Should the World Jewish Congress Pay for Black Slave

By The RePortersNoteBook Letter


> A Nation Of Islam Press Release followed by an open letter
> to the WJC
> by
> Jews, Black Slavery, the Boston Globe..... [and the WJC]
> Dear Friend:
> Jeff Jacoby's caustic and libelous attack on Professor
> Tony Martin
> ("Bigoted man on campus," Boston Globe, 2 July 2001) for
> teaching the
> actual history of Blacks and Jews only demonstrates that a
> breathtaking and pervasive ignorance still exists among
> the opinion
> manipulators at the Globe and in the white media. Jacoby
> used a series
> of sleight-of-hand moves common to his ilk to make his
> "case," but
> Blacks should choose to educate themselves rather than
> partake in the
> cheap and racist vilification for which the Boston Globe
> is widely known.
> In contention is the history and extent of slave-dealing
> among the
> Jews in the
> Western Hemisphere during the colonial period. Some, like
> Jacoby,
> claim there is no such history, and that mere reference to
> it is ipso
> facto "anti-Semitism." Jacoby, who does not claim to be a
> historian,
> cites as authorities Harvard's Henry Louis Gates and
> Wellesley
> College's Selwyn Cudjoe--both of whom are Black, but,
> surprisingly,
> not historians.
> On the other hand, Prof. Tony Martin, Ph.D., also of
> Wellesley, is in
> fact a historian, and the only actual historian named in
> Jacoby's
> diatribe. Dr. Martin, a Black man, claims that Jews were
> indeed
> involved in the African-slave trade and that their role
> was significant.
> Surprisingly (maybe even shockingly to some), Prof. Martin
> and the
> Nation of Islam use only Jewish historians to support
> their position.
> Based on a careful review of the scholarly literature on
> "New World"
> Jewish history by Jewish historians. (Jacoby, Gates, and
> Cudjoe have
> published nothing on the subject), here is what we do know
> about Jews
> in the slave trade-
> Some Snippets:
> -- Lee M. Friedman, a one-time president of the American
> Jewish
> Historical Society, wrote that in Brazil, where most of
> the Africans
> were actually shipped, "the bulk of the slave trade was in
> the hands
> of Jewish settlers."
> -- Jewish scholar Dr. Arnold Wiznitzer is most explicit
> about Jewish
> involvement in Brazil: "Besides their important position
> in the sugar
> industry and in tax farming, they dominated the slave
> trade....The
> buyers who appeared at the auctions were almost always
> Jews, and
> because of this lack of competitors they could buy slaves
> at low prices."
> -- Author Marcus Arkin wrote in his book _Aspects of
> Jewish Economic
> History the Jews of Surinam_ used "many thousands" of
> Black slaves.
> -- Rabbi Herbert I. Bloom wrote in his book, _The Economic
> Activities
> of the Jews in Amsterdam_, that "the slave trade was one
> of the most
> important Jewish activities here (Surinam) as elsewhere in
> the
> colonies." He even published a 1707 list of Jewish buyers
> by name with
> the number of Black humans they purchased.
> -- British Jewish historian Dr. Cecil Roth, writer of 30
> books and
> hundreds of article on Jewish history, wrote in his book
> _History of
> the Marranos_ that the slave revolts in parts of South
> America "were
> largely directed against [Jews] as being the greatest
> slave-holders of
> the region."
> -- "I gather," wrote Jewish scholar Wilfred Samuels,"that
> the Jews [of
> Barbados] made a good deal of their money by purchasing
> and hiring out
> negroes..." He wrote that all Barbadian Jews owned slaves,
> and even
> the rabbi had "the enjoyment of his own two negro
> attendants."
> -- Isaac and Susan Emmanuel report in their book History
> of the Jews
> of the Netherland Antilles_ that in Curaçao, which was a
> major
> slave-trading depot, "the shipping business was mainly a
> Jewish
> enterprise [and] [a]lmost every Jew bought from one to
> nine slaves for
> his personal use or for eventual resale."
> On Jewish slave-dealing in America, there is also no
> shortage of
> troubling evidence:
> -- Rabbi and historian Bertram W. Korn reported of the
> case in the
> 1830s, when Levy Jacobs of New Orleans was outraged at a
> rumor that
> claimed he was selling Kentucky-bred slaves. Jacobs took
> out an ad in
> the local paper to assure his potential customers that he
> would in the
> future keep for sale no other than "Virginia born negroes,
> of good
> character. Rabbi Korn, the acknowledged expert on
> 19th-century
> American Jewry, observed, "It would seem to be realistic
> to conclude
> that any Jew who could afford to own slaves and had need
> for their
> services would do so....Jews participated in every aspect
> and process
> of the exploitation of the defenseless blacks."
> -- According to the "Dean of American Jewish History," Dr.
> Jacob Rader
> Marcus, the two largest slave cargoes brought into New
> York between
> 1800 and 1850 were brought in by Jew Nathan Simson. Marcus
> laments in
> one of his many works that "very few Jews anywhere in the
> United
> States protested against chattel slavery on moral
> grounds."
> -- Others have revealed that in Newport, Rhode Island, the
> center of
> the rum and slave trade, all Jewish families owned Black
> slaves; the
> Touro synagogue was built by Black slaves "of some skill";
> and of the
> 22 distilleries serving the slave trade all 22 were owned
> by Jewish
> merchants.
> The sad reality is that one can go on and on without much
> difficulty
> in enumerating the extensive involvement of Jews in the
> Black-slave
> trade. Actually, one is hard-pressed to name one (just
> one) prominent
> colonial American Jew who did not own slaves. He will have
> the same
> difficulty as the Anti-Defamation League had in their 1976
> pamphlet
> entitled, American Jews: Their Story. The ADL lists 13
> pioneers of the
> American Jewish community--10 of whom have been
> definitively linked to
> the slave trade!
> All of these Jewish sources and many more have been
> collected and
> quoted in the Nation of Islam's 334-page _The Secret
> Relationship
> Between Blacks and Jews Vol. 1_, for all to see and
> evaluate. The book
> uses Jewish wills, rabbinical sermons, runaway slave and
> slave auction
> ads, port records, court records, private correspondence,
> among its
> array of source materials. Even with this wide-ranging use
> of Jewish
> documentation, University of Chicago African Studies
> professor and Jew
> Ralph A. Austen has written that [t]he authors of _The
> Secret
> Relationship_ underestimate the structural importance of
> the Jews in
> the early stages of the New World slave trade."
> The most blistering hypocrisy, however, is Jacoby's
> refusal to
> repudiate, condemn, or in any way rebuke these Jewish
> historians with
> terms he uses to denounce Black ones. Dr. Marc Lee
> Raphael, for
> instance, is the editor of _American Jewish History_, the
> journal of
> the American Jewish Historical Society at Brandeis
> University in
> Waltham, Massachusetts. On page 14 of his 1983 book _Jews
> and Judaism
> in the United States_, Dr. Raphael wrote a more definitive
> statement
> on Jewish slave-dealing than anything Professor Martin has
> ever
> written. The following bears quoting:
> "Jews also took an active part in the Dutch colonial slave
> trade;
> indeed, the by laws of the Recife and Mauricia
> congregations (1648)
> included an imposta (Jewish tax) of five sodlos for each
> Negro slave a
> Brazilian Jew purchased from the West Indies Company.
> Slave auctions
> were postponed if they fell on a Jewish holiday. In
> Curacao in the
> seventeenth century, as well as in the British colonies of
> Barbados
> and Jamaica in the eighteenth century, Jewish merchants
> played major
> role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American
> colonies,
> whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish
> merchants
> frequently dominated. "This was no less true on the North
> American
> mainland, where during the eighteenth century Jews
> participated in the
> 'triangular trade' that brought slaves from Africa to the
> West Indies
> and there exchanged them for molasses, which in turn was
> taken to New
> England and converted into rum for sale in Africa. Isaac
> Da Costa of
> Charleston in the 1750's, David Franks of Philadelphia in
> the 1760's,
> and Aaron Lopez of Newport in the late 1760's and early
> 1770's
> dominated Jewish slave trading on the American continent."
> Being a Jew, Dr. Raphael is obviously shielded from any
> public rebuke
> or even
> from any questioning by Jacoby's cheap inquisition. For
> merely
> agreeing with Raphael, the Black Prof. Tony Martin is
> subject to the
> libelous invective of this pompous Globe ignoramus (pardon
> the
> redundancy). This racial double standard, and the price
> Professor
> Martin must pay in having to endure the insults and
> persecution of
> these blustering Nazi crackers, is what we call the Black
> Tax. Jewish
> tax collectors like Jacoby are what we call racists.
> Despite the incessant Jewish onslaught and the white reign
> of terror
> against the
> forces of truth and historical accuracy, Prof. Tony
> Martin's classes
> at Wellesley are among the most well-attended and popular.
> Prospective
> Black students are even seeking out his courses to include
> in their
> educational experience. As the world's foremost expert on
> the Marcus
> Garvey movement and author or editor of more than a dozen
> books,
> including the classic and monumental _Race First_,
> Professor Martin is
> one of the Black community's most honored and respected
> scholars--and
> has been for decades. This is due, in large part, to his
> being the
> embodiment of the most cherished qualities in the field of
> history--a
> discerning and potent analytical mind, a respect for the
> scholarship
> of others in the field, and a dogged insistence that the
> truth cannot
> be bought and sold--even if hacks like Jeff Jacoby don't
> like it.
> An open letter to the World Jewish Congress
> Dear Mr. Bronfman:
> I understand you take great pride in your promotion for
> hate. Saying
> this to a professor: " I'm teaching a whole generation to
> hate
> millions of Germans." Your hatred for the Palestinians is
> even
> stronger. Your strong financeable support for the racist
> entity in
> Israel, is a paramount concern that exceeds any other
> billionaire
> since the Rothchilds support of Zionism. You have carried
> the baton
> with great anger. Why?
> You have used your political clout and your wealth to
> blackmail the
> government of Switzerland. Prof. Norman Finkelstien refers
> to your
> leadership of the WJC as no different from a gangster
> asking for
> protection money. BUT.....
> I have no problem with reparations for those direct
> individuals. Over
> 3 million Jews after W.W.II did. No problem, for the
> Japanese, German
> and Italian nationals (and citizens) in the American
> concentration
> camps, stationed in the U.S. during the war years. And
> they did get
> reparations. There were some former American inmates who
> rejected the
> reparations. Thinking it added insult to injury. A mind
> set you can
> never understand.
> But I do have a problem with an organization in Israel
> that you are
> emotional supportive of. Where the offspring of those
> whose parents
> were part the National Socialist concentration camp system
> as inmates,
> sue the German government for extended reparations. The
> claims are for
> the mental distress of living with parents who experienced
> the camp
> life. This is ridiculous! Don't you realize that? When is
> this going
> to end?
> This is the same leadership culture, where the mind set is
> the same in
> 33 other countries, where your offices are located. That
> is, how to
> extrapolate money from non-Jewish populations. For
> instance, when
> American-Jewish veteran organizations allied themselves
> with
> organizations similar to yours they insisted that former
> Soviet Jews,
> who fought under Stalin, have their military benefits
> increased with
> U.S. funds. Not Soviet. Not Russian. Not Israel. Not the
> WJC. But
> American tax money.
> Does the Jewish leadership culture have no shame?
> Your leadership culture with your influence in the
> entertainment
> industry see to it, that the creator of Superman comics,
> who decades
> later was destitute, was given a large sum of money, as an
> unconditional gift. Yet Black artists who have made
> Hollywood
> executives rich don't get aid when they are destitute.
> Does the 60% of
> Hollywood executives who attend WJC events care? Is it
> because the
> creator of superman is Jewish?
> So re-read the summary of what Dr. Tony Martin endorses
> from the
> Nation of Islam on the Jewish dominated black slave trade.
> It would seem logical for your brain to understand the
> anger that the
> Nation of Islam (an organization that mirrors the WJC)
> would have for
> historical events with Jews.
> Maybe the monies that your World Jewish Congress has
> accumulated can
> start the reparations progress for blacks. And eventually,
> Ethiopian
> Jews will make claims. Why not? Keep the money within the
> community.
> Just like secular Jews who buy the kosher symbol to keep
> the consumer
> dollars within the community. You have a good racket going
> there.
> Don't you?
> Oh, one more thing, as you know, Israel is the biggest
> welfare state
> in the history of the world. When is Israel going to stop
> being the
> largest recipient of welfare money from other countries,
> foreign aid
> programs? Instead, allow it to be directed at starving
> nations. Or
> better yet, do you think you can use your leadership in
> the World
> Jewish Congress to re-direct the next 93 billion dollars,
> the
> politically brainwashed people of the United States has
> given to
> Israel in the last 30 years? And instead, use it for Black
> slave
> reparations. What do you think? Your organization can
> still get the
> credit for ridding the Jewish guilt in the slave trade.
> I think the next 93 billion dollars, for the next three
> decades,
> should be given to the Black community in the United
> States. Not to
> Jews in Israel. Or is that not kosher?
> Peace.
> Michael Santomauro
> New York City
> 212-787-7891


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