor how such poorly trained
Arab flight STUDENTS could have executed those maneuvers, which even expert
pilots - with thousands of hours of flying experience - question whether or
not they could have made those turns and hit those targets so precisely; nor
those photos of each terrorist, so quickly televised after the event, as if
U.S. agents had had those photos prepared before 9/11 for broadcasting; nor
those FBI-listed terrorists who happen to be alive and well today, after we
were told that they had perished with their captives in those doomed
airbuses; nor the curious finding of a terroist's passport, found in
pristine condition within the WTC debris field; nor the lack of any matching
debris field in front of or within the Pentagon, to match the size and
contents of a huge passenger plane crashing into the side of that structure;
nor those millions-of-dollars worth of pre-9/11 put options, some of which
airline options have not been claimed, and all of which buyers' identities
remain hidden by the FBI; nor the photo of that strange and heretofore
unexplained device hanging beneath one of the doomed airbuses; nor President
Bush's strange, devil-may-care behaviour after learning the U.S. was under
attack; nor the unprecedented stand-down by U.S. air defenses, upon learning
that civilian passenger planes were radically off course; nor the
demolition-type collapse of both towers, with the first-hit tower collapsing
after the second; nor firefighters' reports of hearing strange explosions
within the towers; nor building seven's demolition-type collapse, even
though it had not sustatined a hit; nor Bush and company claiming they had
had no suspicion that Arab terrorists might use planes as missiles, even
though every other Western government had known of that possibility; nor . .
.; and the list goes on and on for anyone willing to investigate all the
magical anomalies surrounding 9/11; that is to say, what may be obvious to
the public just might conceal an evil magician's handiwork, well exposed if
you would just take a closer look.

695) IS IT ORWELLIAN HYPOCRISY OR BLINDNESS?: Whither whites' homeland?
Mainstream pundits, Right and Left, possess a 6th-grade student's social
studies aptitude on the Israel/"Palestine" conflict, as both political sides
curiously acknowledge a right of the "Palestinian people" to have a
nation-state of their own, even though that Semitic population living in and
around Israel displays no social/cultural difference from, say, the
Jordanian Arabs living nearby--possesses no discernible and unique
connection - no cultural or racial or ethnic relationship - to that specific
region of land, except in being Semites in an historically Semitic land of
Jews and Arabs. And, so, we have WHITE PUNDITS in the West hypocritically,
or blindly, demanding a homeland nation-state for a NON-DISTINCT collection
of Arabs within an Arab-majority part of the world, but while WHITE MALES
possessing a distinct racial identity and cultural history are being
gradually dispossessed of their nation-states by anti-white/anti-Western
Third Worlders. Are white males to begin killing the invaders and demand a
whites-only homeland and nation-state? Those non-white tribes building
communities in every white Western democracy are coming from racially
homogeneous nation-states, which keep breeding successively larger
generations of anti-white/anti-Western racists--FOR IMPORTATION TO THE WHITE
WEST. Do you see that? Do you see that those same WHITE PUNDITS - Left and
Right - ought to be DEMANDING the FORCED INTEGRATION of Arabs and Jews in
the Middle East, to follow the Marxian-driven West's model of diversity and
multiculturalism now DESTROYING every WHITE CIVIL SOCIETY?


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