Letter from GVH Moseley to the America First Committee

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Date: 9/21/02

Below is a letter written by George Van Horn Moseley. He was both a General of the United States and Deputy Secretary of State. He had been asked to join the America First Committee (AFC). This letter, which is Moseley's response to join the AFC, is reprinted in the book The 'Jewish Threat': Anti-Semitic Politics of the U.S. Army by Jewish author Josephy Bendersky. Similar to many others who are in or have been in the government (see, for example, discussions by John Quincy Adams, Harry Truman, Richard Nixon, George Patton, Douglas McArthur, and numerous others), former General and Deputy Secretary of State George Van Horn Moseley was also concerned about Jewish influence. Differing from many others in this aspect, however, he was outspoken about his beliefs, not being a politician nor one to hide. His letter follows:

Atlanta, Georgia October 23, 1940

Mr. R. Douglas Stuart, Jr., Director America First Committee, 1806 Board of Trade Building, Chicago, Illinois

Dear Mr. Stuart:

If I am to acknowledge the receipt of your letter dated October 11th, I must, in keeping with the principles which have always governed me, write you very frankly.

At the outset, I must say that I am happy to know that your organization has chosen such a vital mission. But I wonder if you realize the difficulties of such a campaign and the real strength of the enemy-and are you prepared to go to battle with him and with his tribe? A number of organizations have stared out bravely with a mission similar to yours, but too often they have melted away before the enemy.

I have had considerable experience on this subject, for I tried to arouse the American people from their apathy, pointing out the dangers confronting us as a nation. But I stated the truth too frankly and so, for many months now, my pen and my voice have been silenced.

Early in my endeavors, I received an invitation to speak before the Union League Club of Chicago, an organization I remember from boyhood, which always marched in step with the Republic. No date had been fixed but when the enemy went after me in the public press the heroic Union League Club evidently lost their nerve, and they did not renew their invitation.

What prevents America from being first today? Let me be frank and point out the enemy who would themselves be first in America today, and that is the Jewish nation, a nation within a nation. If you will investigate, as I have - crime, graft, filthy publications and unsavory movies, the liquor and drug traffic, the red light district, white slave traffic, and WAR - you will arrive head on against a pack of Jews in control.

I am not going to take your time to discuss in this letter the age old problem of the Jew, but if you are interested, you can get all the evidence concerning his plans for world domination from the writings of Jews, themselves. You do not have to rely on the statement of any Gentile. Suffice it to say, however, that they have been driven out of every country in which they have been domiciled, and for good reason, and EVENTUALLY THEY WILL BE DRIVEN OUT OF THE U.S.A. [Moseley's emphasis]

The Jew may tell you that there are only some four and a half million of them in the United States. The fact is there are over thirteen million of them in the United States today. Formerly I felt sorry for the Member of Congress who could not face this problem frankly on account of Jewish influence in his district, but now I find the influence of the Jew extends to every field. The banker, who may agree with me on principle just one hundred percent, dares not touch this problem, for some of his biggest depositors are Jews; many a lawyer will not face it for some of his big clients are Jews; the press cannot touch it, for so many of the big advertisers are Jews, and it is the advertiser who makes the paper pay. If we lack the character to face this problem squarely and solve it, we will experience the tragedy which overtook France.

I shall be glad to join your organization, assisting it as far as I am permitted to do so -

1. If you eliminate from your organization all Jews and all Jewish influences (they join all organizations and buy in or on both political parties; thus they keep themselves fully advised, and control or ruin);

2. If you will come out before the nation with a definite statement against the Jew and all he stands for, including the closing of our doors to all refugee Jews, of whatever nationality;

3. If you will take a definite stand against the control by Jews in local, state and national affairs;

4. If you will advocate the restoration of our REPUBLIC, bringing back in the written and spoken language throughout the United States the words, "Republic, Christ, and Christian".

If you will take the stand that I have suggested above, millions of Gentiles will rush to your banner. But if you fail to meet this issue squarely, your organization will accomplish nothing, except possibly to support a certain overhead, including perhaps several Jewish secretaries, placed with you for the purpose of spying upon you and your work.

You may not agree with me in what I have written above. Perhaps you will give this letter no consideration whatsoever, but may I ask you to preserve it, so that as the years roll by you may again read it, with the perspective of, say, ten to fifteen years. May I ask also that you make acknowledgement of it, for I plan to give copies of this letter to individuals over the land who know this problem and agree with me just one hundred percent.

Enclosed herewith is a copy of a letter inviting me to meet Mr. Lewis L. Strauss of Kuhn, Loeb & Company, and my reply.

Very sincerely yours, George Van Horn Moseley

Birdman note: Gen Moseley's son, Jim Moseley, is editor of the gossipy UFO newsletter Saucer Smear - see http://www.martiansgohome.com/smear/moseley.htm . Jim humorously terms himself "Editor and still Supreme Commander", and Birdman wonders if there a hint of Jim's trying to outdistance his distinguished father. Jim, btw, is painfully sensitive about his father's reputation as an 'anti-semite'.


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