I am a German with blue eyes, blond hair and tralala . . .
If one would classify me to be an Aryan - who knows - who cares.   BUT more important is, that my entire family never fall for this 'Christian' nor 'Catholic' lies and crap of the Jews.  One does NOT have to be a Catholic or a Christian, to logically know for fact, that there is the Omnipotent Creator of the Universe.

Anyone, who searches for the real reason of these Western-Jewish religions, will end up discovering that
(A) the 'New Testament' (NT) was written by Jews, and
(B) that at the very heart of the NT is NOT this distracting actor Jesus and his cross, BUT the explicit ORDER NOT to be engage in the money lending and interest / usury business, because that's solely the business of the Jews.

Any alert student will discover, that at the very heart of the NT is solely the foundation of the global Banking business of the money barons . . . which is solely owned by the same set of people, who wrote the NT in the first place, the Jews.

The smart Jews secured for themselves TWO (2) basic deals:
(A)  The Vatican 'police' enforced strictly, that NO 'Catholic' got involved in the money lending and usury business . . .
(B) at the same time, when Catholicism spread out by the force of the BLOODY SWORD, FIRE AND MASS SLAUGHTER (Read: [01]), the Jews followed the trail like rats . . . and relocated to where ever the NEW CUSTOMERS, called Catholics, lived.

If the Aryans would be at least equally tough and smart as the Jews, they would never have lost all these bloody wars fought to force Catholicism upon the Aryans.   BUT, at the end, the Aryans lost ALL battles, and the Jewish missionaries pulled the wool over each and every STUPID Aryan.

Will the Aryans have a chance to survive the present END-GAME ?   Probably NOT.  It's obvious - the Aryans lost continuously all battles against the Jews for the past 2000 years, and therefore, WHY should the coming time be radically different ?  The Jews own the British Banking business and the english Pound, the US Federal Reserve and the US Dollar, and now also the Euro.  Switzerland is the Jewish Moneyland.  All European 'Royalties' and nobility were slaves to the Jewish Money-Barons.  The Jews purchased for every of their Children nobility titles.  Therefore, the European nobility is today overwhelming Jewish.  One of the biggest Jewish lies is, that they are a minority people, when in fact, they out-number the population in many countries on this planet.

Unless their comes from somewhere else a new force of real men and real fighters to help these little helpless, uneducated, mislead, misinformed and impotent creatures, called Aryans . . . this losers called 'Aryans', 'Christians' and 'Catholics' will disappear from the face of the Earth . . . because .. . . ONLY the fittest will survive, and, as history has recorded, Aryans - who became the dumb Jewish Banking customers (speak: Catholics and Christians) - will for ever disappear from the face of Earth . . . unless God intervenes, but has any real God ever intervened ?   NOT that I know of.

The Aryans, just like the American Indians, and many others, learned these stupid Jewish prayers, got the bible and made a Jew to their god . . . but in return lost everything they ever owned, including their souls, body and mind.
The overwhelming majority of people on this planet is financially indebted to the Jewish Banking industry via loans, mortgages, and credit card charges, etc.  Nobody saves money, they only borrow it from the Jews, and so, every human being is a slave to the Jewish money masters.

Therefore, to hell with this Jewish lies and crap called Catholicism and Christianity !!!  ONLY guns and big sticks would free Aryans, but NO PRAYER.  I don't belief in Santa Claus, so, WHY should I belief suddenly in the rescue by any god ?  STOP being stupid.  Stop going Sundays to this lying churches.  FREE yourself from Judaism, because Aryans are more 'Jewish' as the best Jew.

Now, Aryan FOOLS talk and pray Jewish nonsense.
Real men fight - but Aryans are no fighters but eternal fools and losers !

. . . That All Folks !!!

Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 13:23:19 -0500

Permela Ramsey wrote:

Dear Mr. Gerard Fredericks,

I thank you for forwarding "S..O..S FROM SOUTH AFRICA" to me on Mon, 24 Jan 2005. I was impressed by the web page at http://www.safl.co.za/

Is the natural God given instinct of all savage races to resist colonization by other races, and to conquer and exterminate other races if they can? Otherwise, how could different races have evolved separately during the last 150,000 years? Why else would Neaderthals and other extinct races of homo sapiens be extinct?

Are Christianized Aryans surprised that savage races instinctively feel, think and act like any other animal?

As savage races butcher them like chickens, do Christianized Aryans imagine meeting the Jew whom they have been made to worship since they were toddlers?

Can Jews be BLAMED for teaching intimidated Aryans that Aryans are abominations whose salvation depends on worshipping a Jew, and no different from other races, EXCEPT THAT God chose Hebrews to be "above all people that are upon the face of the earth" (Deuteronomy 7:6): our masters?

The Aryans of South Africa whom I met seemed to be the most naively devout Christians on earth (at least since the "Dark Ages").

Are Aryans in America, Europe and Africa becoming extinct because they care about "heaven" instead of whether their civilization, posterity, or any other living thing on this planet survives?

Can babies hang on to their candy? Is prayer the solution? Are most Aryans too busy with their lives to compete as a race, or to think "non-kosher"?

Have the religious, academic and entertainment media of Christianized Aryan nations convinced nearly all Aryans that genetics have nothing to do with how different races think, feel, and act?

I wrote on 1/23/2005: "Even though the compassionate Aryan race lacks the instincts it needs to survive amongst "undeveloped" races, its  civilized (may I say "domesticated"?) nature endows it with the potential to outlast this Earth."

I still hope for your response to what I e-mailed you on 1/23/2005. Because of the time/date of your e-mail, I wonder if you are in the USA.

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