Subj:	 ADV10-24-98:Corruption of America's Police by the ADL
Date:	98-10-24 13:48:22 EDT
From: (American Dissident Voices)
To: (National Alliance)

American Dissident Voices Broadcast of October 24, 1998

Corruption of America's Police by the ADL
by Dr. William Pierce

Two weeks ago I began telling you about the corruption of American
police officials by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith: the ADL.
Because this is such an important matter, such an urgent matter, I
promised I'd tell you more about it. It is a shocking thing, and I
needed time to present the details to you -- details which you can check
for yourselves, so that you will have no doubt that I am telling you the
truth. It's easy to doubt this truth. It's easy to believe that the ADL
is the so-called "civil rights" organization that the mass media say it
is. It's especially easy to believe this when you see ADL officials
palling around with prominent politicians and policemen, when you see
police chiefs and U.S. senators receiving awards at ADL banquets.

I'm telling you that the ADL is an anti-American gang of racketeers who
break our laws with impunity because they have succeeded in corrupting
our politicians and many of our law-enforcement people as well. And now
I will prove that charge.

First, however, just as an aside, let's note that the parent
organization of which the ADL is a branch is named B'nai B'rith. That
name may sound strange to your ears because it is a Hebrew name. B'nai
means "sons," and b'rith -- which is often pronounced "briss" by
American Jews -- means "circumcision." B'rith -- or briss -- refers to
the ritual circumcision of Jewish males which according to Jewish
tradition is a sign of their "chosenness" or their special covenant with
the Hebrew tribal deity Yahweh. You probably won't find "b'rith" in your
dictionary with the apostrophe the way it's spelled by the ADL, but you
should be able to find "briss." So in English B'nai B'rith means the
Circumcised Brotherhood. But really, it's a criminal brotherhood, whose
members are marked by circumcision much in the way many Japanese
criminals who belong to the yakuza are marked by a missing fingertip, or
members of many drug gangs are marked by a distinctive tattoo.

As I told you two weeks ago the ADL was founded in 1913 after a wealthy
Jewish factory owner, Leo Frank, was convicted of raping and murdering a
14-year-old girl who worked in his Atlanta pencil factory. The trial of
Frank was accompanied by a great deal of very embarrassing publicity for
the Jews, and the ADL was organized primarily as a propaganda
organization to neutralize such bad publicity: thus its name,
Anti-Defamation League. But since 1913 the ADL has been involved in much
more than pro-Jewish propaganda. As an arm of B'nai B'rith, which is an
international organization with its tentacles in nearly every country on
earth, the ADL has expanded its scope of interests and activities to
include virtually everything concerning Jews anywhere.

For example, after the success of the Bolshevik Revolution, which
resulted in the Jews riding high in Russia, the ADL concerned itself
with countering the charge that the Jews had anything to do with
communism, which never was popular in mainstream America. After the
Second World War, when hundreds of communist spies -- virtually all of
whom turned out to be Jews -- were being rooted out of the U.S.
government during the so-called McCarthy era, the ADL worked overtime to
discredit anti-communists. To the ADL, anyone who was anti-communist was
"anti-Semitic." Arnold Forster, who changed his name from Fastenberg and
who was the ADL's general counsel for 46 years, wrote in his 1988
memoirs, Square One, about the case of the atomic spies, Julius and
Ethel Rosenberg: -- quote -- "Like so many others, Jew and non-Jew
alike, I suffered deep pain when the Rosenbergs were executed." -- end
quote -- 

The ADL had a significant role in the Jewish propaganda effort to
portray the flushing out of Soviet agents from U.S. institutions as a
"witch hunt." Today most educated Americans who were born too late to
experience the late 1940s and early 1950s as adults actually believe the
Jewish propaganda myth that it was a dark period in American history,
when everyone was looking over his shoulder, afraid of being denounced
as a spy by a government informant. The Jews, of course, who had been
almost to a man partisans of the Soviet Union, were looking over their
shoulders. But ordinary Americans certainly didn't feel intimidated by
the government's efforts to rid itself of the Soviet influences which
had gained a strong foothold during the war.

In 1948, when the Jews made their first big land-grab in the Middle East
after the war, forming the state of Israel with land stolen from the
Palestinians, the ADL saw its principal new role as a defender of
Israel. The label "anti-Semite" henceforth was applied by the ADL to
anyone who was pro-Arab or who did not approve of American support for
Israel. Being seen as a champion of Israel rather than as a champion of
communism helped enormously with the ADL's fund-raising efforts. Among
others giving large sums of money to the ADL after 1948 were a number of
Jewish organized crime figures, who felt a strong sympathy for Israel.
These gangsters, including Jews such as Meyer Lansky, Longy Zwillman,
and Moe Dalitz, were engaged in the White slave trade, in illegal drug
trafficking, and in nearly every other kind of criminal activity
imaginable. The ADL's relationship with Moe Dalitz, one of the most
notorious gangsters in America, may suffice to indicate the pattern.

Morris -- or "Moe" -- Dalitz, like many other organized crime figures
before the Second World War, got his start in the illegal booze business
during Prohibition. Dalitz was the boss of a criminal organization in
Detroit known as the "Purple Gang," whose principal activity was
smuggling whisky across the Detroit River from Canada into the United

The controlled media, through popular fiction and films like The
Godfather, have given most Americans the erroneous idea that organized
crime in America has been almost entirely an Italian affair. Although
Sicilians and Italians made up most of the lower ranks of the Mafia and
other gangster organizations in the 1920s and 1930s, at the top there
were at least as many Jews as Italians. And some of the most notorious
and bloodthirsty criminal organizations were entirely Jewish, or nearly
so. Murder, Incorporated, is an example of a Jewish criminal gang. Moe
Dalitz's Purple Gang is another example.

Dalitz eventually moved his whisky-smuggling operation from Detroit to
Cleveland and joined forces with another group of Jewish gangsters
there. They moved so much illegal booze across Lake Erie that it become
known popularly as the "Jewish lake." It's good to remember that
gangsters like Dalitz did much more than smuggle whisky. They corrupted
American society and American government. They bribed judges and
politicians and police officials on a huge scale. They murdered people:
hundreds of people. And when Prohibition ended in 1933 the gangsters
simply switched from smuggling to extortion, loan-sharking, and White
slavery. After the war they moved into the drug trade.

Toward the end of the war Dalitz and several other Jewish gangsters,
including Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky, began investing their
ill-gotten wealth in Las Vegas. Soon they were all casino owners. Dalitz
was one of the original owners of the Flamingo, which opened in 1946.
Dalitz later took over the Desert Inn and became a part owner of the
Stardust Hotel. His gang became known as the "Desert Syndicate." Dalitz
and Lansky eventually decided that Bugsy Siegel was cheating them, and
in June 1947 they ordered him killed in one of the most spectacular
"rubouts" of the postwar period. After that Moe Dalitz was the
undisputed "Godfather" of Las Vegas.

Over the years a great deal of Moe Dalitz's criminal income found its
way into the coffers of the ADL -- so much so that in 1985 the ADL gave
its so-called "Torch of Liberty" award to Dalitz. The award ceremony was
a black-tie affair featured on the front page of the ADL Bulletin, in
which Dalitz was praised as a "philanthropist" and "deep appreciation"
was expressed for his financial contributions to the ADL. And of course,
the controlled media were discreet about the relationship between Dalitz
and the ADL. There were never any headlines in the New York Times or the
Washington Post about the ADL's ties to the mob, but anyone who has the
time to dig back through the issues of the ADL Bulletin at a major
library, will find Dalitz on the front page in 1985. Moe Dalitz himself
was killed four years later, in 1989, in a gang shootout which also left
seven other people dead. But the ADL had plenty of other Jewish
gangsters contributing money by then.

The ADL was able to flaunt its relationship with Moe Dalitz and accept
tainted money from him and other gangsters -- money which was the
product of criminal activity -- without fear of legal repercussions,
because at the same time it had been cultivating its relationships with
Jewish organized crime bosses, it also had been cultivating its
relationships with law-enforcement officials, especially the FBI. During
the post-war period the Jews spearheaded the effort to force racial
integration on America, and they were bitterly resented by
segregationist organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan struck
out at the Jews almost as much as at Blacks. The most newsworthy Klan
effort in that regard was the killing of two Jewish agitators, Andrew
Goodman and Michael Schwerner, in Mississippi in June 1964. The
Hollywood propaganda film, Mississippi Burning, was based on this

To get revenge against the Klan for the Goodman and Schwerner killings
-- and also to put the Klan in its place -- the ADL arranged a trap.
Working in collusion with the FBI, the New Orleans office of the ADL,
headed at that time by Adolph Botnick, paid two leaders of the Klan in
Mississippi, brothers Alton Roberts and Raymond Roberts, to initiate a
Klan project to bomb the home of Meyer Davidson, the ADL leader in
Meridian, Mississippi. On June 30, 1968, two unsuspecting Klan members
drove up to Davidson's home, intending to put a bomb on his front porch.
They were Kathy Ainsworth, a young school teacher, and Thomas Tarrants.
The FBI was hiding in the bushes, waiting for them, and opened fire on
them as soon as they got out of their car. Kathy Ainsworth was killed
instantly in the hail of bullets, and Thomas Tarrants lay near death
after being shot 70 times by the trigger-happy FBI agents. Clearly the
plan was to kill both Ainsworth and Tarrants, execution style, as a
warning to the Klan not to mess with the Jews. And as I said, the ADL
and the FBI together set up this murder trap: the ADL supplied the cash
for the informants and provocateurs, and the FBI supplied the
executioners. The killing of Kathy Ainsworth was nothing less than a
planned murder by the ADL.

This sort of criminal collaboration between the FBI and the ADL has
continued to the present day. The ADL always has been an espionage
organization, with much of its activity consisting in the gathering of
personal information and the building of dossiers on everyone perceived
as hostile to Jewish interests -- and also on tens of thousands of other
Americans as well, that the ADL might want to apply pressure to at some
time in the future.

The FBI is prohibited by law from investigating people unless it has
some evidence that they are involved in criminal activity, but the ADL
operates under no such restrictions. The ADL hires people to steal the
trash from the curbs in front of the homes of people it is interested
in, and it engages in many even less savory practices. And the ADL is
generally happy to swap information with the FBI, providing the FBI with
confidential personal information on people the FBI is interested in but
has no legal basis for investigating. The ADL and the FBI do favors for
each other.

Occasionally, however, the ADL's espionage work has gotten it into
trouble. In addition to stealing the trash from in front of people's
homes, the ADL has illegally obtained confidential information on
thousands of Americans by bribing employees in departments of motor
vehicles or in police departments, including the San Francisco Police
Department. When the San Francisco police realized that some of their
confidential files had been stolen by the ADL, they obtained search
warrants. The Los Angeles and San Francisco offices of the ADL were
raided by the police twice, first on December 10, 1992 and then again on
April 8, 1993. In these raids thousands of stolen police files were
recovered. The police also raided the homes of an ADL undercover agent,
Roy Bullock; and a sergeant in the San Francisco Police Department,
Thomas Gerard. Gerard, who had been stealing the police records for the
ADL, subsequently fled to the Philippines to avoid prosecution.

Just prior to the April 1993 raids San Francisco Assistant District
Attorney John Dwyer told news reporters: -- quote --  "The ADL is the
target. Their involvement is just so great. People have called this the
Gerard case. Now it's the ADL case. Gerard is just their guy in San
Francisco. The ADL is doing the same thing all over the country. There
is evidence that the ADL had police agents in other cities. The case
just gets bigger every day. The more we look, the more we find people
involved." -- end quote -- Although the Politically Correct media in
America don't like to publicize news which doesn't "fit," the ADL story
was too big to suppress, and you can find extensive news coverage of the
ADL raids in the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle in
December 1992 and April 1993, including the statement I just quoted by
the San Francisco assistant district attorney.

Among the 12,000 files on individuals and 950 files on organizations the
police recovered in their raids, were files on the Arab-American
Anti-Discrimination Committee -- the AADC -- and many of its members.
ADL employee Roy Bullock had been assigned the task of infiltrating the
Arab group, and he had even gone so far as stealing a key to their Santa
Ana, California, office. The ADL had an especially strong hatred for the
AADC, because it countered the ADL's pro-Israel propaganda with news
reports on Israeli atrocities against Palestinians. On October 11, 1985,
the chairman of the AADC, Alex Odeh, was killed by a booby-trap bomb
when he opened the door of his office in Santa Ana, California.

It didn't take the FBI very long to figure out who the bombers were, but
the three Jewish suspects fled to Israel before they could be arrested.
Even though Bullock had the stolen key of the AADC office in his
possession at the time of the bombing, neither he nor any of his
employers in the ADL were ever charged in connection with Odeh's murder.
Also in 1985 Jewish activists used a bomb to kill another target of ADL
spying and hate propaganda. He was Tscherim Soobzokov, accused by the
ADL of having worked with the Germans in his native Belarus during the
Second World War. On August 15, 1985, a bomb exploded on Soobzokov's
front porch in Paterson, New Jersey, mortally wounding him.

The ADL used its illegally obtained files in other ways as well, passing
some of them to foreign governments. At a court hearing in February
1993, the San Francisco assistant district attorney testified that the
file of one American citizen which had been stolen by the ADL had been
passed on to the government of Israel. That citizen was Mohammed Jarad,
a man of Palestinian ancestry who owned a grocery store in Chicago. When
Jarad visited his relatives in Israeli-occupied Palestine in January
1993, he was seized by the Israeli secret police as a result of
information supplied to them by the ADL about Jarad's pro-Palestine
activity in the United States.

Now the really disturbing thing about all of this ADL activity is not
that the organization accepts money from known crime bosses or that it
spies on American citizens and turns some of the information over to
foreign governments or even that it sets up assassinations or incites
terrorist bombings against its enemies. There are other criminal
organizations in the United States even more heavily involved in violent
criminal activity than the ADL. What makes the ADL more dangerous than
any of these others is its ongoing corruption of police officials. In
public ceremonies very much like the one honoring gangster Moe Dalitz,
the ADL presents awards to police officials and politicians -- including
the same "Torch of Liberty" award they gave to Dalitz. The ADL regularly
persuades local, state, and national police officials to appear on the
speaker's platform when the ADL is denouncing some new enemy of the
Jews, just as they had police officials around the country at their
press conferences a month ago when they declared me the most dangerous
man in America.

The ADL also offers training seminars to police departments to teach
them how to recognize and deal with "right-wing terrorists," believe it
or not. And the police departments take them up on it; they have their
officers sit and listen to the ADL, with its history of un-American and
criminal activity, tell them about how to deal with people like me.

Why would any American police official accept an award from the same
organization which had given an award to Moe Dalitz and praised him on
the front page of its monthly publication? Why would any police official
be seen in public with members of an organization caught red-handed with
stolen police files? Why would the FBI collaborate with such an

I think that in part it is naivete. Policemen tend to be respecters of
authority, even more so than the average citizen. If the media praise
the ADL as a "respected civil-rights organization," and if ADL officials
are obviously wealthy and well-connected men, with big offices and lots
of secretaries, the police tend to feel that they must be all right. The
feeling is that nobody who is rich and powerful and gets good press can
be bad. The cops either haven't seen the few media reports where the ADL
got caught red-handed or they've conveniently forgotten.

But more often than naivete, I'm afraid that corruption is the reason
for the collaboration. Certainly that is the case with the FBI. The FBI
hasn't forgotten about Moe Dalitz or the stolen police files or the
bombing of Alex Odeh's office. They certainly haven't forgotten about
the arranged murder of Kathy Ainsworth. And that's frightening. The ADL
alone is bad enough. The ADL teamed up with corrupt policemen all across
the country should be a nightmare for every decent American.
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