Jewish Takeover of the Catholic Church

By Jim Condit, Jr


> Regarding "How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking" -- a Look magazine
> article that can now be found at --- here's the lowdown:
> Notice how many time top Jews invoke Vatican II against Mel Gibson's new
> movie, "The Passion of Christ" -- they invoke it becaue Vatican Council
> II (1962-65) was THEIR COUNCIL. The Pope-elect, Cardinal Joseph Siri of
> Genoa -- was elected and then overthrown within the secrecy of the
> conclave in 1958. Fake pope John XXIII out on the balcony on October 28,
> 1958 --- to the wild cheers of the world Jewish Press -- he was their
> man, their anti-pope. And the non-stop destruction began -- changes in
> the mass, sacraments, catechisms, replacing all the old bishops with
> fake-jew approved bishops. Then anti-Pope Paul VI (1963-78) -- secret
> Jew from the Montini family as proven at a press conference in 1964 in
> Rome; then John Paul I, an accidental nominee, killed in 30 days; then
> anti-Pope John Paul II -- reportedly from a Jewish mother, -- and hailed
> by the Polish Communist Government the day after he had been "elected."
> The Catholic Church is in eclipse as many prophecies have indicated over
> the centuries. There's a lot more to this.
> Jim Condit Jr.



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