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[DG is a conservative Jewish student at Cornell University who expresses white racial awareness. He is also concerned about some white nationalists' rejection of the Holocaust story and "anti-semitism." He feels white nationalism needs... well, let him express it in his own words. This is an exchange between DG and myself with reader comments attached at the end. For another Jewish viewpoint, you might check out "Rick, Mick & Anti-Semitism." Ed.]

UPDATED 3/9/97. Includes postings from 10/22/96 to 3/9/97. Click here for new material.

Jewish White Nationalist?

10/22/96 - See, we're not all "ignorant, uneducated, and hateful"!
One more soul has found your web page. Those links to other nationalist pages is a God send. I've been trying to find people like you for months now. You're like an island in an endless sea.

Well, I just wanted to let you know there's another supporter out there somewhere who's not ashamed of the truth. And just because I love breaking liberal stereotypes that all race conscious people are ignorant, uneducated and hateful gentiles, I'm a college educated, law abiding, Jew.

D.G., Cornell University

Glad to meet you. Isn't Cornell in upstate New York? Mike Levin, who is very outspoken on race, is with City College of New York, I believe. Saw him on TV once and he speaks at Jared Taylor's Race Conferences and writes an occasional piece for American Renaissance. Rabbi Mayer Schiller may be from your neck of the woods, too. He's an Orthodox Jew teaching at a Hebrew high school. Maybe you know of them? Or of Professor Michael Hart, who may be Jewish, and advocates racial separation? I'm aware that there are race conscious Jews, but haven't met any personally and don't know exactly where they're coming from.

10/24/96 - Advocates an old strategy... the Truth shall prevail!
Your remark about not knowing where race conscious Jews come from underscores a serious problem. There are indeed a paucity of race conscious Jews. This is troublesome because Jews constitute a vast majority of the wealthy and of those in the media and in Hollywood. They consistently present a one-sided and inaccurate story about race relations in this country and in the rest of the world. Your web site does a good job of pointing this out.

However, you and like-minded individuals seem to have let your anger over Jewish liberalism get the better of you. The repeated denials of the holocaust is unsettling even to myself. It was real and devastating to the Jewish community. Because the Jewish community is so powerful you should not alienate them unnecessarily.

I believe Jews are a necessary ingredient to a stronger European man. The best way to gain wider acceptance among Jews is by consistently showing them the errors of their misguided and destructive views and by consistently being shown correct as to your predictions of the decline of western civilization.

I realize this is easier said than done. Many Jews are liberal to an intolerant, obnoxious and offensive degree. Many other people are similarly repugnant, although admitedly, some Jews raise repugnance to another level.

Many people will never accept the truth. After so many years and so much effort spent denying the truth these people have a selfish interest in perpetuating lies. But as a famous philosopher, Friederich Nietzsche, once said, the truth needs no martyrs. The truth stands by itself. Eventually people like ourselves will win over other frustrated individuals simply because there is no better alternative than the truth.

This is my fervent hope. D.G.

11/21/96 - Am Old, Old Story

What you say is interesting and I do believe much of it is true. For this reason I believe Israel is doomed to collapse. The secular Jews there do not have the racial consciousness necessary to defend themselves against hostile Arab states. Similarly, the Secular Jews in America strive to bring about the collapse of America.

But this is not necessarily a biological phenomena. As you say many Europeans have taken this "Jewish" viewpoint. You would not say they have done this out of a biological necessity.

The problem lies in the history of the Jewish people as alienated from the general society but wishing whole-heartedly to be included. This is, however, no excuse for their actions. Something must be done to prevent the decline of America's unique way of life.

This is why I write for a conservative newspaper at the University I attend. You noted in your web page that I have done nothing at all. This is simply not true. At great risks to myself in such a politicized atmosphere I have written beliefs which are considered extremely radical.

There are other Jews out there who are waking up to many years of stupidity and nonsense. Your efforts, and those of your colleagues, discourage this by preaching against Jews. Jews are necessary to our movement. See how they have captured the minds of the whole western world. Such a small people have so much power and influence. White people have greater IQ's than blacks and hispanics. This you would defend as true. It is no less true that Jews have higher IQ's than whites.

I believe you are sincere in advancing the cause of white nationalism. I am sincere as well. I am white, and I am also a Jew. I hope that I never have to choose between one or the other.

One more point of noteworthiness before I go. You call Jews parasites in your web page. You say they somehow feed on America's abundance and therefore sap its strength. This is simply not true. America is rich and powerful in large part BECAUSE of the creative genius of Jewish people. The Jews are a great people. They can lift nations up and they can destroy them. The white nationalist movement would do well to enlist Jewish supporters like myself.


Reply - Here's what I think...
Wouldn't it be more true that Jews emigrate to other people's nations to benefit themselves. Can you really name one people who have benefited in the long run from having Jews among them? From my viewpoint, Jews benefit from living amidst other people. For instance, until Jews started migrating to the U.S. in large numbers, whites, with a sense of their Manifest Destiny, were building an aboriginal wilderness into the greatest nation in world. Then the Jews came in the millions. Consider the following data from Carlos C. Huerta, "A Review of Data on Jewish Americans," DEOMI ROD Series Pamphlet 95-1, DoD, p. 20, citing Lucy S. Dawidowicz, On Equal Terms, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, NY, 1982:
Year     Est. Jewish Pop.  Percent
1790             2,500      0.03
1818             3,000      0.03
1826             6,000      0.06
1840            15,000      0.1
1848            50,000      0.2
1860           150,000      0.48
1877           250,000      0.52
1888           400,000      0.6
1897           938,000      1.3
1900         1,058,000      1.4
1917         3,300,000      3.3
1927         4,228,000      3.6
1945         4,771,000      3.7
1957         5,179,000      2.8
1970         5,870,000      2.9
1980         5,920,900      2.7
Notice the trend. Around the turn of the century, Jews as their numbers grew started buying up and controlling white-owned newspapers. They dominated the emerging film and television industries early on. For decades, they've dominated the intellectual life of the country, drowning out other people's "message" for their own. The white man's destiny was submerged under new ideas of equality and Marxism. Ideologies primarily created and propagated by Jews, but not believed by most Jews, who held themselves out as the Chosen People. [At this point, you might check out the Jewish quotes in "Rick, Mick & Anti-Semitism."]

Jews, whether organized or simply operating under their own individual initiative, injected an intellectual poison into American culture that weaken any unified, but not yet solidified will that existed among whites. They destroyed (with willing white help, of course) the growing sense that whites, themselves primarily immigrants form different European nations, were developing of themselves as Americans, no longer English, Irish, German, Italian, Poles, etc. Jews were a unified force, other whites were atomized, many of them caught up in a philosophy of "rugged individualism." Jews were a knife cutting through butter. As a result, the U.S. today is not a nation, but a polyglot of nations within one border. Jews have benefitted, at least temporarily. Whites have not. Instead of participating in the white destiny, Jews derailed it. Jews do not lift up nations, but they do destroy them. Many Palestineans might agree with that assessment.

Have you noticed that the Carnegies, Vanderbilts, Henry Fords, Bill Gates, Ross Perots, Warren Buffetts, Sam Waltons made their billions differently than the Rothchilds, Warbergs, Michael Milkens, Ivan Boeskys, et al? Industry versus banking and finance.

Your claim to a special Jewish creative genius is widely accepted. Jews appear to have done their share, but.. is there anything scientific that a Jew has discovered, invented, or created that someone else would not have? As I was growing up, the "brilliant" Jewish Troika of Marx (economics), Freud (psychology), and Einstein (physics) were presented as the epitomy of intelligence. Marx's ideology backed by an army of Jewish Bolsheviks created a system that has caused more economic and human destruction than any other ideology in recent human history. Freud and his theories are largely discredited (Hans Eysenck, The Decline and Fall of the Freudian Empire) or assigned to pedestrian status by modern psychologists (Richard Ryckman, Theories of Personality). Einstein? Here is what Stephen Hawkings in A Brief History of Time says:
Between 1887 and 1905 there were several attempts, most notably by the Dutch physicist Hendrik Lorentz, to explain the result of the Michelson-Morely experiment in terms of objects contracting and clocks slowing down when they moved through the ether. However, in a famous paper in 1905, a hitherto unknown clerk in the Swiss patent office, Albert Einstein, pointed out that the whole idea of an ether was unnecessary, providing one was willing to abandon the idea of absolute time. A similar point was made a few weeks later by a leading French mathematician, Henri Poincaré. Einstein's arguments were closer to physics than those of Poincaré, who regarded this problem as mathematical. Einstein is usually given the credit for the new theory, but Poincaré is remembered by having his name attached to an important part of it.
Especially in this century, many scientists worked on ideas in parallel. Who gets the major credit is often a matter of who gets published first or of organized public relations afterwards. Who's heard of Poincaré? On the other hand, Einstein is a household word - the epitomé of intelligence. In actuality Einstein earned a place at the table, but not necessarily the biggest plate on the table. Did those dominating the media promote their own over, at least, equally deserving gentiles?

Jews drove the Civil Rights agenda. Joel Spingarn and Kivie Kaplan were the first presidents of the NAACP. Jack Greenberg headed up its Legal Defense Fund in the '50s and '60s. Jewish money drove it. Instead of developing a sensible solution to our racial problem, we've exacerbated it. Whites suffer from affirmative action. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians benefit from it. According to Forbes magazine (10/93), affirmative action costs the U.S. 4% of its GDP - $350 billion dollars a year. Black , Hispanic, and Asian numbers swell. Whites (and Jews) numbers are not growing. Our borders are broken floodgates with the Third World pouring in.

IQ differences among races is one of many differences, and although important it may not be sufficient for human evolutionary success. As Thomas Sowell points out in Race and Culture , group intelligence fluctuates over time. A group's intelligence average can deteriorate if the less intelligent have more children than the more intelligent.

Whites, generally speaking, have been willing to assimilate Jews and some Jews have assimilated. Jews like yourself, who profess to share racial sympathy, confuse people and keep the game alive while whites (and Jews) die a slow racial death. Looking at history and the current situation on a macro level, I see Jews as poison to everyone they touch - American whites, American blacks, Palestineans, etc. At the same time, I see some inherent white weaknesses as an important contributing factor to our own dispossession.

Jews can say things whites can't and get away with it. In Kansas City, the Jewish publisher of a small weekly advertising throwaway appears on a locally-oriented public-TV show and says things about black-on-white crime that gets whites publicly smeared when they say them. David Duke and Louis Farrakhan are castigated. Jesse Jackson is praised. Blacks like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams have made names for themselves among conservatives by saying things whites can no longer say without losing their job or promotion opportunities. A great career move for them. Embarassingly, conservative whites need someone like them to put up some kind of resistance to preferential policies, as Sowell calls them.

Maybe, as you suggest, whites need Jewish creative genius to lead them to the white nationalist holy land. After all, Jews led the way in the Bolshevik Revolution. Jews beat the war drums and intrigued to get the U.S. into WWII against Germany. Jews led the way in the Civil Rights battle although they now appear to be abandoning the blacks they previously led. I remember Jews in the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in the streets and Jews in the press and academia leading the way against winning the Vietnam War . Yes, Jews can lead and often do. But who benefits from their leadership?

Personally, however, I don't intend to jump onto the Jewish leadership bandwagon. My feelings are: Jews are not a chosen people, have not suffered any more than anyone else during WWII or at any other time in history, and can't maintain their immoral hold on Palestine without American military or financial aid.

Breaking the U.S. up into ethnostates sounds good to me (Wilmot Robertson, The Ethnostate ) and the sooner the better. If such an effort is successful some Jews might go with a white state, most will probably choose a Jewish one. Mixed Jews / whites would probably have a choice, as they did under National Socialist Germany. Under any circumstances, dual loyalty and citizenship should not be allowed. When we can all talk freely and discuss the issues without being smeared, maybe we can work out differences between Jews and whites. It's a little hard to do right now...

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Third Party Comments

1/8/97 - Says bring white Jews into white nationalist fold!
I have been arguing for years that, save for the pure Arab Jews, most Jews today are part of the White race. You no doubt believe this also. Therefore, they should not only be brought into the fold, but support the fold and its agendas. We all know that, generally stated, Jews DO NOT do that. Not all non-Jewish Whites do, either. We can debate all day the numbers, but why? Jews have a lot to answer for in all categories. Gentiles have a lot to answer for, also. Does it matter? I don't think it does. What ALL WHITES must do is come together to celebrate and aggrandize our specific goals and aspirations, so that the radical liberal/minority coalition cannot continue to divide and conquer. We can be Jew, Catholic, Babtist,...whatever. But we all must regard ourselves, first and foremost, as WHITE! Whoever abides by this doctrine has my support.

As far as the so called "holocaust" is concerned, I do not believe it. I have formulated this opinion after years of research. Do I really care if it happened or not? Hell no. If it did, fine. If it didn't, that's o.k., too. If it didn't happen, or at least major parts of the story are fraudulent, then I expect intelligent men and women to expose the hoax. But what really frightens me about this whole debate is that there are powerful groups engaging in rank censorship of the first order. Communists censored because they knew deep down that their message and ideology were flawed. Anyone with an IQ of over 75 realizes that censorship is a last ditch effort to hide the truth. If the revisionist point of view is indeed as flawed as the pro-holocaustians claim, then they will fall from the weight of their own misinformation. No one will need to "Help" them along. But the Revisionists information is compelling, to say the least. In fact, it is so compelling that even if the "holocaust" happened exactly as stated, the questions brought up by the revisionists would be extremely exciting to answer. However, I cannot condone the draconian measures brought against these men and women who have simply been engaging in the most pure of democratic edicts,... the right to question and be heard.

Now to "anti-Semite." The fact that radical, quasi and true Zionist marxists have hijacked the very word "Semite" to be used exclusively to denote something Jewish is reprehensible. "Anti-Semite" is simply an invention of the Left, much like "extremist," "White Supremacist," et al., etc. It is a pejorative of the first order, like using the word "nigger." It is ill-defined and emotion ladened, and is used as a curse word. Most of the time, it is used to slander an individual or group, and is seldom, if ever, used in a reasoned debate. There are, in fact, pitifully few educated people who "hate" Jews simply for "being Jewish." Even the most rabid "Jew hater" which I have spoken to had reasoned excuses for his hatred,...and not always inaccurate. Criticism is not "hatred," yet in this PC world it has come to be denoted as such. The Israeli lobby in Washington has used this strategy for the last 40 years to frighten and extract whatever it wishes from obsequious gentile pols,...and the strategy has worked brilliantly. Being called "anti-Semitic" merely flows around me like wind around a rock, because I know I have a right to criticize and question, and I do so even with my own race. So what is an "anti-Semite?" I don't really know, but I don't really care, either. I am, however, White, Southern, proud, and free...for now.

I give you (D.G.) credit for posting to a web and taking the position you do. To be Jewish AND a proud White is a dichotomy which must be tough on you. I congratulate your "chutzpa."


1/21/97 - Expresses doubts about Jews
DG of Cornell U. says that Jews have IQs, on average, higher than whites. I suppose he means gentiles--goyim. I don't know if that's true. I am Anglo-Celtic with 1/32nd French. My IQ is in the top 2%. I turned down membership into Mensa for political reasons. Many of their members are arrogant, non-productive lay-abouts. Many are homosexual or feminists.

DG does fine for a while, but then he says that we should be glad to have the Jews. They can raise nations up or tear them down. That sounds more like a threat than a testament to their abilities to build civilizations. Historically, they've torn more down than they've raised. And while they've contributed to various fields--science, art,medicine, music--in each of those fields their total contributions do not equal that of the gentile. Of course, I'm not taking the population differential into account, but still, qualitatively, they pale in comparison.

In all fields but medicine, in this century, they fairly show as being less than admirable. Go to the bookstores and you will find volumes and volumes written by Jewish authors, but having perused or read many of them, I think they are mainly scribblers.

I am in the information technology field, and I have had occasion, time and again, to see how Jews think. I often find their logic flawed, however sound it may seem on the surface. I will testify to their cunning at covering their tracks though. I know of no one who can think up a good solid lie as fast as Jews I've worked with.

Oh, and treachery. If you find yourself working with a Jew for the first time, watch your back as you never have before. Scrutinize everthing he says, and keep in mind that he probably means something other than what he is saying. This caution applies especially to the recently immigrated Russian Jews.

Still, we can certainly credit them with two important innovations in this century: weapons of mass destruction, and the most evil and destructive governmental system ever devised.


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2/9/97 - DG's Counter Response
You say that Jews immigrate to other countries to benefit themselves. This is true. They would not immigrate to other countries if they knew they would not benefit. This is true of all people who immigrate, not only Jews.

Jews turn the countries they inhabit into first rate countries. Spain, before the Inquisition, was the most powerful country in the world. After they expelled the Jews, Spain declined. Today, Spain is a mediocre country.

Furthermore, the ebbs and flows of civilizations are facts of history. You cannot blame the fall of Greece or Rome on the Jews. Many factors contributed to their ascent and decline.

Jews have done exceptionally well in the United States. They have furthered the fields of medicine, law, science, film, and many others, immeasurably. The number of Jewish Nobel Prize winners far outweighs their representation of the population. Jews don't control Hollywood, they created it. They didn't drown out other peoples' views, they simply preached their views in a more seductive and refined manner. To say that Europeans would eventually have done the same as Jews is like saying primitive people will some day form a country that is not perpetually in poverty. Just as primitive people are incapable of effectively governing themselves and forming the means of production, so are Europeans incapable of attaining the intellectual heights of Jews.

Germans lead Europe economically. Yet, while less than 1 percent of the population, pre WWI Jews accounted for a vastly disproportionate number of doctors and lawyers. The Jews inspired envy and jealousy in the Germans. That was a major reason for the Holocaust. The Germans, the most powerful people in Europe, were jealous of a few hundred thousand Jews.

[Reproduced elsewhere ( The German and Jewish Struggle for Germany ) is a speech by Hitler that includes his thoughts on Jewish domination of Germany. Readers can decide for themselves if D.G. or Hitler is more persuasive and if the same pattern hasn't happened throughout history or isn't happening in the U.S. today. Ed.]

In immigrating to country to country throughout Europe, Jews displayed an enormous adaptability. They were able to uproot themselves, settle in alien lands, and prosper. They did not resort to drink or crime. They did this in the face of fierce anti-Semitism. This is a characteristic of a great people.

You go to great lengths to point out that Freud, Einstein, and Marx were not as great as people make them out to be. You may be right. This, however, does not matter. These three people are just a representation of the overwhelming genius of the Jews. To discredit Jewish creativity you would have to discredit thousands of other Jews who have forged new paths for all others to follow. Furthermore, while Freud may have been proven wrong in many areas, he opened new doors and made quantum leaps in what was then known. He had the capability to make such leaps.

You say Jews are a poison to society. You say they tear down healthy values and institutions and drown them out with their own stilted views. It is important to understand that this is not just a Jewish problem. All countries in western civilization are declining. Germany has a Jewish population of several thousand, certainly not much of a factor. Yet, Germans have demonstrated an appalling lack of foresight by bringing in millions of Turks to use as cheap labor. You cannot blame this on the German Jews. If you insist on somehow blaming the Jews in the United States then the question becomes: when do a people take responsibility for their own actions? Germany has a population of about 80 million people and is an autonomous country. It is not run by Jews, but by Germans.

Nor can you blame on the Jews France's immigration of Algerian Arabs who prey on the welfare state and indulge in terrorist activities. The same terrorist activities, I might add, which you applaud when Palestinians use them against Israeli Jews.

Any ascending civilization must have an ascending philosophy as a guide. Today we are witnesses to the decline of western civilization because our guiding philosophy has decayed into decadence and nihilism. A secular morality has seductively taken hold of Europeans. This morality has taken root in a culture that increasingly finds God less credible. We are now trying to create a heaven on earth where a false harmony is esteemed more than insight and truth. What we need is a new ascending philosophy that can fill the void.

It seems that the secular morality we are up against is not a Jewish philosophy at all, although it may sometimes appear this way. It is certainly true that Jewish people are more liberal than any other major white ethnic group. This, however, is more a matter of history and culture than of biology. There are many Jews, like myself, who have turned against multiculturalism and equality, and have abandoned suicidal impulses. Those Jews who cling to our present-day myths and superstitions should be treated like any other liberal white person. Simply because they are Jewish is not a sound justification for harsher punishment.

Your treatment of Jews stems more from hatred than reason. There is an air of desperation in your total disparagement of Jewish people. Your inability to recognize Jewish achievements and your denial of the Holocaust betrays you. Your comments in this area have turned you into the bigot liberals want you to be. It is easier to spurn your truths in one area when you have such gaping holes in another. Also, all Jews must speak against you out of self-preservation. You turn away intellectuals, who could give you legitimacy, simply because they are Jewish.

You systematically deplore the actions of Israel. If Israel were composed of Europeans instead of Jews you would be far more sympathetic. You have no intellectual integrity on this issue.

There is an alternative to what you say. Accept people who believe as you do, whether they are Jewish, black, Asian or Hispanic. Philosophy is more important than race. When we break up into ethnostates, which seems to be the most logical outcome, will you expel people like Clarence Thomas or Thomas Sowell just because they are black? Will you keep
raving, liberal, white, lunatics, just because they are white? What will you do with Jews like me? What about half Jews and quarter Jews who make up millions of people?

Our dilemma is far more complex than black and white. The hatred you foster against Jews, blacks, Asians, and Hispanics can only go so far. We will ultimately descend into simple mean-spiritedness. Hitler is a perfect example of what we will become. Holding race above all else led him to decimate Europe. Hitler put nationalist movements back 50 years. Only now are these ideas taking root again in European communities. What you need is an ascending philosophy. Friederich Nietzsche provides one. It is a philosophy full of praise for Jewish contributions.

Friederich Nietzsche writes:
"The whole problem of the Jews exists only in nation states, for here their energy and higher intelligence, their accumulated capital of spirit and will becomes so predominant as to arouse mass envy and hatred. And in almost all contemporary nations, therefore - in direct proportion to the degree to which they act up nationalistically - the literary obscenity is spreading of leading Jews to slaughter as scapegoats of every conceivable public and internal misfortune. As soon as it is no longer a matter of preserving nations, but of producing the strongest possible European mixed race, the Jew is just as useful and desirable ingredient as any other national remnant."

"One owes to them the noblest man (Christ), the purest sage (Spinoza), the most powerful book, the effective moral law of the world. Moreover, in the darkest times of the middle ages, it was Jewish free-thinkers, scholars, and physicians who clung to the banner of enlightenment and spiritual independence . We owe it to their exersions, not least of all, that the bond of culture which now links us with the enlightenment of Greco-Roman antiquity remained unbroken."

I'm not asking you to jump on the Jewish bandwagon or to accept Jews as the chosen people. Whether or not Jews have suffered more than other groups is entirely irrelevant. I'm only asking you to consider the relevancy of Jews like myself to the European movement.


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3/8/97 - Editor's Response
Here's a brief response to a few of D.G.'s points.

SEVERAL MINOR POINTS. First, I don't hate Jews, blacks, non-white Hispanics, Orientals, etc. Most Jews are Caucasians. Other races, however, are a product of a different line of evolution that probably took place over several million years. They're different. You're right that white people, no matter how understandable the reasons, are responsible for their own decline. D.G., in your postings you haven't denied the Jewish role in Communist movements throughout the Western World. Finally, I don't feel desperate - I'm simply expressing my views in what I think is a rational manner. When you call me a bigot for "denying the Holocaust" or not accepting Jewish intellectuals, you're just name calling.

SPAIN. In 1492, Spain militarily expelled the Muslims, forced Jews to emigrate or convert to Catholicism, and sent Columbus to the New World. In other words, gentile Spaniards retook their country. For the next few hundred years, Spain experienced its Golden Era. The more aggressive and risk-taking elements of its population emigrated (and dispersed) to colonies probably reducing proportionally the part of its population needed for success in the Industrial Revolution. Those colonists later led revolts against the Homeland when they weren't treated equally as citizens - same thing that happened in American colonies. I think the average income in Spain today compares well with that in Israel.

ISRAEL. Your statement that I "have no intellectual integrity" on the Jewish conquest of Palestine could be challenged with with the counterclaim of your lack of moral integrity on the same issue. My position is consistent because I'm not advocating Jewish OR European expansionism. The Palestinians, who are the Philistines of the Old Testament, were one of the most advanced Middle East peoples when Jews chased them from their land. They weren't stone age tribal people. Your position that Jewish actions in Palestine are admirable, may reflect a "We're the Chosen People, so we can do what we want!" mentality. Besides, Israeli citizenship policy isn't rational or racial. It's imported tens of thousands of black Falashi Jews, and another 50,000 are on the emigration list. Most, if not all, Israeli political parties are religious or Marxist oriented.

BLACK CONSERVATIVES AND HALF JEWS. You say: "Philosophy is more important than race." Initially you came on as a Jewish white nationalist, but with your concern for Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, half Jews, etc., you're advocating philosopy over race. Aren't you being inconsistent? For a policy concerning half and quarter Jews, the National Socialist policy seemed rational for their situation. (See "Hitler's Jewish Soldiers".) Citizenship requirements shouldn't be hard to establish. For instance, all whites would be eligible, including white Jews. Possibly the Thomases and Sowells could be afforded residency, but I don't see why that would be necessary. "Raving, liberal, white lunatics" who couldn't stand to live in a white country could emigrate to the Third World country of their choice instead of leading the movement for the Third World to immigrate to the U.S. The door out of a white ethnostate should be wide open (as it was in NS Germany).

NIETZCHE. Nietzche may be right in the first quoted paragraph above and the American white population, which is drawn from every European stock including Jews, may be the place to conduct such an assimilationist (European mixed race) experiment. Jews were part of American Colonial life and have enjoyed U.S. citizenship since the Declaration of Independence. Christ, who may or may not have existed, is a product of millenia of propaganda. He was the Name under which religious promoters and bureaucrats built a Church that dominated Western culture for some time. That Church has now fragmented into a religion and its influence is weakening - probably for the better.

HOLOCAUST. The Myth of Six Million is a remarkable propaganda weapon that certain Jews use to maintain Jewish exclusiveness and continually instill gentiles in general with white guilt. This site and others provide extensive documentation of the hoax. The country and the world needs an open and rational discussion on the issue, not denial.

Dennis Nix

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