Boundless Hatred
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Whites are good-hearted and optimistic and have great difficulty comprehending the level of hate directed against them -- or even believing such hatred is possible.

by John Young

THE CANADIAN court's recent decision to deport Ernst Zundel to Germany serves to bring the nature of our enemy into finer focus.

Certainly, organized Jewish interests are not the only enemies of the survival of European man; but they are the most important and by far the most dangerous. It is important to understand the nature of what we are up against.

First and foremost, the people who set the agenda and serve as the driving force behind numerous organized Jewish interest groups are no fools. They are intelligent, patient, organized, highly ethnocentric and driven with a pathological hatred of European man. The reader can derive a small idea of their intensity and persistence by reading Kevin MacDonald's "Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881-1965: A Historical Review."

The referenced article, which can be found in a somewhat different form in Professor MacDonald's Culture of Critique, details a multi-disciplinary campaign to destroy the United States' specifically European racial identity and composition that started in 1881 and continues through the present day.

Think about that for a moment. Maybe, once in a while, the average National Vanguard reader experiences a twinge of resentment about the way our government seems to be in the hands of Israel; but I suspect that none of our readers has the sort of hard-core hatred that can be passed on over four or five generations across multiple organizations for the purpose of destroying the genetic continuity of the Jewish people. Even though the Jewish-controlled media hypocritically labels people like us to be "haters" -- that is clearly just a form of personality projection.

People of European origin have a hard time even comprehending the depths of the hatred that the leaders of organized Jewry clearly harbor against persons of European ancestry. All we really want is self-determination; whereas organized Jewish entities clearly desire the eradication of our genome.

But it is time to understand the depths and dangerousness of this irrational pathological hatred. It is the kind of hatred that can sustain generations of Jews across multiple organizations and disciplines in a common cause: eradicate the European genome from the planet.

Sometimes, the call for eradication of the European genome has been right out in the open, as in Kaufman's Germany is our Problem, Noel Ignatiev's call to "destroy the white race," or the Morgenthau Plan. But, nowadays, it mostly takes the form of support for "tolerance" and "diversity." "Tolerance" and "diversity" are only applicable to non-Whites and homosexuals, naturally. Heterosexual persons of European ancestry, even though they make up less than ten percent of the world's population, are not considered to be a minority worthy of protection under these sick ideas whose only real purpose is our destruction.

I remember when I first read Professor Kevin MacDonald's Culture of Critique. I read it all -- the whole thing -- in a single day; and then was unable to sleep at all for the next three days because I found its contents and implications so upsetting. Here was revealed in undeniable black-and-white with impeccable and indisputable research a multifront 100-year campaign to destroy my people, and to destroy the future of my children.

This is the nature of the enemy. The enemy has, deep down, a boundless ineradicable hatred so intense that it twists its very soul. The enemy sees everything through the lens of that hatred, and so has a very tenuous grasp of true reality. The enemy's ethics -- in which literal murderers are given sanctuary in Israel while old men whose only crime was to be born non-Jewish are persecuted -- is so twisted as to be unrecognizable to European man. This is why European men entrapped in the snares of Jewish "justice" are so befuddled.

Examples of this twisted hatred -- and its results -- abound. Rabbi Grama's wonderful dissertation about how goyim such as ourselves are merely sub-human animals without souls is quite revealing; as was the endorsement of his book by the head of his Yeshiva. Such high-level endorsement, which was only withdrawn under world scrutiny, indicates that the pathological hatred of Jewish supremacism is endemic in the Jewish community.

Is it any wonder that people with such a view of Europeans would seek to deny human rights to beings they perceive as non-human? The campaign against Ernst Zundel started, literally, decades ago. Because he dared to question that massive hoax known as the "Holocaust" -- and to question it successfully -- he became a target pursued internationally with dogged determination. The hatred of his persecutors is so intense that, rather than let the old man live out his life peacefully with his wife in the Tennessee mountains, they see some sort of benefit in deporting him to Germany where he will spend the rest of his life behind bars for thinking thoughts that certain Jews don't like.

But this sort of "ends justify the means" hatred has often even been turned against other Jews. A notable example is the Canadian talk show host who dared to interview Ernst Zundel several years ago, and found himself fired from his job and was actually given a funeral by his Jewish family. He eventually went nuts and committed suicide. Another great example is the way, in the wake of WWII, non-Zionist Jews in central Europe were victimized into compliance with the Zionist agenda. After the founding of Israel, covert Zionist agents reportedly carried out terrorist acts against Jewish populations in other Middle Eastern states in order to convince them to move to Israel.

Long before this, radical Zionist elements contrived to cause the deaths of thousands of Americans by drawing us into WWI on the side of the British in exchange for the so-called Balfour Declaration.

Now, in the wake of the appointment of Jewish Supremacist Michael Chertoff to head the Department of Homeland Security, Justice Lefkow's husband and mother have been found murdered. All of the mainstream reporting about this incident focuses on Matt Hale's alleged plot to kill Justice Lefkow, when the very plot itself was nothing more than a paid informant who kept prompting Hale until something that could be liberally construed was said -- and then he was prosecuted in front of a jury composed entirely of Jews, Asians and Blacks; among whom his views would be pretty unpopular.

Matt Hale is in prison awaiting sentencing, held incommunicado under draconian rules imposed by then-Attorney General Ashcroft, a close associate of Michael Chertoff. His organization is defunct and his supporters are scattered. Yet, the implication by the Jewish-controlled media is that Matt Hale had something to do with the murders. How? Via telekenesis?

Amazingly, even with the murders featuring all of the hallmarks of a professional hit; including the trademark "single bullet to the back of the head," the media has failed to report the fact that Israeli hit squads are currently operating in the United States with impunity. [Editor's note: At this writing, the controlled media stories on the murders vary: WEEK television states that the victims were "both shot multiple times," while the Chicago Tribune is reporting that "each was shot once in the head" and that "no weapon was recovered, but police found two .22 caliber casings."]

A prudent man, understanding the boundless nature and magnitude of the pathological hatred directed against European-derived persons by organized Jewish interests, and understanding the history and behavior of these groups; and further knowing that Israeli hit-squads are currently roaming our streets ... combined with the presence of a Jewish supremacist as the head of our Department of Homeland Security cannot exclude the possibility that the following -- or something like it -- is the real solution to the mystery:

These murders were perpetrated by either Israeli hit squads or the omnipresent Jewish a/k/a "Russian" mafia in order to justify Michael Chertoff swinging the focus of our Homeland Security apparatus away from actual threats to our security and instead toward the one subject which serves as Chertoff's major purpose in life: the misuse of the mechanisms of government as instruments of terror in suppressing European identity. (Given the manner in which Jewish supremacists used the Soviet government as an instrument of terror and murder against the Russian and Ukrainian people, such moves are well-practiced.)

The only reason such a possible conclusion can even be entertained is the long history of Israeli and Jewish perfidy; including such incidents as the deliberate bombing of the U.S.S. Liberty and the Lavon Affair. The constant track record of betrayal and murder makes such ideas conceivable.

Michael Chertoff, in his stint at the Justice Department, oversaw a number of miscarriages of justice. In the well-known case of Chester Doles, he directed millions of dollars and untold man-hours into the surveillance of Chester Doles, and was unable to find any legitimate grounds to prosecute him. But, because his mind is twisted with pathological hatred, he came up with a very evil scheme. He had Mr. Doles -- who was not a felon by any legal definition -- charged with being a "felon in possession of a firearm," and he then induced Doles to plead guilty by threatening to charge his wife with a crime and imprison her -- which would have caused his White children to become wards of the State.

That's right: At a time when, due to the United States government's subservience to Israel in matters of foreign policy, the population of the United States was at grave risk of terrorist attacks, Michael Chertoff misappropriated precious government resources into his own personal pet project of persecuting racially-aware Whites.

Naturally, due to our government's continuing slavish devotion to the Israel-first plans developed by the likes of Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle, the population of the United States -- people of every race, religion and ethnicity -- even Jews -- continue to be in grave danger from Middle Eastern terrorism on every conceivable front.

But now the resources of our government will be redirected to Michael Chertoff's pet project of persecuting innocent people who pose no risk to anyone; while our porous borders allow infiltrators and terrorists of every stripe to walk across our borders with impunity. Further successful terrorist attacks by aggrieved Middle Easterners will likely follow, and be exploited to justify an even more aggressive foreign policy on behalf of Israel. But will it work?

Not in the long run. The very boundless hatred from which the Jewish supremacists draw their strength also serves to blind them to the true nature of reality. As a result, their decisions will ultimately result in miscalculations that will backfire.

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