Part 3 of 4

by Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr, A.U.S. Ret. (Dec'sd)

"It is interesting to note that in 1920, Pope Benedict XV called attention to the need for a family of nations, to safeguard society. The  Pope warned against: 'The advent of a Universal Republic, which is longed for by all the worst elements of disorder, and confidentially expected of them.'

"Why then do we see in 1941, Pope Pius XII speak in favor of World Union?

"The explanation can be found in Louis Ferdinand Destrouche's book "THE SCHOOL OF CORPSES", page 198, where he says, "Nothing is more Jewish than the present Pope, whose real name is Isaac Ratisch. The Vatican is a ghetto. The Secretary of State of the Vatican, Pacelli, is also a Jew.

"Gentiles who know this are beginning to understand why Pope Pius XII is advocating a global Super Power directed by a handful of men for an unscrupulous dictatorship, although the Catholic Church has always been considered as a bulwark against the monstrosity of a World Government.

"A French priest told me that Jews were responsible for the starvation and torture of German prisoners in France, where he saw many who looked like skeletons. (Of course you never hear about this in the controlled media or in TV, where it is always the poor, persecuted Jews, who are shown and many of these are posed pictures.)

"Churchill was a Jew - blood through his Jewish grandmother, and President Roosevelt's Jewish ancestry in no longer secret, since this revelation was published in the Washington Star, February 29, 1936.

"General Dwight Eisenhower was known at West Point, as 'the terrible Swedish Jew', and his hatred for the German people was well known. In a letter to his wife Mamie, he wrote, "God, how I hate the Germans!" (UNQ)

"Eisenhower's actions after the war prove this Jewish hatred and desire for revenge against the German people, as he deliberately allowed over 2 million soldiers and civilians to starve to death, in a planned program of extinction." (See "OTHER LOSSES", by James Bacque, of Toronto, Canada, for confirming statistics.)