Jewish Secret Police in the USSR

By John "Birdman" Bryant


The first item is an almost full-page article in the March 30, 2000 issue of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the New York Times equivalent of German papers, entitled "Who were Stalin's Executioners?" This write-up is a book review/commentary of a title written by two Russian authors, N.K. Petrow and K.W. Skorkin. (Title: "Who led the NKWD, 1934-1941?" Publisher: N.G. Ochotin, A.B. Roginskij, Verlag Swenja, Moscow, 1999, 502 pages)

Very important to notice the switch! As you read this, think Stalin - not Hitler! "They" refers to Stalin's executioners!

The first paragraph reads (in my own, a bit stilted translation):

"They were the executioners of a state-ordered genocide. In the years 1937-1938 more than a million people were murdered on their orders in the Soviet Union. According to plans and quotas, they arrested people in the hundreds of thousands - as counter-revolutionaries, Trotzkyists, enemies of the people, and spies. In reality, their victims were peasants and workers, Communists and priests, teachers and generals, stamp collectors and Esperantoists, Russians, Poles, Jews, Germans and simply people who had the wrong relatives. They obtained confessions and denunciations - through promises and threats, through beatings and torture. They sentenced by the hundreds of thousands, and a sentence led directly to the shooting basements or into the concentration camps of the Gulags. The name of their organization itself spread terror: NKWD. But the story of Stalin's Gestapo has not yet been written."

The book has a statistical chart, illustrating the racial/ethnic composition of the NKWD, Stalin's terrorist apparatus, covering the years of 1934 - 1941, and it shows that in 1934 already, the breakdown of these Stalin executioners, by nationality, was as follows:

Jews: 39 % Russians and Ukrainians 36 % Latvians, Germans, Poles 14% Others 12%

This is particularly significant since the Jews made up only 1% of the Russian population!

The article, referring to this particular year, goes on to say:

"Even in absolute numbers, the Jews...made up the largest group in the leadership of the Stalinist Secret Police. The Russian myth of the "Jewish NKWD" thus had a factual basis. The Nazis, who knew precisely of these facts, used it for their propaganda purposes of the Jewish-Bolshevik terror regime that they felt obligated to destroy."

The article goes on to make the point that, as the years went on, the Jewish presence in the Soviet secret police grew less and less because Stalin turned against them as well and liquidated some of them. By 1941, 80% of the terror police were made up of Russians and Ukrainians, 5% of Latvians/Germans/Poles, and 14% of "others."

A more cynical interpretation might be that, as the German Army grew more and more victorious in the early years of the war, advancing into Russia in a Blitzkrieg campaign, many of these Jewish murderers beat a hasty retreat into the cover of Russia's vast interior, but tens of thousands were captured as partisans and commissars, interrogated, and shot by the German Einsatzgruppen, who were created for that very purpose - to pacify the areas conquered by the Wehrmacht.

This article is one more Revisionist breakthrough - more important even, I would think, than the Holocaust fraudster stories which Revisionist research has laid bare. Now even the mainstream media are talking of the role of Jewish individuals and groups in what was happening in Europe by way of Soviet genocide, and why Hitler's troops were seen as liberators from Soviet terror and as a necessary remedy to stop the blood-bath against millions of innocents in the east. Now finally the world is going to be informed that there was, indeed, a real, documented Holocaust of Christian gentiles, committed and perpetrated under the leadership of Jews and by a majority of Jewish commissars - long, long before Auschwitz and the so-called "Holocaust" of Jews.




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