Subj: ADV9-11-99: Shuffling Toward the Slaughterhouse
Date: 9/11/99 11:28:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (American Dissident Voices)
To: (National Alliance)

American Dissident Voices Broadcast of September 11, 1999

Shuffling Toward the Slaughterhouse
by Dr. William Pierce

Last week we talked about some specific examples of the way in which the
bosses of the controlled media deliberately give most Americans a
severely distorted perception of what is happening in the world around
them, of what is fashionable, and so on. In particular, I talked about
the crooked way in which the media bosses report interracial crime. They
heavily overemphasize any attacks on non-Whites by Whites and minimize
or ignore attacks on Whites by non-Whites. They do this in order to
create the false impression in the public's mind that most interracial
crime is White on non-White, whereas in fact exactly the opposite is
true. The reason the media bosses deliberately create this false
impression in the public mind is to generate a sense of racial guilt in
Whites, to keep them on the defensive in all matters relating to race,
to keep them off balance and confused as the non-White assault on
America continues through immigration and other means. The aim is to
persuade White Americans to give up their freedom -- their freedom of
speech, their freedom of association, their freedom to keep and bear
arms for self-defense -- in order to relieve their sense of White guilt
and gain a false sense of security by stamping out dissent on racial
matters. In summary, the aim of the media bosses in distorting their
coverage of the news is to silence and disarm White Americans and keep
them on the defensive.

And that is their aim because they are Jews, and they are reaching for
even more control than they already have. This is the historic modus
operandi of the Jews. They are outsiders everywhere except in Israel,
and when they first appear in any Gentile society and begin reaching for
power they are resisted. The society treats the Jews as outsiders, as
aliens, and attempts to keep them from gaining control. The Jewish
method of countering this opposition is to work quietly to accumulate as
much wealth as possible. At the same time they work to corrupt the
society's leaders with money and to sow dissension among the masses, to
set one social class against another, to break up the society's
solidarity and its cohesiveness, so that there will be less resistance
to their penetration of the society.

During the latter half of the 19th century and the first part of the
20th century fomenting class warfare has been their most successful
technique in Europe. In Russia, for example, they would have had
difficulty in corrupting the enormously wealthy aristocracy with bribes,
but their technique of fomenting class warfare succeeded in destroying
Russian society and letting the Jews seize control through their Marxist
movement. In the United States, on the other hand, where the political
leaders are essentially hucksters and lawyers and the working class is
relatively well off compared to Russia, the Jews have had much more
success with corruption than with their attempts to foment class

Many people who have studied the history of communism and have become
aware of the enormously disproportionate presence of Jews in that
movement have come to the erroneous conclusion that Jews are inherently
communists. The truth of the matter is that Jews are no more inherently
communist than they are inherently capitalist. Jews are inherently
acquisitive, ethnocentric, and cohesive, and they have a parasitic mode
of existence. They become communists when that serves their purpose of
breaking into a Gentile society and gaining control, and they become
capitalists when capitalism serves their purpose better than communism.
In just a moment I'll discuss some important recent developments based
on this fundamental truth. First, however, I want to add a bit to our
discussion of last week.

The Jews' aim, remember, is to destroy Gentile solidarity, to sow
confusion, to generate feelings of guilt, to morally disarm White
society so that it will be easy pickings, and in the last half of the
20th century their principal weapon for this purpose, more important
than corruption or class warfare, has been their control of the mass
media of news and entertainment. For week after week I've cited very
specific evidence of the way in which they use their control of the
media to confuse and demoralize the White public. Before I get to the
new developments I mentioned, I just want to bring you up to date with
another example.

On August 13 a 50-year-old White man, Gregory Griffith, was beaten,
kicked, and stomped into a coma by a group of young Blacks in
Jacksonville, Florida. The Blacks had been standing around on the
sidewalk jiving among themselves, and they decided to kill the next
White person who came along. Gregory Griffith was it. Griffith died from
the stomping on August 26 in Jacksonville's University Medical Center.
Have you heard anything about this murder? I'll bet you haven't, unless
you live in the immediate vicinity of Jacksonville. Do you think you
would have heard anything if Griffith had been Black and a group of
White skinheads had decided to kill the next Black who came down the
sidewalk? I'll bet you wouldn't have heard anything but that since
August 13. It would have been on network television every single night.
Bill Clinton and Janet Reno and the head of every major Jewish so-called
"human rights" organization would have been on television too, looking
grim and waving a stern forefinger at us and lecturing us about "White
racism" and "hate crime."

You remember that last week I told you about the three Indians who tied
a rope around a White man's neck and dragged him behind their pickup
truck in South Dakota until they thought he was dead. There's been very
little media coverage of that dragging since then, and what coverage
there has been has consisted mainly of arguments as to why it wasn't
really a so-called "hate crime." In the Jacksonville case there can be
no doubt whatsoever. The arrested Blacks confessed to police that they
killed Griffith solely because he was White, that they had agreed among
themselves to kill the next White person who came down the sidewalk. So
don't expect to see anything about it on television. They certainly
wouldn't want to spoil all of the propaganda they're planning for the
upcoming trial in Bryan, Texas, of the second defendant in last year's
Jasper dragging case. So you tell me, why do the Jewish media bosses do
this sort of thing if it's not for the purpose of keeping the White
couch potatoes feeling guilty and defensive about being White? Really,
confusion and moral disarmament and social breakdown are their purpose.

Television makes it much easier for them, but they were at it long
before television came along. Let me read you something which has been a
part of their tradition for more than 2,700 years. This was written by
one of the Jews' most revered religious leaders, Isaiah. In the 19th
chapter of the Book of Isaiah he spelled out the formula the Jews always
have used to break up a Gentile society and gain control. Isaiah wrote:
"And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians, and they shall
fight everyone against his brother and everyone against his neighbor,
city against city and kingdom against kingdom. And the spirit of Egypt
shall fail in the midst thereof, and I will destroy the counsel thereof,
and they shall seek to the idols and to the charmers and to them that
have familiar spirits and to the wizards." That was the formula 2,700
years ago.

Now, for some new developments. I've told you on several earlier
broadcasts about the growing problem of Jewish organized crime in
America. So let me tell you again: it's still growing -- fast. This
problem is interesting to us far beyond the interest we might have in,
say, a resurgence of the Mafia. A resurgence of the Mafia would simply
be a crime story: interesting, but not absolutely critical for our
survival. The growth of Soviet-Jewish organized crime -- the
"Organizatsiya," they call it -- is interesting to us first, for the
same reason the non-reporting by the Jewish media of the racial murder
of Gregory Griffith in Jacksonville is interesting. The media bosses
simply do not like to talk about the Organizatsiya, despite the fact
that its operations in the United States already dwarf those of all the
other criminal organizations operating here. When they do talk about
Jewish organized crime they never refer to it as "Jewish"; they always
call it "Russian" organized crime.

And you know, this refusal to talk honestly about Jewish organized crime
is more than an attempt to protect their fellow Jews who happen to be
gangsters, just like the refusal to talk honestly about interracial
crime is more than an attempt to shield Black criminals. The real aim in
both cases is to maintain a false image, a false belief, which they have
created in the minds of most White Americans. In the case of interracial
crime the false belief is that in most interracial crimes heterosexual
White males are the offenders and non-Whites are the victims. In the
case of Jewish organized crime the false image is that of the Jew as
gentle and inoffensive, as more cultured and more moral than his Gentile
neighbors, and especially as a victim rather than as an aggressor or

We all read news stories occasionally about rabbis caught smuggling
drugs or laundering money, but the way they're reported makes the
offenders seem like exceptions to the rule of Jewish rectitude and
inoffensiveness. However, when one looks closely at what Jewish
organized crime has done and is doing to Russia -- and what it is
beginning to do to the United States -- an entirely different image of
the Jews and their relationship to their hosts emerges.

Let's look first at Russia. The Organizatsiya literally runs the
country. It is bleeding Russia of its remaining wealth, pulling hundreds
of billions of dollars out of the country and stashing it in other
countries. The rule in the Russian government today is total corruption.
The police know who the gangsters are. The Russian Army and the Russian
police could have every organized criminal in Russia, from billionaire
media mogul Boris Abramovich Berezovsky on down, hanging from meat hooks
within 48 hours, if they were permitted to act. But Russian President
Boris Yeltsin and the other politicians around him will not permit it.
Yeltsin protects the Organizatsiya, and the Organizatsiya supports and
enriches him.

Do you remember back in 1996 how the Clinton government was pushing as
hard as it could for Yeltsin's re-election? There were promises of
financial assistance for Russia if Yeltsin remained as president, and
hints that there would be none if he were defeated. And of course, the
big television networks in Russia were solidly behind Yeltsin. Today
much is made of the rivalry between media moguls Boris Berezovsky, who
controls the largest network, ORT, and Vladimir Gussinsky, who controls
NTV, the second largest. But in 1996 both ORT and NTV were 100 per cent
for Yeltsin -- and of course, both Berezovsky and Gussinsky are Jews.
Gussinsky, in fact, is the titular head of Russia's entire Jewish

In 1996 the big fear of the media bosses and the Clintonistas here was
that a genuine Russian patriot, a Russian nationalist, might win. The
Russian people, unfortunately, don't seem to be much more perceptive or
farsighted than the American people, and the solid support of Russia's
Jew-dominated television plus the promise of more financial aid from
America kept Yeltsin in power -- or to be more accurate, Yeltsin
remained in office, and the Jewish gangsters around him remained in
power. Whenever any Russian official begins to make a move against the
gangsters, Yeltsin fires him and brings someone else in. And the
gangsters continue bleeding Russia dry at the rate of hundreds of
billions of dollars a year.

The Central Intelligence Agency repeatedly warned the Clinton
administration that any financial aid money sent to Russia with Yeltsin
in office would end up in the hands of the Jewish thieves who are
effectively running the country. To the Clintonistas so long as the
thieves are Jewish, that's A-OK.

In September 1997 the Global Organized Crime Project at Washington's
Center for Strategic and International Studies released a report titled
"Russian Organized Crime." The Global Organized Crime Project was headed
by Judge William Webster, who formerly had headed both the FBI and the
CIA. Both Bill Clinton and Al Gore dismissed Webster's report on
organized crime in Russia, and other members of the Clinton
administration were ordered to ignore the report and the CIA's warnings.
Billions of dollars from the International Monetary Fund kept pouring
into Russia and into the hands of the Jewish thieves around Boris
Yeltsin. And the Russian people became poorer and hungrier.

The Jewish media in this country would have liked to have kept the
situation in Russia covered up, but the lid is beginning to come off a
bit now. Such huge sums of money are being taken out of Russia by the
Jews -- including most of the emergency aid provided by the IMF -- and
being laundered in Israel and America that people are noticing. The
scandal involving the laundering by the Bank of New York and BankBoston
Corporation of tens of billions of dollars stolen from the Russian
people by Jewish crime bosses with the connivance of Boris Yeltsin has
made headlines recently, following an FBI sting operation that the
Clinton administration inadvertently failed to halt. The stories about
the massive money-laundering operation which appeared in the New York
Times and USA Today late last month referred to all of the criminals as
"Russians" rather than as "Jews," of course. You have to read the
Israeli papers like Ha'aretz and Yediot Ahronot to see them identified
as Jews.

One would think that someone in the Congress would insist on a
full-scale Congressional investigation. I mean, here is the Clinton
administration solidly tied to massive international corruption, tied to
the impoverishment and destabilization of a foreign nuclear power, tied
to the bringing of racketeers and racketeering money into the United
States on a huge scale, and the Clintonistas cannot claim that they
didn't know, that they weren't warned. What a wonderful campaign issue
for the Republicans to use! So why are all of the Republican politicians
sitting on their hands and pretending not to notice what's going on,
just like the Democrats? Are they trying to avoid embarrassing a bunch
of crooked -- quote -- "Russians" -- unquote -- ? Hardly. Are they
already on the take from the Jewish crime bosses, like the Democrats
are? Probably not -- yet. But they all understand -- all of them -- that
this is not a "Russian" issue; it's a Jewish issue. They all understand
that, and so they're afraid to touch it.

What does this mean for our future? For one thing it means that the
Organizatsiya will continue building its presence in America. It's
already by far the largest and most dangerous criminal organization in
America, and it is now clear that America's government will not move
against it, and America's news media will not rouse the people against
it. The Jews have softened up America, have broken down American
society, have corrupted American institutions, to the point where there
will be almost no resistance to their further penetration and takeover.
No Republican politician, from George Bush, Jr., on down will stand
against them. Instead, the Republicans will have their hands out for
their share of the loot, just the way the Democrats do, and just the way
Boris Yeltsin does.

One difference between the behavior of the Jewish crime bosses relative
to America and their behavior relative to Russia that we will see is
that the Jews are pulling money out of Russia and bringing it to the
United States. They have bled Russia almost dry, but there's still much
blood to be sucked from America. America will be the next center for
Jewish organized crime.

And in America we'll be seeing much more of the viciousness and violence
with which these Jews operate, as they gain self-confidence here: the
same sort of murderous thuggery which characterizes their presence in
Russia, in Germany, and in other places where they dominate criminal
activity and where they butcher whole families with the same callousness
displayed by a slaughterhouse worker butchering a herd of cattle. When
they have trouble with some of their White slaves -- with some of the
girls they have forced into prostitution -- they think nothing of
slitting the throats of a dozen of them in order to terrify the others
back into submission. I mean, these girls are only goyim, only shiksas,
so why not treat them like the cattle they are?

For a while the FBI will carry on its investigations of the
Organizatsiya, and the CIA will issue its warnings, and there will be
stories in the New York Times about -- quote -- "Russian" -- unquote
-- gangsters, but by and large no real move will be made to stop them
or to warn the American people. The American political system already
has been corrupted beyond the point of no return, and the mass media
which are used to control the thinking and the behavior of the American
masses already are almost completely in Jewish hands.

Just to be on the safe side, however, the Jews are continuing to wrap up
a few loose ends in the area of media control. An example was the
takeover this week of CBS by Viacom and its boss Sumner Redstone. Not
that CBS wasn't already thoroughly Jewish, but there was always the
danger that some very rich Gentile maverick might try to buy it and
change its flavor. Now it's safely in the hands of the Jewish media boss
who gave us MTV, Sumner Redstone.

To reiterate: the classic Jewish technique for infiltrating and
softening up a Gentile society so that it can be taken over is reaching
its final stages in America. No mainstream American institution will put
up any substantial resistance to the completion of this process -- not
the government, not the Christian churches, not the military leadership,
and certainly not the mass media. All have been corrupted or taken over.
And the American people will continue shuffling meekly toward the
slaughterhouse so that the beast can drain the last drop of blood from
them. Just as they were afraid to speak out against the massive
non-White immigration which has changed the racial complexion of America
for fear of being called "racists," so will they also remain silent and
non-resisting as Jewish organized crime spreads its tentacles over
America for fear of being called "anti-Semitic." If the beast is to be
killed, we'll have to do it ourselves.
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