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Although this is intended primarily for the benefit of Roman Catholics, some may find it to be of general interest insofar as the infiltration of the Vatican is concerned...
The following story so bizarre that I had to send it out immediately!  For years now, I have been posting in various forums on the Internet a fact which had apparently eluded the notice of many Catholic writers, historians and researchers - namely, that the message of Fatima contained not ONE word in reference to any Jewish holocaust.
Quite recently I  sent out a message to various groups on the Internet repeating this fact for all to consider.
On or about three nights ago, a good friend and fellow Catholic had telephoned me, and during the course of our conversation, I again raised the subject concerning Fatima and the glaring omissions in respect to the Jews and the holocaust.  I remarked words to the effect, "Now that Sister Lucy is dead and buried, we will probably witness an attempt by the infiltrators to produce a bogus, 'secret' document supposedly penned by Lucy before her death wherein she now affirms that 'Our Lady' warned of the upcoming 'holocaust'.....
My friend commented in jest, "Yes, we will probably see it rehashed as the THIRD secret of Fatima!
I replied, "God forbid that this should ever happen!" 
Although we both laughed over the idea, I commented, 'Let's not ever mention this again,  lest it should come to pass.' 
Before proceeding to the news item in question, I first offer my most recent reflections on the Fatima-Holocaust topic, dated and posted to various forums and lists on 2 June, 2005, composed after the Pope's recent visit to Auschwitz-
From: Debunks
Date: 06/02/06 00:39:38
Subject: "How could we tolerate this?"
Pope Benedict genuflected before the profane shrine of Auschwitz and hurled defiance in the face of God, crying aloud, [For the benefit of the Talmudists present]-
"Why, Lord, did you remain silent?" he said, his voice wobbling. "How could you tolerate this?"  -                  Pope Benedict XVI,  AUSCHWITZ, Poland, May 28, 2006
Excuse me for expressing my indignation, but is the Pope ACCUSING GOD Himself?  Is he mocking our Lord Jesus Christ, who cried out on the cross, "My God My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" 
Has the Pope in fact forsaken Our Lord in favour of the Talmudic Jewish agenda?
How long is God going to tolerate these petty human insults to His Divine majesty and omniscience?
Perhaps the Pontiff should take a moment to reflect and consider that the reason for God's silence may simply consist in this one fact:
The Holocaust never happened.  At least not in the form in which it has been handed down to us via Stalin's Soviet Jewish Antifascist League.
Now is not the time to mince words.  The Pontiff's comments serve to scandalize Catholics throughout the world,  accusing God Himself of a sin of omission.  Bearing this thought in mind, we faithful Catholics should respond in kind by directing our inquiries to the Pontiff and asking,
Why was the impending 'Holocaust' or the fate of the Jews never mentioned ONCE during Our Lady's numerous appearances at Fatima?  Not once.  Not one word.  Not even a hint of what might befall the Jews of Europe. 
Nor was this event of unsurpassable horror ever mentioned at Lourdes, LaSalette, or Beauraing. 
( My point : Beauraing would be VERY significant here insofar
as the  DATE   of these miraculous apparitions are concerned !
They occurred in Beauraing in Belgium [ where Leon Degrelle
was forming his " Christ The King " party , the " Christus Rex " ]
in 1933 !  Lourdes and LaSalette were in the 19th Century. )
Are we Catholics to imagine  Our Lady so insensitive to the suffering of the Jews or any other human beings who inhabit this planet? 
In fact, the messages imparted by Our Lady at Fatima make no mention of any impending genocide of the Jews.  Her primary focus is set exclusively upon RUSSIA, the incubator for atheistic Communism as espoused by the Jew Karl Marx, and it's unholy trinity consisting of Lenin, Trotsky and Zinoviev.   The monstrous events which were to soon unfold in that nation  ultimately resulted in the martyrdom of millions of Gentile Christians.  Thus, Our Lady did not focus on any impending holocaust of Jews, but of CHRISTIANS martyred at the instigation of Communist Jews such as Trotsky, Radek, Zinoviev and Kamenev, and it is these countless millions of Christian martyrs who today have no perpetual shrine erected in their memory.    These millions have been solicitously swept under the rug as temporal rulers and Popes alike genuflect in abject submission before the Soviet created shrine at Auschwitz.  In perhaps the ultimate example of Divine irony, it is thus GOD Himself who accuses Pope Benedict, asking, "WHY HAVE YOU REMAINED SILENT?  Why have you tolerated this?"
Taken to its ultimate conclusion, Pope Benedict's profane accusation also constitutes a slur upon the honour of Our Lady.
One would think that a crime as enormous and 'unique' as the holocaust should have merited a whispered warning, or at the least, a tear from the mother of Our Lord, who also happens to be a biological descendant of Abraham.
( My note : In these Fatima apparitions Mother Mary explicitly
said that it was " RUSSIA " that would be the bad guy of the
whole world - she said nothing about Germany being so !
In fact - The Lady of Fatima EXPLICITLY said that WW-TWO
would end by Evil being triumphant, by having whole
nations ( eg Prussia ) wiped off the map , and that " ... The Good
will be made martyrs of " - to QUOTE from Her !  ERGO: Hitler
and the " Nazis " , ie really the patriotic and heroic German
National Socialists - were really The Good Guys of the whole
thing !  - and it was the Communists and the Modernists who
were the Bad Guys - and who were the victors !  That the
" United Nations " was ( and is ) evil and Germany and the
anticommunist axis The Good - is THE direct implication
of what SHE said at Fatima !   Deal with it !  )
With all due respect to the Pope, I suspect that God's limits of toleration will soon be exhausted and his righteous anger directed against those who advocate the deification of the atheist, Soviet-satanic version of the Holocaust in a concerted attempt to overthrow the Kingship of Christ on earth.  Seen in its proper context, the holocaust therefore constitutes a prelude to the reign of Antichrist on earth.   In elevating the phony holocaust as an object of Christian veneration and reverence, rather than the sacred HOST, our pontiff has committed the supreme blasphemy.
Now, Lo and Behold!, Just this morning I received the following story via email.  A coincidence?  You be the judge-
Important information about a new book being published that states that Sr Lucy says that Our Lady of Fatima told her,  "Salvation comes from the Jews."  What Salvation did not come from Her Son?

Read this from TIA...

NEWS: June 6, 2006
Bird’s Eye View of the News
Atila Sinke Guimarães

A SISTER LUCY FAVORABLE TO JUDAISM   –   In a June 2 dispatch, Zenit Agency reported that a small book, supposedly written by Sister Lucy, will be released soon in Rome. According to the news report, it is meant to explain the messages of Our Lady at Fatima.
We are informed that the 64-page work was duly edited by “the Carmel of Coimbra” – no specific person is named – and issued by the Little Shepherd’s Secretariat. The imprimatur was given by Bishop Serafim de Sousa Ferreira e Silva of Leiria. The work was requested of Sister Lucy in 1982 by the Carmelite Provincial, Fr. Geremia Vechina, who became Sister Lucy’s confessor. He also wrote its introduction. Cardinal Ballestrero, Archbishop of Turin, was the first one to ask Sister Lucy to edit her writings in 1955. This directive was made again in 1983 by Cardinal Pironio, Prefect of the Congregation for the Religious.
In Italy the book is being launched June 10 by St. Clement Publications and will be translated into various languages. In short, this book has all the rubber stamps of the religious authorities, and seems to be warmly welcomed by the ecclesiastical establishment.
Why should this book be so pleasing to Ratzinger’s Vatican? Because it carries up its sleeve a new card to put on the table: the supposed support of Our Lady for Judaism.
I will transcribe the sensational part of the report. Zenit reports:
Further on, Sister Lucia recounts unpublished details [about the Message of Fatima], as when, referring to World War I, Mary said: "The war is about to end but if mankind does not cease to offend God, a worse one will begin during Pius XI's pontificate."
The visionary explained that history witnessed "the outbreak of an atheist war against the faith, against God, and against the People of God. A war that sought to exterminate Judaism from which Jesus Christ, the Virgin and the Apostles came, who transmitted to us the Word of God and the gifts of faith, hope and charity, a people chosen by God, chosen from the beginning: "Salvation comes from the Jews."
Here we really have something new. In this simple paragraph it is stated that Our Lady would have approved Judaism as it was professed in Germany up until World War II. And she would have told Catholics that such Judaism would be a legitimate successor of Our Lord and the Apostles. Hence, it is strongly insinuated that we Catholics should all understand that “salvation comes from the Jews.”
In other words, the message of Fatima that was declared a thing from the past and buried with the text and interpretations of the “third secret” released by Cardinal Angelo Sodano and approved by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in 2000, [click here] now resurrects to glorify Judaism.
Judaism is an ambiguous term that can refer either to the Jewish race or to the Jewish religion.
 Sister Lucy II, a contemplative adapted to the modern world.

Did Our Lady really praise Judaism?
( Note by me, WLP : For the last several years of her life the 95 + year old
nun was completely senile and ' non compos mentis ' - she was certainly
incapable of even signing - or of even spelling ! - her own name for several
YEARS   BEFOFE  - hello ! - BEFORE she allegedly " wrote " this new theology
favorable to Judaism !   In other words - this is most definately a forgery ! )

First, regarding the race, the attack of Nazism against the Jews certainly was an atrocious and condemnable thing. But I don’t understand how it is essentially different from the genocide the Turks made against the Armenians in 1915, or the Russians carried out against the Ukrainians in the early 1930s. Or for that matter, the mass-murder America released on the Japanese people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki or the Germans in Dresden. Above all, if Our Lady was concerned about large numbers of people being unjustly killed, why didn’t she complain about the millions of innocent babies murdered by their own mothers in abortions? So, even if the alleged number of "six" million Jews killed by the Nazis were real, and I don’t believe it is, it would not explain why Our Lady would refer only to it if she were moved by humanitarian reasons.
(Note by WLP :  One of the prime tenets of the so-called " THE " Holocaust,
ie, the propagnda/brainwahing/psy-war monster-weapon of genocidal
JEWISH hate, is .... that ( in addition to the 1. " 6  " million; the 2. " gas "
chambers; and 3. the " extermination " program; ) " it " , ie THE " Holocaust"
of THE Jews was  " unique " - it was absolutely  UNIQUE  and " unparalleled
in all (sic) of human history " - tellingly , this assertion means that - just
as the  " chosen " people are " unique " - indeed a unique and singular
creatiion : they , the ' chosen ' are NOT  MERELY  the " heart of " humanity
- as they openly proclaim to their gentile audiences - but - they ARE the
sum total of " all " that is true " humanity "  as it specifically teaches in their
" holy " Talmud !   " The Jew, and THE  JEW  ALONE  , is a ' human being ' -
all of the goyyim ( ie the animals - literally, - otherwise: the gentiles )
are not ' human beings ' but only the excrement of animals " - in another
passage of their " holy " book, The Babyloninan Talmud it specifically
teaches that the " goyyim " ( the gentiles ) who are nothing but stupid
animals who were created in a human-appearing form , were created
by " God " in this human-appearing form so that when they served THE
JEWS in direct proximity their true ugly animal form would not be seen
"  offensive " in the eyes of the " chosen " people !  There are in fact MANY
such passages in the Babylonian Talmud ! 
The Talmud also teaches that Jesus of Nazareth was not only NOT the
son of God and THE Messiah ( the latter point being THE fundamental
cornerstone of all " Judaism " since the First Century AD ! - In other
words " Judaism " is in fact and in truth founded and based entirely
upon the direct counterpole opposite and the complete and total denial
of THE cornerstone of the Christian religion , viz that that person Jesus
of Nazareth was in fact and in truth THE  Messiah , the Anointed One whose
comming had been foretold by all of the Hebrew prophets ! ) - but it teaches
that He ( Jesus Christ ) was the son of a Whore ( this latter ' point ' being
THE reason , historically, that all of the Jews were expelled from France
at the time of The Crusades by none other than that fellow whom St.Louis
Missouri is named in honor of : King Louis IX of France, aka " Saint " ! Louis ! )
who was an evil magician and a blashphemer ( technically this latter ' point '
was THE point over which He was sentenced to the death penalty by the
Grand Sanhedrin of The Kehilla in 33 AD ! ) who is NOW - ie since 33 AD -
burning in Hell - boiling in " hot excrement and semen " , to QUOTE from the
Jew's " holy " book, The Babylonian Talmud ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !  and continuously
cries out from the depths of the lowest Hell that His followers upon earth
should " repent of all antisemitism " ( by " antisemitism " it should be
understood that what is actually meant is all resistance to Jewish
tyranny - any and all resistance to Jewish ZIONISM ! ) and humbly
serve the Jews and allow these truly " chosen " rulers to rule over them
without any rebellion or backsass !   THAT is basically what it ' teaches '
EXACTLY in the ' holy ' Babylonian Talmud !  
( I'm neither kidding nor exaggerating ! )
It even teaches a whole lot more than this !   But my main point here is
that the Babylonian Talmud , the Conerstone of the " religion " of " Judaism "
teaches that 1.  The Jews  ALONE constitute the entirety of " all " of
" humanity ", 2 that gentiles are nothing but animals in a seeming ' human'
form , and that 3. the Jews are UNIQUELY " chosen " to be the very
incarnation of " G-o-d " in human form and UNIQUELY chosen to RULE
over the whole world !  So it is THE Jews and THE  JEWS   ALONE  who
are a unique creation according to the Talmud of their " religion " .
Ergo - " THE " Holocaust - by definition - HAD  to be " unique " - as " unique "
as " the ' chosen ' people " themselves are ! 
So therefore it is " sinful " to even compare " THE " Holocaust of THE JEWS
( whether or not it actually took the historical form of subjecting a quarter-
-million Jews to disease and starvation [ which it did ] or whether it took
the form of  the " gassing " of " six " million of ' em [ which it did not ] - one
way or the other ! ) with the mass slaughter of mere animals - the goyyim -
who aren't even real " human beings " to begin with according to the ' holy '
book of the Bablyonian Talmud which is THE cornerstone historically of
the " religion " of what is called " Judaism " - and NOT the Old Testament ! -
- whether or not those " animals in a seeming ' human ' form " were Germans,
Ukranians, Croatians, Japaneese, Chineese or Armenians... or whomever !
It's simply not comparable !  Just ask Abraham Foxman an' he'll tell you ! 
The Chineese communist government had always maintained that
" 35 million " Chineese people died in WWII as the direct result of
" Japaneese Imperial aggression " - The Tokyo War Crimes Trials - no,
that was not a missprint : they held " war crimes trials " in Tokyo after the
war as well as in Nuremberg , Germany ( Question : WHY did they conduct
these obscene show trials in NUREMBERG, the "most truly Germanic of all
of Germany's many cities " according to Adolf Hitler, the city of the Master-
-Singers , of Wolfram Von Eschenbach and of the " Lohegrin " legend , etc -
and NOT in the city of Berlin , the capital , where all of the conquerors had
their sectors - ie where it would have seemingly made more sense ?
I already know the answer ; I am just testing you ! ) - and according to these
official Tokyo war crimes " trials " Japan was declared " guilty " of mass-
-slaughtering " 20 million " Chineese people - as opposed to the " 35 million "
that the Chineese themselves insisted upon ! 
One way or the other - it's a WHOLE  lot more than " six million " , isn't it ?
Of course there were - IN  FACT - some 20 million GERMAN people who
lost their lives in the war - and in its ( 1945 - 1948 ) aftermath ! 
Of all of the Germans , the Russians, the Ukranians, Poles, Bulgarians,
Croatians, etc - of all of the Japaneese, the Chineese, the Usbekestanians,
etc , - of all of the 10's of millions of people who were killed in WWII
altogether  - how come it is THE  JEWS  and  ONLY  and UNIQUELY the
Jews !  who get all of the sympathy and publicity ?   Just asking.  )
Second, let me consider Judaism as religion. If the Zenit dispatch is objective, Our Lady would be saying that the “gift of faith, hope and charity” came to Catholics from Judaism, the same Judaism professed since the time of Our Lord and the Apostles until before World War II. Also she would have said that the Jews were “chosen from the beginning,” and that “salvation comes from the Jews.” It is a clear insinuation that the Jewish religion was always good and Catholics should follow its leadership.
These texts attributed to Our Lady are very strange.
One phrase that strikes me is the affirmation that the Jewish people were “chosen from the beginning.” I would ask: From the beginning of what?
Someone might respond, “From the beginning of History, of course.” It is the most probable answer, I agree. But the striking point is that the Jews were not chosen from the beginning of History.
First, there was Adam who was chosen and blessed by God; second, we had Abel, and then his brother Seth after Abel was killed by Cain; third, the descendents of Seth spread throughout the world as the elect of God; fourth a great decadence set in and Noah was chosen to survive the Deluge and maintain fidelity; fifth, Sem was chosen from the sons of Noah, but his descendents did not generate the Jewish people exclusively; they gave rise to the Assyrians, Babylonians and other Semitic peoples who spread all over the world.
Sixth, there was another great decadence under the influence of Sem’s descendents and only one man, Heber, was faithful and transmitted the true faith to his sons. Seventh, one of his descendents was Abraham who left Mesopotamia and went to Canaan. God’s choice of the Jewish people was made with Abraham, and not before.
Therefore, a very long time passed before the Jews became the chosen people. So, they were not “chosen from the beginning.”
While this historical omission is notable, the doctrinal error is scandalous. Judaism as a religion, as it exists today, is not the source of “faith, hope and charity” for Catholics, as Our Lady supposedly told Sister Lucy.
Cardinal Ratzinger releasing the supposed third secret in June 2000
Judaism at the time of Our Lord and the Apostles was a hornet’s nest of errors against which Our Lord warned the Apostles many times: Beware of the leaven of bad doctrine of the Pharisees and Sadducees (Math. 16:12); they are like the whited sepulchers, full of dead men’s bones and all filthiness (Math 23:27). Our Lord called them a generation of vipers (Math 23:33) and children of the Devil (John 8: 44). Yes, sons of the Devil, nothing less. Since this text of St. John has so insistently been put aside by Progressivism, let me transcribe it in its entirety.
Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself described how Judaism rejected the truth and affiliated itself to the Devil. When the Jews denied that He was the Son of God, He replied to them:
“I know that you are the children of Abraham: but you seek to kill me, because the word has no place in you. I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and you do the things that you have seen with your father.
“They answered and said to Him: Abraham is our father. Jesus said to them: If you be the children of Abraham, do the works of Abraham. But now you seek to kill me, a man who have spoken the truth to you, which I have heard from God. This Abraham did not.
“You do the works of your father. They sais therefore to Him: We are not born of fornication: we have one Father, even God.
“Jesus therefore said to them: If God were your Father, your would indeed love me. For I proceeded and came from God: for I came not of myself, but He sent Me.
“Why do you not know My speech? Because you cannot hear My word. You are of your father, the Devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth: because truth is not in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.
“But if I say the truth, you believe me not. Which of you shall convince me of sin? If I say the truth to you, why do you not believe me?
“He that is of God hears the words of God. Therefore you hear them not, because you are not of God (John 8: 37-47).
Judaism as a religion is the legitimate heir of the Jews described by Our Lord in this passage. That is why Judaism persecuted the Church from her very beginning, was the ferment of all heresies, and directed the conspiracy to destroy Christendom and the Catholic Church from the Middle Age to our days.
How can it be that salvation would come for Catholics from Judaism? It is a blatant contradiction. How could Our Lady say such a thing? It is impossible to believe.
So, if the actual content of this new book confirms the news report, we most probably will be facing another fraud coming from the progressivist Vatican. Apparently it considers those who believe in Fatima naive enough to blindly accept whatever Pope Ratzinger wants them to swallow so that he can continue his agenda of promoting Judaism. 
End story.
JPBellinger  Comments:
This story certainly casts a suspicious shadow upon the bizarre set of circumstances which may have been involved in the decision-making process to present Catholics with a 'new book' allegedly authored by "Sister Lucy" which now contains an altogether 'novel' and 'rehashed holocaustian interpretation of the 'miracle of Fatima' for popular consumption'  by the deluded masses- a 'miracle' based upon deliberate deception and outright fraud.


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