Massacre at Red Lake










Red Lake, Minnesota

Remote area 200 miles north of Minneapolis






Jeffrey Weise








The common thread which seems to weave through all these massacres are: psychotropic drugs, Jewish shooters or accomplices, and the fact that the shootings are always followed by calls for strict gun control.

The Columbine, Red Lake, Port Arthur massacre, Jonesboro, Lefkow, Kip Kinkle, Smith, etc, are eerily similar. These massacres have a series of related coincidences, and it seems the ADL and SPLC is always around the corner.

In the late eighties, the 'Militia problem' was a major concern to Zionists, but it was 'conveniently' solved, thanks to Waco and the OKC bombing.

Now the Zionist focus is on web sites and control of the internet, as well as promoting strict gun control.















Who Is Jeffrey Weise ?

Weise's mother, Joanne Weise, married a Mr.Weise in Minneapolis. , Daryl Lussier Jr., who was an Indian, was her second husband, and Jeff's stepfather. Lussier was involved in a 1997 police standoff on the Reservation, and killed himself.

Joanne Weise, the mother, was in a car accident and sits in a Minneapolis hospital with brain damage.

Jeff Weise was sent to live with the Grandmother. The Grandfather lived separately with a 32 yr old bride. Weise was on anti-depressants, and he was seeing a therapist










The Killings

Jeff Weise shot Daryl Lussier, 58, and his companion, 32-year-old Michelle Sigana. His son Daryl Lussier Jr., was Jeff Weise's step father.

Next, Weise went to the school , shooting 14 more, of which seven were fatal.










What Is a Wealthy Jewish Crowd Doing in Red Lake?


The Red Lake Reservation, is one of 29 Indian reservations with casinos. These are contracted out to the Las Vegas crowd.

Before these casinos came, most Indians never hear of the ACLU, CDV, or any of these Jewish agencies, but now they are blood brothers.











Here Is Weise's 'Flash animation'

This is a complicated $200 program, that requires a computer course.

This is the type of program that full time professionals will use, programmers like those at the  SPLC and ADL. But I am hard put to see "Pudgy Weise" go through all this effort for one video.













Weise's Nazi Website Conveniently Appears

Bill White exposed

Weise supposedly is entrapped into more psychosis, by his infatuation with Hitler, via an ADL fronted website. Craig Smith and Robert Lindstrom are the administrators and columnists.

Lindstrom, who appears to be an avid Nazi, oddly gives Israel a pass on 9/11. The website goes along with the Auschwitz fairy tale, saying Christians were killed along with Jews.

Bill White, who claims to run it, appears to be another Jewish Nazi.












ACLU Mystery Woman

Somehow, a women named Audrey Thayer, who is ACLU employee at Bemidji, befriends Jeff.













Thayer with Winona LaDuke

Winona LaDuke, of the Oak Reservation, is seen with Audrey Thayer at a Nader convention. Winona was Nader's VP candidate in 2000. Her Jewish mom married an Indian who acted as an extra in movies filmed in LA.

Winona is one of the few Indians to received a  Harvard scholarship on race. Harvard classifies American/Pakistanis as native Americans.












Steven Hirsh

Steven is a New York attorney, that decided to move to Bemidji to be closer to his 'Blood brothers'. He is concerned about Indian violence.











Paul Fleckenstein

Fleckenstein, who works with the Red Cross, rushed to Red Lake to provide help with the investigation.

All this concern is starting to smell of damage control.










Katherine Newman

Ms Newman, a Malcolm Weiner Professor at Harvard, has jumped into the Weise bandwagon. She sees a troubled Indian.










Who was his therapist ?

So What Did Happened?

This Jewish/Indian was an incredibly troubled youth, that someone took a special interest in. When all the mind seeds were planted - someone pulled the trigger. I would love to see an autopsy that checked for psychotropic drugs.

Zionists will search out the right person - brainwash him - and turn him loose on an explosive mixture of psychotic drugs.

Killing children is always a sign of a Zionist scheme, because it gets worldwide attention for their causes.











The SPLC, and every Zionist Jewish group south of the Pecos, want stricter gun laws and monitoring of web sites. School shootings are their excuse.










Other school massacres




In this shooting, two Jewish kids killed 15 and maimed 24. The Trench Coat Mafia were Jewish kids. The police suspected that there were up to five others involved, though none were ever charged.










Dunblane Massacre


A 43 yr old goes to a grammar school, cuts the phone lines, and shoots 29 grade school children - killing 16.

This shooting gave tremendous momentum towards disarming the citizenry in the United Kingdom. A law prohibiting handguns was rushed into place.

This was a carbon copy of the Port Arthur massacre.











A Jewish kid by the name of Andrew Golden, and his partner Michael Johnson, killed five kids as they exited the building, due to a fake fire. Their sentence was 5 years in jail.













Ines Geipel

The Erfurt Massacre ..


In Germany, a 19 yr old Jewish young man, Robert Steinhäuser, shot thirteen teachers, two kids, and a cop.   After the massacre there have always been rumors about a second shooter, which some witnesses were believed to have seen.

Prof. Ines Geipel, an East German Zionist activist wrote a book blaming Neo Nazis.











École Polytechnique Massacre


Marcus Lepine walked into an engineering class at the University of Montréal, where he killed fourteen women. Witnesses testified that he was nuts and on drugs.

Every Jewish mental health professional were on TV calling for gun laws which led to the Canadian gun control movement, which finally resulted in the passage of stricter gun control legislation.











Buford Furrow - IQ of 62

He flunked army basic training

Buford Furrow ..1996

Furrow is a dimwit that gets sucked into Richard Butler's SPLC sponsored 'Aryan Nations', where he met a ringer named Tom Leyden.  Butler married Buford to a Debbie Matthews.

Debbie Matthews is attractive and educated, where as Buford was often seen, talking to the compound's pet cats.

On Aug. 10, 1999, Furrow , who was pickled on a psychotropic drug cocktail stormed into the North Valley Jewish Community Center, despite firing 70 bullets, there were no people killed. Next he shot postman Joseph Ileto.

Debbie Matthews











Benjamin Smith - Shot 11 people
  Matt Hale
Benjamin Nathan Smith (Jewish), grew up in the exclusive Jewish neighborhood of Wilmette, and went to the Jewish New Trier high school.

He went on a three day drug-induced shooting spree, and culminated it by fatally shooting himself.










Because the people involved, are usually Zionist related (Jewish shooters, accomplices or provocateurs), there is a real possibility these were orchestrated events. The targeting of children, is a time-honored Zionist technique to induce maximum psychological trauma.

Witnesses at a  few of the massacres often mention secondary shooters, which points to an larger organization.

Another over-riding fact is a constant reference to anti depressants and who prescribed them. It's not out of the question that psychotic drug cocktails (methamphetamine,  benzodiazepine) were used, to create aggressively paranoid,  psychotic and schizoid behavior.

This movie highlights Dr Irving Moishe's experiments with drugs.