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Chapter 61: Jews and Communism in the Soviet Union

Part Two: The Encyclopedia Judaica Confirms the Jewish Origin of Communism

The Encyclopedia Judaica, published in Jerusalem, Israel, by Jews, is available at most large public libraries and is in English. This reference book for all things Jewish is quite open about the Jewish role in Communism, particularly early Communism, and contains a large number of admissions in this regard.

Above: The front cover of Volume 5 of the 1971 edition of the Encyclopedia Judaica, published in Jerusalem, Israel, from where all of the extracts below have been taken.

Under the entry for "Communism": in Volume 5, page 792, the following appears:

"The Communist Movement and ideology played an important part In Jewish life, particularly in the  1920s, 1930s and during and after World War II." (below)

On page 793, the same Encyclopedia Judaica then goes on to say that "Communist tends became widespread in virtually all Jewish communities. In some countries, Jews became the leading element in the legal and illegal Communist Parties.."

The Encyclopedia Judaica on page 793 then goes on to reveal that the Communist International actually instructed Jews to change their names so as "not confirm right-wing propaganda that presented Communism as an alien, Jewish conspiracy." (above).


The Encyclopedia Judaica then goes on to describe the overwhelming role Jews played in creating the Soviet Union. On page 792 it says : "Individual Jews played an important role in the early stages of Bolshevism and the Soviet Regime" (below).

On page 794 of the Encyclopedia Judaica, this Jewish reference book then goes to list the Jews prominent in the upper command of the Russian Communist party: these included Maxim Litvinov, (Later foreign minister of Soviet Russia); Grigori Zinoviev, Lwev Kamenev, Jacob Sverdlov, Lazar Kaganovich, and Karl Radek, amongst many others. (Below: page 794 of the Encyclopedia Judaica).

The organizer of the Revolution was Trotsky, who prepared a special  committee to plan and prepare the coup which brought the Communists to power. according tot he  Encyclopedia Judaica, this  committee, called the Military Revolutionary Committee,, had five members - three of whom were Jews. (below)

The Politburo - the supreme governing body of Russia immediately after the Communist Revolution - had four Jews amongst its seven members, according to page 797 of the Jewish Encyclopedia Judaica (below).

While many have alleged that Lenin was also Jewish, or at least of part Jewish origin, there is little concrete evidence of this. However, Lenin was ardently pro-Jewish, branding anti-Semitism (correctly) as "counter revolutionary" (Encyclopedia Judaica, page 798). A statement against anti-Semitism was made by Lenin in March 1919 and was "one of the rare occasions when his voice was put on a phonograph record to be used in a mass campaign against the counterrevolutionary incitement against the Jews," according to the Encyclopedia Judaica, page 798.  One of the first laws passed by the new Soviet Communist government was to outlaw anti-Semitism (Encyclopedia Judaica, page 798, extract above).

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