Jews vs. Germans

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> > Sent: Saturday, October 18, 2003 3:05 AM
> > Subject: RE: [Antifeminismclub] Fisk: "What would Anne Frank
> > The Alternative
> >
> >
> > >
> > > And now I will give you a little lecture. So listen very carefully.
> For
> > I
> > > will only say this once.
> > >
> > > In the name of my fathers. In the name of my mothers. In the name of
> the
> > > martyrs of the Warsaw Ghetto who fought and died not only for MY right
> to
> > > walk on this earth as a free person, but for YOUR right to walk on
> > > earth as a free person.
> > >
> > > I say these words to you.
> > >
> > > You may be ignorant. This is your right. You may be hateful. This
> > your
> > > right. You may consider me to be less than human. This is your
> > >
> > > But you may not lie about the wanton, intentional murder of millions
> > > people: Jews and Roma.
> > >
> > > It is not your right deny historical truth. It is within living
> > > The eyes still see, the ears still hear, the nostrils still smell, and
> the
> > > hearts still weep.
> > >
> > > The bells still toll. And they toll for thee.
> > >
> > > Walk into the Ponar Forest and weep on the grave of 25,000 men and
> > and
> > > children who were taken on trucks from the Vilna Ghetto and shot.
> > >
> > > It is my grave. It is your grave. It is only one grave of hundreds.
> > >
> > > Weep for the Christian nuns who tried to save them. Weep for the Nazi
> > > lieutenant who tried to save them. Weep for the Jews who fought back
> and
> > > died. Weep for the weak and the starving as they were forced to strip
> > naked
> > > and face the machine guns.
> > >
> > > They were not allowed to live to the full measure of their days.
> Perhaps
> > > you will. You are not allowed to spend your hours desecrating their
> > memory.
> > >
> > > Now listen to me further and mark my words.
> > >
> > > Nothing I say sanctifies the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian
> by
> > > the Israeli government. Never Again!
> > >
> > > Joel R Finkel


> Reply:
> Sent: Saturday, October 18, 2003 8:57 PM
> Subject: RE: [Antifeminismclub] Fisk: "What would Anne Frank say?"/Israel:
> The Alternative
> > Dear Mr. Finkel! Thank you so very much for your enlightening lecture.
> is
> > truly refreshing to receive another one. I particularly am thankful for
> your
> > promise to 'say it just once'. You are being very kind to spare me a
> second
> > lecture. As an interesting aside, you Jews have got this numbers-game
> > pat, haven't you? You are speaking about your 'fathers' and your
> 'mothers'.
> > Be so kind as to enlighten me how one can have more than one father or
> > mother. This must be a new jew-trick to confuse us poor goyim. The
> 'martyrs'
> > of the Warsaw Ghetto. Well, let's see now. The Warsaw Ghetto was so
> totally
> > closed in, so totally controlled and tyrannized by us bad Germans, that
> the
> > inhabitants thereof were able to collect huge stores of weapons,
> ammunition,
> > medicines and food stuffs. The Ghetto was also so closely policed and
> > watched over, that the entire population was able to make detailed plans
> of
> > attack, plans which were carried out with exceptional military
> I
> > suppose all of this points to one of two things, either incredible
> > stupidity, or that the ghetto wasn't watched over very carefully or
> > tyrannized at all. I put my bet on the second possibility. The VERY
> > thing the 'martyrs' did was to enter the German military hospitals and
> > murder all therein. ALL nurses, ALL doctors, ALL hospitalized soldiers,
> > DEFENSELESS. If the wards happened to be on the second or third floor,
> > 'martyrs' THREW THE NURSES out of the windows to their deaths. Typically
> > Jewish, first things first, right Finkel? Furthermore, the Warsaw
> > was organized and actively encouraged by the Russians, with their
> invariably
> > Jewish commissars, by promising a simultaneous attack on Warsaw
> > air support and all necessary supplies. NONE of these promises were
> As
> > usual for the Jews, betrayal on a grand scale. The horrendous excesses
> > committed by the 'martyrs' resulted in the Dirlewanger and Kaminsky
> brigades
> > which reacted predictably. That is called 'reaction'. The Germans
> > to the excesses of the Kaminsky brigade by executing General Kaminsky
> > disbanding the entire unit. In truth, they should have given the guy a
> > medal, for all he did was take justified revenge. When the uprising was
> > finally put down, at a horrendous cost of lives on both sides, the
> > General Bach-Zelewski accepted the surrender of the Polish, I don't know
> > whether he was a Jew, General with military honors. ALL Ghetto soldiers
> were
> > treated according to the Geneva Convention, even though they did not in
> fact
> > qualify as 'soldiers' and had participated in incredible atrocities
> against
> > the Germans, particularly unarmed hospital and supply troops. NOT A HAIR
> was
> > touched on those who had surrendered. Let's see now Finkel, did I miss
> > anything? Do you have any VERIFIABLE historical facts to counter that
> which
> > I just stated? or are you in typical Jew-fashion going to screech about
> how
> > you have suffered, obfuscating the facts? You say 'they died' so we
> > walk as free persons on this earth. I beg to differ with you. If you
> > the Patriot Act, or the obscene laws against Holohoax denial in Europe
> > 'Freedom', you are welcome to it. If you call going to prison on
> > crimes' charges 'Freedom', you are welcome to it. If you call incessant
> > howlings about events which have never taken place an expression of
> freedom,
> > you are welcome to it. If you call the prohibition of over 38000 books
> > Germany 'Freedom' than you do so only because you are a Jew. Jews twist
> and
> > pervert the meanings of words to such a degree that black turns to
> > good to bad, salty to sweet and freedom fighters turn to terrorist. Your
> > race Sir is a horror and those Jew-interpretations of freedom we can
> > certainly do without. You accuse me of ignorance and of being hateful
> > then generously, in typical Jew-fashion, give me the right to be all
> > things. Sir, I beg to differ with you on all counts. To acuse me out of
> hand
> > of ignorance and hate is typically Jewish manipulation. You state things
> as
> > if they were a fact and consequently make yourselves magnanimous by
> > me the right. You are not qualified to give me anything Finkel. Even if
> you
> > were, I would, out of principal reject ANYTHING given me by a Jew. You
> > in no way qualified to accuse me of ignorance since you do not know me,
> you
> > haven't the slightest notion of what my education is, how I live, what I
> > read, have read or am interested in reading, what my hobbies are, what
> music
> > I listen to or in fact play on the piano. You accuse me of hate. Sir,
> since
> > that word has been horridly abused and twisted by you Jews, it is
> meanigless
> > to me. If defending my people is 'hate', so be it. If defending my race
> > 'hate', so be it. If disliking Jews, Gypsies, and other demonic
> > from the bottom of my heart is 'hate', so be it. It is your race which
> > created our world, a world of total moral decline, of filth, of the
> > educational system ever known to man. You Jews are in the forefront of
> every
> > family-destro
> > ying, faggot and lesbian filth-group in existence. It was you Jews and
> > you Jews, who have so incessantly preached hate, that every black person
> on
> > earth feels entitled to rape white women, rob convenience stores and
> > such paragons of virtue as the Reverend Sharpton on us. It is you Jews
> > incessantly suck the liefe-blood out of productive nations. Your 'shitty
> > little country' in occupied Palestine cannot survive one month without
> > massive military and financial injections from the US and Germany. That
> much
> > for your abilities. You filth-merchants are incapable of living, unless
> you
> > have a host race to destroy, just like an Aids virus.You accuse me of
> > considering you to be les than human. How you arrived at this absurdity
> a
> > mystery, but I assure you Finkel, I do not consider you or yours to be
> > sub-human but INhuman. For over 3000 years your race has demonstrated
> > inhumanity in the Old Testament, in your Talmud, in todays MTV, not to
> > forget your Hollywood filth of uncalled for toilet scenes. No, sub-human
> is
> > the nigger who murders his people in Zimbabwe. You are far worse. You
> > inhuman for only inhumanity can create the perversions of the Talmud and
> the
> > Old Testament. Only inhumanity can dream of enslaving the entire world.
> Only
> > inhumanity can pervert the ideals of western man to the degree to which
> you
> > Jews have done. Only inhumanity can produce scum like Elie 'The Weasel'
> > Eugen Cogon, Eliya Ehrenburg, Bela Kuhn, Kaganovich, Zinoviev, Radek and
> the
> > list of horrors in human form literally has no end. Only inhumanity can
> > create the Gulag Archipelago, The Cheka-KGB-NKVD, the murder of anywhere
> > between 40 and 60 million Christians. Only inhumanity can create the
> atomic
> > bomb, and ALL of those things are PURELY JEWISH. AQs an aside, it
> > an entire ARMY of Jewisg scientists and untold trillions of dollars to
> > create and maintain the Manhattan Project and you still couldn't get it
> > right. Not until the research done by Heisenberg in Germany had been
> stolen
> > by the American Army did you thieves manage to complete a working bomb.
> You
> > speak of the wanton murder of Jews and Romas. Here we go again. First
> > they are not 'Romas'. They are Gypsies. They are professional thieves.
> They
> > are parasites. Is this why you identify with them Finkel? As you read
> this,
> > there are large numbers of 'Roma'-gangs burglarizing their way through
> > Germany and robbing ATM machines in London. Gypsies have ALWAYS been
> > will always be scum, it is in their blood to parasitial, just as it is
> > your blood to be a liar, embezzler, and Holoshit-beneficiary. As far
> > 'extermination', this is as muchy hog wash as the Jewish exterminations.
> In
> > order to exterminate on an industrial scale, as you Jews have insisted
> > was done, it is necessary to have meticulous planning, funding and
> > machinery. AFTER the extermination there will be a large amount of
> forensiv
> > evidence, impossible to do away with, such as bones and ashes. We
> > are meticulous people. We do things right, never half-assed. Look at a
> > low-priced VW Gol and you will see more perfection than in a dozen Rolls
> > Royces. THAT'S how we do things. It's in our blood, like it is in yours
> > be a 'fiddler on the roof' but never a Beethoven. Hitlers Reich is the
> most
> > intensely scrutinized government in the history of mankind. The amount
> > information available about his policies, his actions, his speeches,
> > his foibles, staggers the imagination. I challenge you Finkel to produce
> > gas-chamber. ONE plan for extermination. ONE autoposy. ONE gas-van. ONE
> soap
> > factory. ONE lamp shade. ONE gas-chamber, or plan thereof. You mean to
> tell
> > me, they manufactured giant gas chambers able to do the job without a
> single
> > plan for such a dastardly machine ever having surfaced? Sorry pal,
> > eye-witnesses don't count, just as they don't count for a hill of beans
> a
> > court of law. Even your YadVashem 'researcher' Bauer has stated that the
> > vast majority of all eye witness accounts is 'unreliable'. There we go
> again
> > Finkel, with this Jewish obfuscation. No, they are not 'unreliable',
> > are blatant, insane lies. FORENSIC evidence is what matters, if you've
> got
> > it, let's see it. Did we round up the Jews? Hell yes we did. It was
> > world-Jewry which declared war on Germany in 1933. Since Jews the world
> over
> > have allegiane to other Jews and never to their host country, Hitler
> > correctly rounded up those who had failed to emigrate between '33 and
> > Now let's take a look at what kind of plans DID exist for he
> > of an entire people. Well, there was the Lindemann Plan, the Morgenthau
> Plan
> > and the Kaufman Plan - ALL of them written by Jews, ALL of them written
> > the English speaking world and ALL of them directed at the German
> > You say, 'the nostrils still smell' - real good! My nostrils still smell
> the
> > phosphour bombs with which the English race traitors burned somewhere
> around
> > 50000 women and children to death in Hamburg, according to the Jewish
> > Lindemann Plan. What are your nostrils still smelling Finkel? The filthy
> > conditions under which you Polak-Jews lived for centuries? The Ponar
> forest,
> > the Vilna Ghetto, 25000 murdered? Is this another Katyn forest massacre
> you
> > Jews still try to hang on us Germans despite the open admission by the
> > Russians of having perpetrated this atrocity? Or is this another Babi
> > where the 'earth trembled for months thereafter and geysers of blood
> up
> > in the air for weeks?" Your sick Jew imagination truly has no limits,
> > must admit Finkel. It's really extraordinary isn't it? Let's see now,
> > Jar has been uncovered as having been a giant fraud. That much for all
> this
> > revolting rhetoric. Why the hell would we Germans murder 25000 people by
> > machinegunning them? Do the math to figure out how long that would take.
> Are
> > you totally insane? WHY would we do it, if we had all those elusive gas
> > chambers? WHY would we do it while our soldiers were waging the most
> > horrendous struggle of any people in history? You mean we had ALL that
> > ammunition to waste on a bunch of Jews?, we had all thos troops
> to
> > mindlessly and senselesly shoot a bunch of people, just for the hell of
> it?
> > German troops who have been praised for their honorable behaviour by
> > practically every allied commander just sat there and mindlessly
> > 25000 people without batting an eye lid? A JEW might believe this crap,
> > don't. Prove it. You Jews have stolen enough money during the past
> > centuries, it should be a snap for you to finance an excavation of thoe
> > '25000'. What's the matter Finkel? Afraid of excavating nothing?, sort
> > like the area around Treblinka, an area which has been meticulously
> searched
> > using radar which goes 6 feet deep - nothing, nix, nada Finkel. NADA.
> > sound like this Jew-doctor at the Demjanjuk trial in Tel Aviv who
> to
> > have seen bones, knee-high, as far as the eye could see. Not even the
> > judge took this clown serious. I accuse you Jews collectively of having
> > perpetrated the single solitarily most incredible hoax in the history of
> > mankind, of having destroyed the most productive, honorable and creative
> > people in the world for the past 250 years, the Germans and of
> as
> > you read this, the grandest nation the world has ever seen, the USA.
> Finkel,
> > I have on my side Tacitus, Herodotus, St. Thomas Aquinas, Benjamin
> Franklin,
> > George Washington, Martin Luther, George Bernard Shaw, Franz Liszt,
> Richard
> > Wagner, Immanuel Kant, Napoleon Bonaparte, Voltaire and practically
> > giant of civilization. They ALL hated you because they all UNDERSTOOD
> > Your entire race is borderline insane as well as being a criminal
> > enterprise. Gerry Frederics


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