THE AIMS and RESULTS of 9/11...


PRIMARY MOTIVE - to turn the US into a nation of Arab-haters and
Israel-lovers eager to go to war against Zionism's Arab enemies.

SECONDARY MOTIVE - to brutally crush the Palestinian resistance
under the cover of a major US war on terrorism. Sharon's tanks
were unleashed on September 12 in a major escalation of the Israeli-
Palestinian conflict. Because of the 9-11 attacks, few noticed and
still fewer even cared.

There are numerous precedents for this type of 911 "false-flag"
operations as well as cases of Israeli agents impersonating Arab
terrorists (Lavon Affair, USS Liberty, Mossad agents caught with
Arab passports, Muslim impersonators caught in India etc.)

Zionists have the logistical capability and the opportunity to
orchestrate such an operation - (the best intelligence service
in the world, key positions of power at the Pentagon and in US
intelligence, experts with explosives, access to WTC, access to
Logan Airport and US Air and American Air, unlimited supply of
money, ability to thwart investigators with phony wire trans-
lations and US moles, etc)

Zionist controlled media has the ability to cover-up the facts,
even after the stories had initially penetrated their own media
screens. Zionists have the power to ruin the careers of US Con-
gressmen, senators, presidents, law enforcement officials, and

Conversely, they also have the power to advance the careers of
those who serve their interests. We have seen that they have the
ability to block investigations as well misdirect and thwart exis-
ting investigations.



There are numerous lies linking Arabs to 9-11. Evidence against Arabs
was planted and contrived in order to misdirect investigators (wording
of anthrax letters, phony passports, stolen passports, Korans and Arab
flight manuals left conveniently behind for FBI filed agents to find
in cars and "forgotten" suitcases, Atta's passport surviving the blast
and floating down to earth, etc).

7 of the 19 'hijackers' are alive and well. A small army of Mossad
agents was caught planning terror acts in America and Mexico. We have
seen how anxious the Zionists are to use 9-11 as a pretext to crush the
Palestinian resistance and to have the US attack Iraq and other nations.
In addition, there is a plethora of even more damning facts which, in the
interests of time and space, weren't even included here!

The only logical conclusion that a reasonable person can arrive at is
this: The 9-11 attacks, the anthrax murders, and numerous other foiled
terror plots, were planned, orchestrated, financed, carried out, and
covered up by the forces of international Zionism. What other logical
explanation can there be? As incredible as this may seem, what other
conclusion is there that can so neatly tie up all of the "loose ends"
and mysteries related to 9-11? This is the only scenario into which
the many pieces of the 9-11 jig-saw puzzle snap snugly together to
reveal a clear image. Now compare this to the official explanation
of 9-11, which requires us to force, bend, recreate, and manipulate
puzzle pieces.

There are those who will go into denial and casually dismiss this
whole case as just another silly "conspiracy theory". But the
funniest "conspiracy theory" of all is the theory that some Saudi
caveman and his "network" of Arab students managed to elude US
investigators and pull off the most sophisticated intelligence
operation in world history. You can continue to believe that fairy
tale if it makes you sleep better at night (and if your sense of
credulity can stand the burden!)

Or, you can muster the moral and intellectual courage to free your
mind from Zionist bondage and face the ugly truth for what it is.
You can join the "extremists" and make a commitment to share the
horrible truth with others, or, you can smirk, roll your eyes, and
"pooh-pooh" everything you've just read. Go back to your controlled
TV news, pretend this problem doesn't exist, and let Messrs. Rather,
Brokaw, and Jennings do your thinking for you while the world goes
to hell in a Zionist hand-basket.. The choice is yours. History and
posterity will judge your actions accordingly. To borrow a line from
the Maximus, hero of the film Gladiator: "What we do in life, echoes
in eternity."

LET'S STOP KIDDING OURSELVES!  9-11 was an Israeli-backed spanking on our
collective American bottom! A Boeing 757 DIDN'T pierce through six walls of the
Pentagon (impossible + no aircraft debris), a late model cruise missile did the job;
the Twin Towers DIDN'T collapse due to heat (impossible), demolition charges
did the job;  there were NO Arab hijackers (the jets were guided electronically);
and the Zionists/Judeo-Christians now in control of the United States are traitors
to the U.S. Constitution... as well as being mass murderers.This has been a Zionist
WAG THE DOG operation from the start, deadly serious for our elected leaders
WHO KNOW WHO'S GUILTY, and an Arabian Nights charade for Mom and Pop
in Littletown, U.S.A.! It's an info war! Forward this to the world!