Jews Communized China, Too

The top people who communized China are shown below: all Jewish communists, just like in Russia. Yes, there were a few non-Orientals who helped communize China who were not Jewish, e.g. Maring, but Maring only paid 3 visits to China. It seems that these people listed below had the biggest impact on the communizing of China.


Mikhail Markovich Borodin (1884-1951); Soviet advisor sent to China in 1923. Originally named Mikhail Gruzenberg. A Riga, Latvia Jew.

Adolf Abramovitch Joffe (aka Ioffe, Yoffe; 1883-1927); was sent to China in August 1922. Official title: Russian Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to China. Helped create the Sun-Joffe Manifesto of January 1923.

Grigorii N. Voitinsky (1893-1953); emissary to China from Soviet Third Communist International (Comintern). Went to China in early 1920; aka Zarkhin.