Real killing field ignored


John Paul II didn't see this very real killing field on his visit to Ukraine. He was too busy doing obeisance to the Jews at the local anti-Nazi theme parks. They did not want him to call attention to the gruesome atrocities of their commissar brothers who, acting under the aegis of Stalin, slaughtered countless millions of non-Jews, escpecially Christians, before, during and after World War II. Here is one small example:

KGB terror hidden in Ukrainian grave site

Deutsche Presse-Agentur - 2001/06/26, 12:43

Bykivna/Kiev (dpa)­­It's a haunting little stretch of Ukrainian country road, a place once brutally terrorised by former Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

Less than a 20-minute drive east from the bridges crossing the Dnipro river in central Kiev, a field of white crosses appears by the roadside.

"The eager participation of Bolshevic Jews in the subjugation and the destruction of Russia was disproportionate. It was a sin which carried its own retaliation (58)... There are Jews now everywhere and at all levels of power [after the revolution of 1917). The Russian people saw the Jews in charge of the Tsaristic City of Moscow, where the new soviet power was con-centrated and also as the commanders in the Red Army ... (58) ...

Sonja Margolina, (Das Ende der Lügen) The End of the Lies, Siedler Publishing House, Berlin 1992 (numbers in brackets refer to page numbers in the book).

It is a mass grave at Bykivna cemetery. No one knows how many people are buried there exactly, but most estimates put the number in the thousands. All the victims died violently.

Stalin began a campaign of repressions in Ukraine in 1933. A dragnet by the Soviet KGB secret policetook in the regime's opponents­­intellectuals, businessmen, priests, students, and even simple farmers­­and used kangaroo courts to murder them.

Ukrainians, far from Moscow and blessed with rich land that gave them enough to eat, resisted. When Stalin decided all private farms would become state collectives, farmers slaughtered their livestock rather than hand it over to the government.

Stalin retaliated by using the army to remove virtually all the food Ukraine grew and deliver it to factories in Russia. Living on the largest patch of fertile black earth loam in the world, some six million* Ukrainians died of starvation.

After 1939, the dead bodies of Polish officers ­­ all treated with lime so identification would be impossible­­found their way to Bykivna.

When the Soviet Union began falling apart, Bykivna still was a dirty little local secret. A 1988 inscription said Ukrainians had died there during repressions, but claimed German invaders had done the killing.

After Ukraine became independent in August 1991, historians and victims' relatives joined to force the new government to put up a new inscription, identifying the murderers as Stalin's KGB.

* The actual number was over seven million.

Pope John Paul Paul II is probably of Jewish decent. His mother, who died in early years, was born as Kaczorowska. This name is not Polish but Polonised and is composed of the typical Jewish name "Katz" (Polonised as "Kacz") and the village she came from named "Orowsk". As the son of a Jewish mother, Karol Wojtyla is, according to Jewish law, a genuine Jew. "Katz", alias John Paul II, begged Jewry for forgiveness, although their organisations (World Jewish Congress and Zionism) "initiated World War II", (with 55 million dead) according to the Torah True Jews. He asked a people for forgiveness who were responsible and from whose midst the mass murderers of genocidal communism emerged and who murdered as Soviet commissars more than "56 million people, the greatest mass murder in the history of man" (Israel News, Sep. 10, 1992). Seven million alone in the Ukraine. The Pope did neither demand atonement nor humility from Jewry for these horrible crimes, committed in the past and continuing at present.

"The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish planning and Jewish dissatisfaction. Our Plan is to have a New World Order. What worked so wonderfully in Russia , is going to become Reality for the whole world."

(The American Hebrew Magazine, Sep. 10, 1920)
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