The ADL also has close ties to other Jewish criminal organizations. In
1985 the ADL gave its annual so-called "Torch of Liberty" award to the
notorious Jewish organized crime boss Moe Dalitz, who at that time was
the underworld "godfather" of Las Vegas. The ADL gave its award to Moe
Dalitz at a black-tie banquet because he had funnelled millions of
dollars in criminal loot into the ADL's treasury. And it's not that the
ADL didn't know what Dalitz did for a living or where the money came
from that he gave to the ADL. Before Dalitz moved to Las Vegas he was
the boss of the notorious "Purple Gang" in Detroit, an all-Jewish gang
involved in smuggling, White slavery, and contract murder.

Although Moe Dalitz was killed in a gang shootout with rivals in 1989,
the ADL has cozy relations with plenty of other Jewish gangsters. The
fastest-growing organized-crime operation in the United States today is
the Organizatsiya, which consists entirely of Jews from the former
Soviet Union. The Jewish media, of course, never mention that it is a
Jewish organization -- they call it the "Russian Mafia" -- but it is, in
fact, the biggest, the best-organized, the most ruthless and violent
criminal organization in operation today. And it is the most dangerous
criminal organization to ordinary Americans. It steals such huge sums of
money that it could even pose a threat to the American economy. It has
ties to the Clinton administration, and to the Democratic Party, and now
it is trying to gain ties, through the ADL, to the American
law-enforcement agencies which are charged with fighting against it. The
Organizatsiya is positioning itself to be the criminal organization of
the New World Order. It intends to suck the blood out of the U.S.
economy the same way it has sucked the blood out of Russia.

Police agencies everywhere should understand what and who the real
threats to law and order are. But they are being conditioned now to not
understand these things. They are being conditioned to regard anyone who
publicizes the Jewishness of Jewish organized crime -- me, for example
-- as the threat, rather than Jewish organized crime itself. It was bad
enough having the ADL, the media, and the Washington politicians in
cahoots. When police agencies and Jewish organized crime enter the
coalition, we're in real trouble -- all of us. And that's what's
happening now under the guise of fighting so-called "hate crime."
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