Civil Rights Was a Jew Thing

By John "Birdman" Bryant


We now can understand: 'Civil rights' was a Jew thing, and here's the proof:

* A major percentage of the 'Freedom riders' who sought to integrate the South were Jews, and the two great Freedom rider martyrs were Jews Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman.

* MLK was a 'graduate' of the Jewish communist run 'school' at Monteagle TN, as was the black woman, Rosa Parks, who precipitated the Montgomery bus boycott.

* The National Urban League, another prominent 'black civil rights' organization, was financed by Julius Rosenwald.

* Black rabblerouser and 'black power' pusher Stokeley Carmichael's SNCC was financed by Jewish singer Theodor Bikel.

* CORE was financed by Marvin Rich.

* The NAACP Legal Defense Fund was headed by Jack Greenburg. Greenberg was also a player in the very creation of the Mexican group MALDEF:

* The SPLC is headed by Morris Seligman Dees, a man of past segregationist leanings but probably touched by Jewish blood.

* Lanni Guinier (Guenier?), a half Jew half-negro failed Clinton appointee made waves several years back with her proposal for requiring legislative 'supermajorities' which would give the edge to minorities.

* The NAACP was headed by a Jew from its founding in 1912 until the 1970s, and many of its lawyers and the persons on its board were also Jews.




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