John O'Neill

Head Investigator Of The USS Cole Attack





John O’Neill's Background

He had been with the FBI for 20 years, and was involved in investigating a number of terrorist cases, including the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. He was considered the FBI’s top man on terrorism. In the late 1990’s, he became very attuned to Israel’s involvement in many terror operations.

Following the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, he had become the foremost expert on the global threat from terrorism







Abu Nidal


Abu Nidal was the leader of the infamous Black September terror organization, and spent 30 years hijacking jets and planting bombs for Israel intelligence. O'Neill suspected Abu Nidal was a Mossad operative and talked openly about it with other field agents.







O'Neill Was Sent To Investigate the USS Cole Attack

He took a team of FBI agents to Yemen, where his investigation pointed to Israeli involvement.







Barbara Bodine - Ambassador to Yemen During USS Cole Attack

Bodine, who is Jewish, was the Ambassador to Yemen. When the USS Cole was attacked, the FBI sent a team led by John O’Neill who immediately suspected Israeli involvement. Bodine started an intense political battle to oust O’Neill.

Bodine wanted to control the investigation, and resented the fact that suddenly there were hundreds of FBI personnel in the country.

Albright provided a handful of State Department personnel to watch the investigation.





Albright and Bodine Panic as O’Neill Investigation Points to Israel

Albright complains to upper echelons of the FBI about O'Neill.

Bodine wanted O'Neill to drop his bodyguards and he became suspicious of Mossad assassination. Bodine and Madeleine Albright finally went to the Zionist Jewish FBI Director, Louis Freeh, to remove John O'Neill from Yemen.

Then January 2001 came, and O'Neill wanted to go back to Yemen. But, Ambassador Bodine wouldn't give him clearance. In July 2001, O’Neill resigned from the FBI.








Larry Silverstein Offered Him a Job

 In September of 2001, mere days before 9/11, he got a job offer from Larry Silverstein (owner of WTC). Oddly, O'Neill was missing for two days before 9/11 –miraculously his body was discovered in tact in the WTC ruins.





Wal-Mart Health Subsidies


Dov Zakheim

Israeli Black Ops


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