Subject: Jewish Ritual Murder is true, NOT a lie as Turki Abdullah al-Sudeiri says
Date: 8/8/02 8:47:39 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Sir,

In the August 1 edition of the Israeli paper Ha'aretz ("French court summons Egyptian editor over anti-Semitic article"), it suggests that claims about Jewish Ritual Murder are baseless.  The article goes on to say that while your paper, Al-Riyadh, had an article that said it was true, it says that your paper now recognizes Jewish Ritual Murder as a mere fabrication:

"Al Riyadh editor Turki Abdullah al-Sudeiri wrote that he regretted the publication of the articles, which he said appeared while he was away, because they were 'not supported by any scientific or historic facts.'"

I would like to debate this Mr. Turki Abdullah al-Sudeiri about the facts concerning Jewish Ritual Murder.  It certainly seems to be an historical fact.

Now, no one would seriously argue that "all" Jews commit such wicked crimes.  These vicious crimes have reportedly been committed by small numbers of fanatics within the Jewish religion who adhere to the most perverse interpretations of their religious doctrines.  If Jewish Ritual Murder still occurs today, it is in relatively small numbers.

There are many well-respected authors who have attested to this fact of Jewish Ritual Murder, for it is not the uneducated who make such claims.  Sir Richard Francis Burton described the Jewish Ritual Murder of Father Thomas and others in his manuscript "Human Sacrifice among the Sephardim or Eastern Jews" (which was later published, in part, as "The Jew, the Gypsy, and el Islam").  Well-respected Russian writer V.V. Rozanov described such activities in his book "The Relationship of Jews to Blood."  Dr. Vladimir Ivanovich Dal, a Russian physician and author of the Dal Living Dictionary (who even has a current postage stamp in his honor), described this in his book "Searching for the Jews who Murder Christian Babies, and How These Jews Use the Babies' Blood" (later published as "Notes about the Ritual Murders").  Well-respected veterinarian Dr. Arnold Leese, whose books about animals even impressed the queen, wrote about these wicked crimes in his book! "Jewish Ritual Murder."  Likewise, Hellmut Schramm, Ph.D., described such vicious crimes in his book "Jewish Ritual Murder: An Historical Investigation."  Russian attorney and Duma member G.G. Zamyslovsky described these vicious crimes in his book "The Murder of Andrei Youshchinsky." Recently, in the United States, Philip DeVier, Ph.D., wrote about this in his brilliant 256-page book "Blood Ritual."  Matt Hale, J.D. (doctor of law), published a book (2002) based on a speech entitled "Jewish Occult Murders: How and Why Jews Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children as Part of Their Religion."  Harrell Rhome, Ph.D., also describes these wicked acts in his book (2002) "Debacle in Damascus: The 1840 Jewish Ritual Murder Case of Father Thomas."  

Even many Popes throughout history have admitted this.  Some Jews have been tried by Papal courts and have been found guilty. Pope Benedict XIV admitted to this, and he described many such instances in his Bull Beatus Andreas.  Likewise, the Catholic magazine "La Civilta Cattolica" has attested to this in the past.  It is not merely Catholics who have admitted that Jews have committed such vicious crimes.  Many well-respected Muslims, Protestants, pagans, and atheists too have spoken out on the reality of such vicious crimes.  

The video "Human Sacrifice among the Fanatical Hasidic Jews and Other Cults from Ancient Times to the Present" (which can be found at describes many such people who have recognized this as an historical fact.  

Even agents of the French government admitted to the truth of these incidents in the 1840 case of Father Thomas.  An interesting 300-page book that was published in France (before the politically correct Thought Police started dictating what can and cannot be read) was "Le Crimes Rituel chez le Juifs"  by Albert Monniot.  

I ask you: Can such a wide body of people around the entire world, representing all races and religions, make up such crimes attributed to Jews?   And these accusations against Jews take place on a regular basis from ancient times to even now.  

Even in the Old Testament of the Bible, we read about children "passing through the fire."  This is a euphemism, of course; for this actually referred to Jews, who followed occult rites, tossing children in a burning pit called a Tophet.  In fact, the term "holocaust" itself is actually derived from the practice of Jews making a burning sacrifice to their deity, as English dictionaries prior to 1950 will attest.  

Let me briefly quote Dr. Vladimir Ivanovich Dal from the above-cited book on these crimes:

   "It was not just one group of people who have accused Jews of committing such deplorable acts; Jews were accused many times of that in court by a variety of people. On the whole, there was not only their own confession in addition to other evidence; but there were such examples where the Jews were exposed and, consequently, had recognized themselves as being true. One such event should obviously be enough for people to acknowledge the real existence of such villainous human mutilation, but the defenders of Jews say something quite different: The confession was forced by torture and, therefore, proves nothing. Assuming, however, this argument is true, too, and believing all that was ever said and written on this problem in favor of Jews, with respect to forced confessions, there is still one circumstance that will remain, which is never paid enough attention. This circumstance not only remains as unexplained by Jews but also is the proof of the crime it! self--namely, it is not doubtful that, from time to time, the corpses of babies, who were missing, were eventually discovered in such distorted conditions and with such signs of external violence that they attested to images of excruciatingly painful deaths.  This is the kind of murder for which the Jews are accused.  Also, the incidents of this nature exclusively occurred only in places where the Jews live.  We must ask ourselves: In what type of circumstance can we attribute the renewed cases of babies who suffered painful deaths--babies who were carefully tortured up to the point of their tragic deaths--if an accusation is not fair?  What reason can we invent for the villainous torture of a baby, if it is not done for religious mutilation? The external signs on corpses indicate each time this is discovered, positively, that the death could not be accidental in any case but intentional.  And, it is obvious that these injuries sustained by the babie! s are deliberately done and take place over a long time: The whole body is poked or pricked.  Then, scraps of skin are cut.  The tongue was often cut out.  The intimate parts of boys are either cut out, or the boys were circumcised. Occasionally, other parts of the body are cut out, and the palms are punctured. Signs of bruises from tight bandages put on and removed again are not uncommon; often, the entire skin has abrasions as if it was burnt or had something rubbing against it.  Sometimes, the corpse was even washed, with it being discovered without any blood in it; nor was there any blood on the undergarments or clothes, demonstrating that they were taken off during the murder and, afterwards, put on again. The parents and siblings of babies who have experienced such tragic deaths wonder: For what possible reason would people commit such deplorable acts to innocent babies? Without a purpose, it could never be done; yet it continues to happen repeatedl! y over time. The ordinary killer, in any case, would be satisfied with one murder. But a murderer who kills for some type of mysterious, important purpose cannot be rejected here.
   "The weak, unsatisfactory searching of investigators, the different tricks of Jews, their impudent and stubborn denial, not infrequently a bribery, the confidence by the majority of educated people in that an accusation is merely the infamous slander and, finally, the humanity of our criminal laws--all these things saved the Jewish culprits, nearly every time, from deserved execution.  And they--by using their machinations, by giving false oath assurances of innocence, and by using false propaganda that suggested such accusations were merely theresult of accomplished injustice with slander built on them--almost always were well prepared for such accusations.  The Jews punished those who demonstrated credible evidence against them.  In the year 1817 [in Russia], a law was enacted on February 28 that the Superior Command announced on March 6: It was prohibited to even suspect the Jews of such crimes, and the opinion that the Jews needed no! n-Jewish blood was called a prejudice. Meanwhile, an examination of the places where the secret training of Talmudists took place recognizes the realization of this mutilation-murder, and the impartial view put forth in these case productions convinces, without doubt, the truth of their validity."

Dal also cites many Jews who had converted to Christianity who admitted that their brethren had committed such vicious crimes. He even mentions one Jew who had been a grand rabbi.

Many websites tell of the nature of these vicious crimes.  You might want to reference to read more about this.

You must ask yourself: Has the entire free world been involved in a massive conspiracy against Jews in which false crimes were attributed to them?  Or have some wicked but small fanatical cults been active within the Jewish people since ancient times?

For those who suggest that Jews are incapable of such vicious hatred, lest I remind you of the vicious nature of crimes occurring in Palestine?  How many children have died as a result of religious-inspired hatred by Zionists?  While the purpose may not be to consume the blood, the blood is nonetheless drained when a Zionist terrorist shoots a Palestinian baby while in the hands of his mother.

Again, I challenge Mr. Turki Abdullah al-Sudeiri--or even one of his Zionist designees--to a public debate over this. But I doubt if he is up to the challenge.

The American