"...This resulted in laws being passed making blockbusting illegal FOR REALTORS TO DO. But what about individuals or perceived groups acting outside the regulations controlling licensed realtors?"
Viscious hassidic plans for Goyim
This is the result of regarding Jewish money - the only kind we have at present - as something of value!
From: Tripp Henderssen
As far back as the late 1800s jews engaged in a practice known as blockbusting, wherein they would buy small apartment buildings in peaceful areas of cities, fill them with the lowest class tenants they could find, and wring their hands greedily as decent citizens quickly moved out of the area. The jews would then buy those properties at the distressed lower prices till the entire block was theirs, throw out the trash, and then sell at high prices. Terrific money maker.
By the 1950s, jew realty companies were doing this on a wide spread scale. The only ones who fought back, and did so legally unfortunately, were the Italians in New York and New Jersey. This resulted in laws being passed making blockbusting illegal FOR REALTORS TO DO.
But what about individuals or perceived groups acting outside the regulations controlling licensed realtors?
Lakewood NJ is home to the largest yeshiva in the world, much bigger than anything even in Israel or New York. They expand their neighborhood block by block as they grow, never running from trash [which includes all of the Goyim], and pushing non-jews out by hook or crook. They do not want one inch of property owned by a non-jew between any of their areas,  since, when the proverbial crap hits the fan, they want to be able to put a wall around their entire community as they have done in South American and African cities.
For instance, there was a successful motel and bar run by Indians across from Lake Carasaljo which stood in their way. The residents were primarily welfare and the bar was patronized by Whites. The clever jews in the neighborhood filed numerous complaints against the motel, then went to Social Services to complain. Hundreds of complaints. The net result was the town required 2 armed guards at the bar, which couldnot afford it, and Social Services pulled the motel out of their system. The owner went broke, the motel was auctioned off at the Sheriff's sale, and the jews bought it for the price of the first mortgage. Today it is a dormitory for rebbi students. Ditto for the Madison house which was previously the Holiday Inn. That's how they operate as a terrorist group. It's what jews do.
There exists off Central Avenue a peaceful suburban neighborhood of about 157 homes currently selling in the $300 to 325,000 area. There are a half dozen Indians there, a few Muslims and a handful of Asians, all living together in peace and harmony.  ENTER THE VISCIOUS TALMUDIC JEW. The development stands now in the way of the jews between the Lakewood hassidum and their newly developing purchase of the Clayton Block open pit mines where they have a ten-year project to build 578 condos, 550 single-family homes and four huge synagogues.
My frined there gave me a call on the 5th of September, in a panic. Seems some homes had been rented to blacks and Mexicans.  I went to see him, and we walked around the community and talked to anyone outside. The neighborhood was in an uproar. He wanted to know what to do. He could see the handwriting on the wall, but what he didn't know is that his peaceful community HAD BEEN TARGETED BY THE JEWS, WITH MALICE AND CUNNING, FOR DESTRUCTION.
Here's what I found out by talking to a black family and by going to the Tax assessors office. Two jews by the names of Bernstein and Weinstein had bought several homes through normal sales. They then went into the community and offered others nearby an excessive $400,000 for their homes. On the one block alone and the nearsest cul-de-sac, they acquired 8 more homes. They then rented 9 of the homes at a ridiculous $500 a month to blacks and one home to Mexicans wherein reside 13 people playing that inane Spanish music 24/7.  Those are the first AND LAST homes in that development to ever go for $400,000.
Goyim are predictable. They have barely enough bonding to talk in private, one on one, about what to do, but never enough bonding to stand and face the evil jews. They will flee, they will move, giving the entire neighborhood to the hassidum. The next movers will get market price, then $200,000 as the area is 1/3 black, then the last to move will get less than a hundred thousand. A guy across the street from my friend said, hell, I just bought this house, I'm not moving. Hmph, yes he will, when the price of his house is less than the mortgage!
When that block and cul-de-sac are 100% black, the jews will evict the black tenants and begin moving in for themselves. This is a mere two year project. How do I know that? Because the black family I talked to and the Mexicans have 2-year leases!!  Jews Weinstein and Bernstein are so sure of the predictable Goyim, they gleefully go house to house on Sundays [OUR HOLY DAY] and ask, do you want to sell? Do you want to sell?
My friend asked me what he should do. I outlined his options:
-Sell now and maximize his sales price, screw the others
-Stand up to the jew and refuse to sell
-Form a neighborhood counter group, pool resources and when a house comes up for sale in the normal course of events, the neighbors should buy it as a group and re-sell it Goyim only, preferably relatives or someone known to them
-When Bernstein comes asking if he wants to sell, say yes, invite him in and then KILL HIM
-.File a criminal complaint against the yeshiva and synagogue the 2 jews belong to, as engaging in a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY
Friends, what do you think they will do? Buwahahahahaha and ha.
I went to the Prosecutor's Office and basically the assistant on call nodded knowingly, but said, show  me it's a CONSPIRACY as opposed to several individuals acting alone, and I'll prosecute. I told him that no one rents a $400,000 home for $500 a month in an area that commands rents of $1,600 a month. Wasn't that enough? Nay, sayeth the assistant. You see, the last prosecutor, an Italian by the name of Carlucci is no longer there because he challenged the hassidic community when they were caught blackmailing the owners of a proposed Co-Generating plant. He lost the lawsuit, he lost his job.
It's what jews do to their host societies.

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the Twin Towers DIDN'T collapse due to heat (impossible), demolition charges
did the job;  there were NO Arab hijackers (the jets were guided electronically);
and the Zionists/Judeo-Christians now in control of the United States are traitors
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