Fact: The first theatre to be used solely for the showing of motion pictures was built by a Jew (Adolf Zukor).

Fact: The first full-length sound picture, The Jazz Singer was produced by the Jewish Samuel L. Goldwyn & Louis B. Mayer (MGM).

Fact: A Jew (Dr. Abraham Waksman) coined the term antibiotics.

Fact: A Polish Jew (Casimir Funk) who pioneered a new field of medical research gave us a word now common in our language - vitamins.

Fact: The first successful operation for appendicitis was performed by a Jewish
surgeon (Dr. Simon Baruch)

Fact: The doctor (Dr. Abraham Jacobi) hailed as America's father of pediatrics
was a Jew.

Fact: Until a Jewish doctor (Dr. Siccary) showed differently, Americans believed
the tomato was poisonous.

Fact: Jewish Levi "Levi's" Strauss (inventor of jeans) is the largest clothing
retailer in the world.

Fact: In 1909, four Jews were among the 60 multi-cultural signers of the call to
the National Action, which resulted in the creation of the NAACP.

Fact: A Jew (Emile Berliner) is the man who developed the modern-day phonograph.
While Thomas Edison was working out a type of phonograph that used a cylinder as
a record, Berliner invented a machine that would play a disc. The machine he
patented was called the gramophone, and the famous RCA trademark is a picture of
a dog listening to "his master's voice" on Berliner's device. The gramaphone was
superior to Edison's machine. In short, Emile Berliner made possible the modern
record industry. His company was eventually absorbed by the Victor Talking
Machine Company, now known as RCA.

Fact: Jewish Louis B. Mayer (MGM) created the idea for the Oscar.

Fact: European Jews are the founding fathers of all the Hollywood Studios.

Fact: Jews comprise a mere 1/4 of 1% (13 million) of the population (6 billion).

Fact: 99% of the world is non Jewish.

Fact: Three of greatest & most influential thinkers dominating the 20th century
were Jewish - Einstein, Freud, Marx.

Fact: The most popular selling Christmas song ("White Christmas") was written by
a Jew (Irving Berlin)

Fact: Of the 660 Nobel prizes from 1901-1990, 160 have been won by Jews. In the
end, Jews win more Nobel prizes than any other ethnicity. Simply because they
win 40x more than should be expected of them, based upon their small population

Fact: A Jew (Dr. Jonas Salk) is the creator of the first Polio Vaccine.

Fact: Jews (Hayam Solomon & Isaac Moses) are responsible for creating the first
modern-banking institutions.

Fact: Jews also created the first department stores of the 19th century: The
Altmans, Gimbels, Kaufmanns, Lazaruses, Magnins, Mays, Strausses became leaders
of major department stores. Julius Rosenwald revolutionized the
way Americans purchased goods by improving Sears Roebuck's mail order
merchandising. Hart, Schaffner, Marx, Kuppenheimer and Levi Strauss became
household names in mens' clothing. (Let's not forget EJ Korvets - Eight Jewish
Korean (war) Veterans.)

Fact: Jewish Marc Chagall (born Segal, Russia) is one of the great 20th century

Fact: English-Jewish financiers such as Isaac Goldsmid, Nathan Rothschild, David
Salomons, and Moses Montefiore, whose fortunes helped England become an empire.

Fact: In 1918, Detroit, a Jew (Max Goldberg) opened the "first" commercial
parking lot.

Fact: In 1910, a Jew (Louis Blaustein) and his son opened the "first" gas
station, eventually founding AMOCO OIL. One of the richest oil families in the

Fact: A Jew (Dr. Albert Sabin) developed the first "oral polio vaccine."

Fact: A Jew (Steven Spielberg) is the most successful filmmaker since the advent
of film.

Fact: A Jewish poet's (Emma Lazarus) famous poem, ..."give me your tired...your
poor...your huddled masses," appears as the inscription on the Statue Of

Fact: Jewish Harry Houdini (Weiss) is the father of Magic/Illusion.

Fact: Dr. Sigmund Freud (Jew) is the father of psychiatry.

Fact: Jewish Abraham is the father of the world's 3 major religions: Judaism,
Christianity & Islam (ancestors of the Hebrew & Arabic peoples). Jesus (formerly
known as "sweet Jewish Jesus") is still worshipped by billions.

Fact: Jews are the oldest of any people on earth still around with their
national identity and cultural heritage intact.

Fact: George & Ira Gershwin & Irving Berlin (Jews) are three of the most
prolific composers of the 20th century

Fact: Isadore & Nathan Straus (Jews) - "Abraham & Straus," eventually became
sole owners of Macy's (world's largest department store) in 1896.

Fact: Dr. Paul "magic bullet" Ehrlich (Jew) - physician, Nobel Prize in 1908 for
curing syphilis.

Fact: Armand Hammer (Jew) - "Arm & Hammer," physician & businessman who
originated the largest trade between U.S. and Russia.

Fact: Louis Santanel (Jew) was the financier who provided the funds for
Columbus' voyage to America.

Fact: Sherry Lansing (Jew) of Paramount Pictures, became the first woman
president of a major Hollywood studio.

Fact: Flo Zigfield (Jew) of "Zigfield Follies," is the creator of American

Fact: Jews were the brains behind the Confederacy: Maj. Adolph Proskauer led the
unit at Gettysburg. Judah P. Benjamin held 4 cabinet positions: Attorney
General, February 25 to September 17, 1861; Secretary of War, September 17,
1861, to March 18, 1862; acting Secretary of War, March 18 to 23, 1862;
Secretary of State, March 18, 1862, until the end of the war) and was referred
to as "the brains of the confederacy." Rabbi Max Michelbacher was a confidant
and spiritual advisor to General Robert E. Lee. A great many Jews fought for the
Confederacy, and the overwhelming were recent immigrants from Germany & East
Europe who felt they were fighting for Democracy. They fought far out of proportion to their numbers. And not to forget Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, nice Jewish gentlemen.  And Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg, another nice couple.  And of course Benedict Arnold another Semitic hero.  And last but not least dear old John Kerry (Cohen), a man posing as a Catholic Irishman to be elected Senator from Massachusetts.  And of course John Kerry being a lying fake war hero and addicted to marrying rich mens widows for their money, certainly a real Jewish  Hero.

So, my family and friends, there is nothing to be ashamed of to be Jewish.