This comic may shock long-time R. Crumb fans who know him better as the creator of "Zippy the Pinhead", "Fritz the Cat", and the whole ZAP Comic craze. Hailed as a counter-culture icon of the 60's and 70's, Crumb actually despised the Hippies and everything they stood for.
In 1990 Crumb described "pop" music as, "...the rhythyms of cultural death...clownish fools boppin' and jivin' in the garbage heap they were making out of the Earth." Not only does R. Crumb continue to illustrate the world as he sees it in spite of his critics, but there are numerous books, websites, museums and festivals celebrating him and his work. (Crumb reputedly traded a few of his sketch books for a house in France.)
Read 'em and weep, lefties. R. Crumb won't be silenced and can't be ignored.

(Takes some time to load, but worth the wait.)

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