Jews Claim Credit For Revisionist Discoveries

By Ingrid Rimland


Copyright (c) 1998 - Ingrid A. Rimland

October 18, 1998

I remember that time when an enthusiastic Swedish Revisionist all of a sudden had a nightmare of major proportions.

"What if after all the grinding work Revisionist did," he wanted to know, as I remember it, "the Jews will lay claim to the sweat of our brows and take all the Revisionist credit for themselves?"

Well, guess. It happened sooner than we knew.

Here is what I call ***absolute gall*** !

Walter Reich, Director of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum from 1995-98 wrote this for the Washington Post sometime last month. (The date on the fax I received was smudgy. . . I could only read Page A15)) The topic is the Mexican standoff at Auschwitz where the Catholics are planting crosses - that Christian symbol to which Reich as one of the Jewish spokespeople objects.

Wrote Reich without the faintest blush:

"At stake in the escalating battle about crosses and churches at Auschwitz is the future of memory. The outcome will determine what coming generations think they know not only about Auschwitz but about the Holocaust itself. In this battle, only truth, as best we can determine it, must be allowed to prevail.

A well-meaning Aug. 31 editorial in The Post illustrated how old fictions about Auschwitz have been accepted as facts - fictions that have been used repeatedly to distort the camp's history.

The Post identified Auschwitz-Birkenau as the death camp "where 3 million Jews and millions of others were murdered by the Nazis." Recent scholarship by a Polish historian has put the number of deaths there conservatively at about 1.1 million, with other estimates ranging to about 1.5 million. Approximately 90% of the dead were Jews.

The Post's numbers may have been derived in part from the inflated estimate - originally of Soviet origin and endorsed by Polish authorities after the war - of about 4 million dead. This number, and other numbers of similar magnitude, were repeated so often that they came to be accepted by many as true, even though historians in Poland and elsewhere have revised this number down considerably."

(End of Reich excerpt here to make room for some comment)

The mind boggles at such chutzpah, such gall! For fifty years, the Holocaust Enforcers lied the blue from the sky about the "4 million dead at Auschwitz" or even "gassed at Auschwitz"! Yehuda Bauer told these people almost ten years ago to be careful - that Revisionists could count and add!

Here is an exact and telling quote from an article titled "Auschwitz: The Dangers of Distortion (The Jerusalem Post, September 30, 1989):

"The odours of political considerations that have little to do with the memory of the Holocaust can be discerned in these statements. The point is that historical falsifications are ultimately counterproductive. (...)

By definition, a myth is an untruthful interpretation of reality. The fact that Israeli polititians and the media accept the four million figure with all its disastrous ramifications can perhaps be explained by the conscious or unconscious efforts made in this country to create a Holocaust myth that is totally different from he reality it supposedly relates to. If two-and-a-half million Jews were gassed at Auschwitz, that is "better" for propaganda than the truth, as though the truth were not horrible enough. (...)

In the ceaseless battle against the misuse of the Holocaust, against the distortions and lies and their unwitting dissemination, this is another battle that has to be fought."

(end of excerpt)

Well, guess who fought that battle? The so-called "Holocaust Deniers" did - against all the odds in the world!

Then, after more palaver about the crosses, the Walter Reich schmalz in the article cited above continues forthwith:

"Why so much protest about churches and crosses? What harm can come, after all, from religious symbols and structures?

The first harm is to historical accuracy, no less than the harm caused by the use of the inflated figures for victims cited by The Post. The use of religious symbols, like the use of inflated figures, distorts perception of the past. There seems little doubt that decades from now, visitors to Auschwitz, seeing the Christian symbols and places of worship, will assume that they symbolize accurately those who were killed and will fail to understand as it really was. For some Jews, moreover, this would rip from the Jewish people the tragedy of their history and impose on the Jewish dead symbols and structures that misrepresent who the victims were and why they died.

Let there be no religious symbols or structures at Auschwitz - no crosses, no churches, no Stars of David, no synagogues. To be representationally accurate, for every cross built there would have to be ten stars built, and for every church, ten synagogues - and there would be no end to the tragic competition of the victims and victimization. Let visitors be told, in clear language, that they stand amid the mute ashes of the dead, who was murdered in Auschwitz, in what numbers and why. Let there be only accurate words of history in that kingdom of boundless evil."

(End of second Walter Reich excerpt)



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