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ZGram - June 25, 1995

"Letter from Gary Lauck"

Copyright (c) - Ingrid A. Rimland

For readers steeped in Revisionism and the Nationalist scene, the name Gerhard "Gary" Lauck is well-known. For those new to our struggle, here is a very brief sketch of one of Germany's better-known thought crimes prisoners - a United States citizen.

Lauck was one of the major distributors of National Socialist memorabilia in the Midwest - he sold a lot of bumber stickers, posters, tapes, pamphlets etc. In my opinion, he was not a major voice, or a man with an organization behind him, although he was mockingly called the "Prairie Fuehrer" by America's ever-obliging lapdog media and trotted out whenever a "Nazi" scare crow was needed.

As a United States citizen, Lauck believed himself to be protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of America. As a matter of fact, he had every right to write and distribute as he did - in America and from America where he lived and worked. He did not run an underground operation. There are many Jews who traffick in World War II, especially "Nazi", memorabilia.

Lauck was lured to Denmark in a sting operation under a pretext of meeting a potentially well-heeled sponsor. Although rumor has it that he was warned the trip might be a trap, he nonetheless went and was promptly arrested in Denmark, where National Socialist activity is not illegal. Under pressure from Bonn, he was deported to Germany, tried, convicted in typical German fashion and sent to prison for four years.

Not a peep of protest out of the US Government!

Here was a U.S. citizen who had his rights blatantly violated on the say-so of the well-known Shrill Minority - the same group of people that let out a collective screech when one of their own, a maladjusted teenager, went graffitying in Singapore and got himself a well-deserved and probably overdue caning.

The Spotlight, in its June 23, 1997, issue, published a letter from prisoner Gary Lauck:

Dear Fellow Americans:

Thank you very much for publishing my address in the May 19th (issue) of The Spotlight. I appreciate this solidarity - and the solidarity it generates and demonstrates to my captors - very much.

My appeal (against German court methods) was rejected. The German Federal Court claims my defense was not hindered by the court's refusal to permit any defense witnesses.

My "parole" or "half-sentence deportation" - common for non-German citizens, including convicted terrorists (!) - was rejected by German prosecutor Prange on the basis that, after returning to the U.S.A., I would engage in publishing activity there!

Yes, he openly confessed to this (under US law) crime of violating the civil rights of a US citizen in America!

Since April 14 I am being held in an eight-man-hall. This violates German law, which gives every prisoner the right to a one-man cell.

I am the only non-smoker here. These conditions have already resulted in the flu, insomnia and weight loss. Repeated applications for transfers to another cell - even at the "hotel" medic's suggestion - have been rejected.

Letters from my German attorney have been unsuccessful. Now he will sue the prison for bodily injury. I have been told that prison director Harry Weiss is personally behind this harrassment.

Drug use - and dealing - is an open and daily practice here in this eight-man-hall - despite half-hearted searches by the guards. Razor blades often litter the floor, necessitating wearing slippers during nocturnal trips to the bathroom.

Earlier, a German government official told me that I would not leave Germany alive. I informed the U.S. consulate visitor Cynthia Whittlesby during her last visit in December. So far, I have received no word from her whatsoever regarding any US government reaction to this threat.

If I die while in captivity, it is safe to presume it is murder.

Every American has the duty to defend the sovereignty and the Constitution of the United States of America. The kidnapping of a US citizen for legally publishing a newspaper in America is an attack against both this sovereignty and this Constitution. It is also a violation of US and international law.

Above all, this is an extreme dangerous precedent threatening the First Amendment rights of every American who espouses his views in America and later travels abroad. That is why this is so important.

To my knowledge, neither the German court nor the US State Department deny this illegality. The Hamburg judge simply said my show trial was "a political decision" and the US State Department, according to press reports, claimed neutrality and non-involvement.

A few months after my conviction in August 1994, the German attorney general stated in a Spiegel interview that he would arrest American citizens visiting Germany if they have an Internet site in America with information that is legal in America but illegal in Germany. His excuse: It is "accessible" in Germany!

Yes, the German Police State claims global jurisdiction! Even over Americans acting in America in accordance with American law! (The United Nations is bad, but the European Union is worse, because it has more "unity" and "teeth" - teeth provided by the German Police State, the dominant power in a European Union whose population and economic output even excess those of the USA).

Please continue to alert Americans of this growing threat to their freedom. If my imprisonment - and perhaps death - help to do that, then they will not be in vain!

Sincerely (signed)
Gerhard Lauck
U.S. Citizen and Publisher
Political Prisoner of the German Police State

New Address:
Anstalt I, Suhrenkamp 92
22335 Hamburg,

When Hans Schmidt of Pensacola, Florida was arrested on similar charges, Ernst [Zundel] masterminded a massive media and public relations campaign and sent out thousands and thousands of letters and flyers. The German authorities were overwhelmed by the response from people all over the world writing in and shaming them for being such lackeys to the powers-that-be. As a result, the Schmidt arrest became an international incident and developed into a huge image problem for Germany. That is why Hans Schmidt is a free man today.

If I may use a small analogy to nudge you in the right direction: if you pick up a rock to help a Palestinian kid, I guarantee you won't become a Palestinian. Trust me you won't become a "Nazi" if you speak up for Gary Lauck. This is about Freedom of Speech for all - even National Socialists with the courage to say who they are.

Please write. It only costs a postage stamp and a few minutes of your life. It could save Gary Lauck's life.


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From National Freedom, England

We've just had news that about a month ago that the well known German folk singer Frank Rennicke was set up by the police when he went to sing at a gathering in Leipzig [former East Germany].

Every Nationalist was turned away from the proposed site, so when Rennicke arrived alone he was set upon by a huge mob of Communists. Suffering broken ribs he managed to escape into a police van. Although the local bobbies wanted to get him out of there [you can imagine the state he was in], those who give orders [from some freemason traitorous scumbag] said he had to be turned out into the baying crowd!

Can you believe such a thing.

This time he managed to run to a shop and baracde himself in a back room. He could clearly hear the red mob ripping down the door and was in fear for his life.

Only when the shopkeeper complained at the damage being done to his shop did the police move in and take Rennicke away. [We wonder why they didn't charge him with criminal damage - see post script below.]

You'll be pleased to hear that Frank Rennicke is made of stern stuff and is back doing rallies and concerts. He is also suing the police, in a private action, for failing to protect him when they turfed him out of their van. He managed to get the police officers numbers - including those who didn't want to send him back into the mob.

This whole story shows just how the forces of 'law and order' work so well with the red rent-a-mob.

Post Script:
Criminal damage. Years ago at a Remembrance Day rally in London [1986 I believe] a young skinhead turned up late after the NF had already set off. He was surrounded by a group of reds and thrown through a plate glass window. When the police arrived they arrested him for criminal damage... even though he had been thrown through the glass involuntarily.

Crazy world...

For those interested, there's a smashing [groan] interview with Frank rennicke in the next issue of National Freedom, which is out very soon. For a copy send 2 pounds [5 dollars overseas] to:

National Freedom, BM Crackle, London, WC1N 3XX, England

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