Jews Associated with the NAACP

A list of Jews who founded, work(ed) for, or are otherwise associated with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP):

Joel Spingarn
Arthur Spingarn (brother)
Julius Rosenthal
Henry Malkewitz
Rabbi Emil G. Hirsch
Lillian Wald
Kivie Kaplan
Nathan Margold
Jack Greenberg a very important person in the civil-rights movement
Julian Mack
Henry Moskowitz
Herbert Hill
Louis Marshall
Rabbi David Saperstein
Rabbi Stephen Wise
Herbert Lehman
Arthur Sachs
Herbert Seligmann
Martha Gruening
Felix Frankfurter
Herman Lehman
June Shagaloff (birthname, not married name) Special Counsel
Milton R. Konvitz Assistant Special Counsel; aid to Thurgood Marshall at NAACP
Helen (Lehman) Buttenwieser on NAACP's Legal Defense Fund (LDF, aka LDEF) board
Michael Meltsner first assistant counsel in NAACP's LDF
Louis H. Pollack vice president of NAACP's LDF
Andrew D. Weinberger NAACP lawyer
Paul Bender lawyers' training instructor in NAACP's LDF
Michael Sovern lawyer's training director in LDF/LDF board member
Albert Sachs lawyers' training instructor in LDF
James Vorenberg LDF board member
Norman Redlich LDF board member
Lani Guinier (half-Black, w/ Jewish mother) lawyer in LDF
James Liebman assistant counsel in LDF
Peter Zimroth a law student intern at LDF
Bernard Segal LDF board member; he was key in urging President Kennedy to aid Black civil rights (and he cochaired a committee set up by Kennedy the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law to aid Black civil rights. Significantly, Segal recommended many of the attorneys on the committee; that committee still exists today); Segal was also a key player in the opposition to Alabama governor George Wallace's racial policies.
Dorothy Rosenman LDF board member
Dave Pinsky NAACP staff lawyer
Henry Aronson NAACP staff lawyer in Mississippi