The FBI, Dead Musicians and the Jewish Connection

By Tim C

Correspondent Tim C writes on his initial impression after partially reading through Rethinking John Lennon's Assassination: The FBI's War on Rock Stars by Salvador Astucia

I am about half way through the John Lennon book and Lansky is referred to several times because of his control over a powerful Jewish criminal syndicate. One of the syndicates moving into New Orleans after hurricane Katrina discussed at is a heir of Lansky.

This is just an amazing piece of work relating how the 'rock & roll' movers and shakers of the fifties and sixties were from behind the scenes manipulated and controlled by the FBI coming essentially from the Jew J. Edgar Hoover (I included Jew because evidence points to Hoover's mother being Jewish) as he saw fit in his newly acquired and soon to become Zionist domain - America. The entire 37,000 plus internet news forums are monitored by the FBI using informants to penetrate sites and control forums related to such topics as the death of John Lennon defined by three levels of surveillance, 'Monitor', 'Penetrate' and 'Control.' The mechanics of all this are laid out in minute detail in this book the author having experienced constant attacks from this very typical Jewish organizational structure set up in all fifty states in an elaborate five-tiered structure for media control. It is fascinating how Israel Shahak in Jewish Fundamentalism described Judaism as the worst tyranny imaginable and that is precisely what the FBI has become in the worst possible sense using some of the most nasty types available as saprophytic informants.

Was J. Edgar Hoover the "head Rabbi of the Sanhedrin" in the United States over the FBI similar to Napoleon Bonaparte reconstituting the Sanhedrin in France in 1807 after it was dormant for 1,400 years to reconcile Talmudic law with French law? If this is true it fills in many of the gaps relative to the deaths and surveillance of so many musicians over the past forty years and the tight leash it has on the music industry. The reason being that musicians held such an incredibly powerful sway over us against our nefarious rulers who hold onto power using war profiteering to keep people in place and the FBI is the enforcer. The book has a listing in the back that covers in detail the deaths of 82 of the most significant characters in music all having strange and until yet suspicious deaths. I was stunned by this and now think back to all the musicians I remember dying, Jim Morrison, John Bonham, Bob Hite (Canned Heat), Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Dennis Wilson (Beach Boys), Stevie Ray Vaughan, Elvis Presley and John Denver to mention only a few when I was growing up during this period. Not to imply that all these musicians were somehow methodically murdered but it does cause consideration. John Lennon was seen as an enemy and a threat to the war Zionists and an extremely elaborate system was set up to control and monitor his work and influence which was having a profound effect on the thinking of an entire generation of people surpassing that of extremely powerful bureaucrats and bankers that run the apparatus of state control and do and will kill to protect their power. I have a completely altered and new view of John Lennon vividly remembering when he was so tragically gunned down in 1980 in New York when he walked into the Dakota complex where he was living after stepping out of his limo. The book goes into great detail explaining how John Lennon was gunned down and I have to admit I felt a heaviness in my stomach after reading of the savagery of Lennon's murder. We should all have a renewed and healthy fear of the FBI. The organization is a public relations scam so typical of Jewish chutzpah and acting and when you see deeply into its hierarchy and real purpose every American should literally shudder at the lethal blatant power this bureaucracy has acquired.

I was completely flabbergasted to learn that Napoleon Bonaparte's great-nephew, Charles Joseph Bonaparte, as Attorney General for President Theodore Roosevelt, created the FBI in 1908 giving further significance to the possibility that Charles Joseph Bonaparte created in America the same thing Napoleon did in France by allowing the Sanhedrin to organize once again in Europe. The ramifications of this are just too incredible to even contemplate for the precious few accute thinkers still remaining amoung us. The seeds of Zionism in America were firmly planted between the years of 1896 through 1917. The Sanhedrin were given a new name in France called the Consistory System and that is precisely what the FBI is today 100 years later in the wake of J. Edgar Hoover who sought to implement the tyranny of Zionism in America. Salvador Astucia believes that it is a mistake to think that the FBI has been co-opted by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), and instead points out that from its very beginning the FBI was set up to do Israeli's bidding even before it became a state in 1948.

The part I am beginning to read now is the story of Charlie Manson and yes, there is a Jewish/FBI connection that you just won't be able to come to grips with.

This large 544 page book is completely documented, indexed and has endnotes with references. Read this book and you will be assured of becoming readjusted to the 'beat' of rock & roll and how you view the real masters of dead souless music at the FBI.



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