Communism is Judaism

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Never forget that the people who planned and executed the French Revolutions also planned and financed both sides in the American Civil War, World Wars I and II which they also planned. They devised Communism and Nazism, chosing Hitler, Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt for their roles. These people chose George W. Bush, Tony Blair, and John Howard for the charades they are acting out in dividing world opinion so that political Zionists (using Judaeo-Christians as cannon fodder), and Islam will spill one another's blood in World War III, as planned in 1871, in order to deliver totalitarian one world government to their proxy, the "Jewish" pope of the Roman Catholic church. Classic Hegelian dialectics -- thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

According to the Protocols, "We have been leading the peoples from one disenchantment to another, so that in the end they should turn also from us in favor of that king-despot of the blood of Zion, whom we are preparing for the world."

"The recognition of our despot may also come before the destruction of the constitution; the moment for this recognition will come when the peoples, utterly wearied by the irregularities and incompetence -- a matter which we shall arrange for -- of their rulers, will clamor: "Away with them and give us one king over all the earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of disorders -- frontiers, nationalities, religions, State debts -- who will give us peace and quiet which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives."

"When the King of Israel sets upon his sacred head the crown offered him by Europe he will become patriarch of the world . . . The king of the Jews will be the real pope of the universe, the patriarch of the international church".

Never forget that Communism is Judaism. Brother Branham taught us Romanism will rule over the world, and that where Catholicism goes, Communism follows, because Rome takes the people's money under promise of Spiritual blessings it can not deliver. Neither can it empower the people with faith in God's Word. So her "Jewish" enemy, Communism stalks her promising material blessings to all who overthrow Rome who is our enemy also.

"Communism is Judaism. The Jewish Revolution in Russia was in 1918" (H. H. Beamish, speech in New York, 1937).

"Some call it Marxism -- I call it Judaism" (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, The American Bulletin, May 15, 1935).

"Communism and Judaism are one and the same" (Hilary Cotter, Cardinal Minszenty, The Truth About His Real "Crime," p. 6).

"There is nothing else in Communism -- a Jewish conspiracy to grab the whole world in their clutches; and no intelligent man in the world can find anything else, except the Jews, who rightly call it for themselves a "paradise on earth."

"Jews are eager to bring Communism, because they know what it is and what it means. It is because Communism has not been fought for what it really is -- a Jewish scheme invented by Jews -- that it has progressed against all opposition to it. We have fought the smoke-screen presented by Jewish dialecticians and publicists, refusing to fight the inventor, profiteer and string-puller. Because Christians and Gentiles have come to fear the Jews, fear the truth, and they are paralyzed by the paradoxical slogans shouted by the Jews."

"The mob" believe Communism is dead and that Russia is not a force to be reckoned with. Don't you believe it. Their apparent demise is a ruse" (Adrien Arcand, Canadian political leader in a speech, New York, October 30, 1937).

"It would be the greatest mistake, certainly, to think that concessions mean PEACE. Nothing of the kind. Concessions are nothing but a new form of war" ("Jew" V.I. Lenin).

Dmitri Manuilski, a Soviet Diplomat, revealed in 1947 the Communists' intention to brainwash the American public: "We will offer the Christian world unheard of peace overtures, and these nations, stupid and decadent, will leap at the chance to be our friends; they will willingly cooperate in their own destruction. Then, when their guard is down, and they have gone to sleep, we will smash them with our clenched fist."

The "Jew" Mikhail Gorbachev (Kahn) declared in a speech at the seventieth anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution: ". . . In October 1917, we parted with the old world, rejecting it once and for all. We are moving toward a new world, a world of Communism. We shall never turn off that road."

Speaking to the Soviet Politburo on November 1987, he stated: "Gentlemen, comrades, do not be concerned about all you hear about Glasnost and Perestroika and democracy in the coming years. They are primarily for outward consumption. There will be no significant internal changes in the Soviet Union, other than for cosmetic purposes. Our purpose is to disarm the Americans and let them fall asleep. We want to accomplish three things:

* One, we want the Americans to withdraw conventional forces from Europe. * Two, we want them to withdraw nuclear forces from Europe. * Three, we want the Americans to stop proceeding with the Strategic Defense Initiative."

General Sir Walter Walker, former NATO Commander-in-chief said following the phony Soviet coup: "I consider it my duty to tell you of the extremely dangerous threats that lie ahead. I know for certain that we are now in a period of the greatest strategic deception, perhaps in all history . . . The Cold War is NOT over, only in the state of remission . . . The Soviet Union is not truly 'on the verge of collapse'. Western defense, on the other hand, is."

Russian intelligence agencies are working as hard as ever at espionage in the US. Both the DCI Robert Gates and FBI Director William Sessions have spoken out on the high level of Russian Intelligence collection efforts in recent months, now known by its Russian acronym SVR. Senior FBI counterintelligence official, Wayne Gilbert states the same thing, "There has been no apparent reduction in covert intelligence gathering here by the Russians." In contrast, Chief of the SVR, Yevgeny Primakov, said during a recent visit to Sweden, "I can tell you we no longer have cloak and dagger spies in the traditional sense, agents who meddle in other countries' internal affairs" (Newsletter of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, Vol. XVII, No. 6, 1992)

The KGB is still in control. As America's Global Elite purposely cut back on US Intelligence activities, they know that the KGB is functioning more effectively now than before the alleged breakup of the Soviet Union. It is housed under the new Russian Ministry of Security. It has been greatly strengthened by Yeltsin and is involved in more espionage activities against the West than ever before. As has happened four times in the past, after we (the West) once again rebuild the Communist infrastructure, the same old KGB with a new face, will step from its behind the scenes control of the CIS to OUTWARDLY reclaim control of the "New", revitalized, rearmed, and more powerful Soviet Union.

America and Canada are disarming unilaterally. Unknown to "the mob," each nation that has split from the "defunct" Soviet Union is covertly led by hard line Communists.

The 'defunct' Soviet military is presently building more offensive weapons of all types than at any time in its history. As with the last four times this fraud of a 'Communist collapse' was perpetrated, this rearming and dramatic increase in espionage is being accomplished while the Communist's economy "CRASHES." The military build-up can occur only so long as US tax dollars continue to feed the Commonwealth of Independent States people. And that is part of the NWO plan. George II and other NWO nations sent them $25 billion to begin with (Eustace Mullins, The World Order).



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