Women's Emancipation
Status of women amongst Jewry / Status of women under Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was responsible for the emancipation of women from Judeo-Christian oppression. He granted them the highest status in society, as the "Guardians of the holy flame of life and its honour".  It is therefore understandable why women in the 3rd Reich adored him so much.

Deborah Lipstadt, presently the best known Jewish woman and the arch enemy of the historian David Irving, fights so fervently for Jewish identity under the guidance of Talmudic laws. Laws, that clearly define her as "a sack full of excrement", simply because she is a woman. Mrs. Lipstadt, who is well versed in all forms of Talmudic and Torah teachings, seems to be comfortable with much of the misogynistic dogmas, still taught today. Whilst she herself enjoys the respect, living in a liberal woman's society, women in Israel suffer the daily indignities, inflicted on them by these Talmudic laws. Mrs. Lipstadt must be perverse.

Status of women amongst Jewry

Status of women under Adolf Hitler

By design, Haredi rabbis and politicians select secular women in politics as the primary target of their attacks, even though they could pinpoint secular men as much, if not more, for transgressions of religious law. The Haredim repeatedly refer to Jewish women, engaged in politics, as witches, bitches or demons. ... Rule 8 in Chapter 3 of the Kitzur Shulhan Aruch (Abridgement of Shulhan Aruch), an elementary textbook for Jews with little talmudic education, for example, dictates: "A male should not walk between two females or two dogs or two pigs. In the same manner the males should not allow a woman, dog or pig to walk between them." All Haredi boys between the ages of ten and twelve study and are required to observe this rule ... The numerous misogynistic statements in the Talmud and in talmudic literature constitute a part of every Haredi male's sacred study. The statement in Tractate Shabat, 152 b, defining a woman is exemplary: "A woman is a sack full of excrement." (1)

"In Israel we have been building a country in which women are dog shit, something you scrape off the bottom of your shoe" (2)

"Fervently Orthodox lawmakers have [in July 2000] initiated legislation that would send to prison for seven years any women who read from the Torah and wear prayer shawls at the Western Wall." (3)

"A mother was financially secured and ranked at the peak of the social scale under National Socialism. ... (p. 187 ff) The National Socialists propagated the renunciation of the Christian sin-psychology and from the 'Marxist free love philosophy'. They promoted instead a marriage of comradeship and the return to the values of the Germanic-Nordic peoples who honoured the mother as 'guardian  of the holy flame of life and its honour." ... Mother's Day was arranged accordingly and became the expression of the new deep respect towards the mother and the "Cross of Honour of the German Mother" had been founded (endowed?)." (p. 398) (1)

"There can be no doubt: National Socialism was part of a modernisation process in German society. It expedited the social changes in Germany. It transferred more to the underprivileged segments of society and brought equality and emancipation to women." (2)

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The National Journal asks you honourable ladies, would you prefer to have been honoured as a "Guardian of the holy flame of life and its honour"  or would you rather exist as a "sack full of excrement"!