Connecting the Dots

Columbine - ADL -
Alabama Church Burnings Connection

by Victor Thorn
A few months ago, a series of Christian church burnings occurred across the state of Alabama which made national headlines. If these criminal acts would have been committed by the KKK, Nazis, or nationalists; the uproar would have continued for eons. But once it was discovered that this violent rampage was the handiwork of three satanically-inspired Jewish teenagers, the matter was dropped like a hot potato (Alabama Church Fires: The Real Story).

Likewise, a massive cover-up has surrounded the infamous 1999 Columbine school shootings. Initially, we were told that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold – acting alone – went on a murderous spree because they were harassed by jocks and bullies. But the reality of this situation was far different.

For starters, the Zionist-controlled corporate media never once mentioned a very dramatic Jewish connection to Columbine. First, it seems Dylan Klebold’s mother – a woman named Susan Yassenoff – religiously attended her local synagogue and was schooled in the Temple (schul). She also attended Temple Israel, while her father, Leo Yassenoff, was also an influential member of the Jewish community and actively a part of Temple Israel.

Similarly, Klebold’s accomplice – Eric Harris – also had strong Jewish ties. In Salon magazine, Harris is quoted as telling a teacher: “My mother is Jewish!” he announced proudly to the entire group. Then he raised a fist into the air, “Dreydle power!” Harris also dated a Jewish girl and operated a pro-Jewish website where he railed against neo-Nazis, racists, and those who persecuted Jews. Yet similar to the Alabama church burnings, this information relating to their strong Jewish ties was never reported in the mainstream media.

But wait, the links get even more pronounced. In a secret notebook discovered after the Columbine massacre, Eric Harris wrote about a potential plan where he’d flee to Israel because of their lenient anti-extradition policies.

Furthermore, it seems the notorious Trenchcoat Mafia (whom Klebold and Harris belonged) had quite a number of Jewish members, and was very anti-Christian in a vile, Talmudic sort of way. In fact, in the Klebold-Harris diaries, homemade videos, and on Internet postings, these teens were exceptionally abusive toward anything related to Christianity. And, if one remembers correctly, this same type of attitude was shared by the three Jewish Alabama church arsonists, who also despised Christians.

In addition, anyone that researches the Columbine shootings will soon discover that there were undoubtedly more individuals involved than just Klebold and Harris. We know this with complete certainty because over 100 bombs and/or explosives were discovered inside Columbine high school, including: 48 carbon dioxide bombs, 27 pipe bombs, and 11 1 ½ gallon propane containers, as well as 40-plus gallons of flammable liquid and two duffel bags containing 20-pound liquefied petroleum gas tanks.” In addition, “Each of their cars contained two 20-pound propane tanks, another 20 gallons of gasoline, pipe bombs [grenades], clocks, and other combustible liquids.” (Source: Judicial-biz)

Ask yourself: could two high-school kids trudge this much firepower and pyrotechnics into a school unnoticed, not to mention their additional firearms? They had such a huge arsenal of explosives that a SWAT team was afraid to enter the building! Plus, over 50 different eyewitnesses claimed to have seen additional participants in this massacre other than just Klebold and Harris.

This information is striking because if we hearken back to the Alabama church burnings, it was uncovered that the Jewish arsonists actually used “specially designed thermite, or incendiary magnesium” to set their fires. In both instances, is it plausible to imagine that these teenagers in both Colorado and the rural South had the resources, expertise, and access to such weapons of destruction, or could they have been assisted by another source, such as the ADL? Before answering, remember that the actual OKC bombers all resided at a place called Elohim City, which was verifiably proven to be infiltrated and monitored by both the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center. And what did Andreas Strassmeir and his cronies ultimately end up doing? Answer: blowing-up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Lastly, when one considers the numerous direct Israeli links to the 9-11 World Trade Center bombing (i.e. controlled demolition), a pattern seems to be emerging.

Coincidence? I think not.

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