Absurdly Low Concentration Camp Death Rate

By Paul


All the information relating to the [WW2 German Concentration Camps] was kept in the T-House (named because its T shaped) where AMT D was operating. Amt D was responsible for EVERYthing that went on in the camps, nobody saluted without asking Amt D first. This info included all the Sterbebücher (death lists) and Index cards (all deaths, normal, suicide, executed etc were all registered on Index cards and these cards were sent to the German version of Registry of Births, deaths & marriages...for archiving. AMT D is now a Museum and according to the MUSEUM CURATOR of AMTD, (who I personally spoke to). In 1945 the people in AMTD locked the doors and went home.The Soviets turned up with a truck and loaded ALL the info into the truck and took it back to Russia where most of it still is. Occassionally the Russians hand out more lists or find an index card etc etc and the death lists are UPdated....so the LAST time the world was given an update was in 1984 BUT as soon as the word got out that only 282,077 persons died in 90 camps in 12 years (The numbers for all satellite camps were collated for the main camp) = 282,077 divided by 90 camps = 3134 PER CAMP divided by 12 years (1933-1945)= 261 persons PER CAMP PER YEAR...we have more deaths in bicycle accidents. Now thats SOME holocaust.... WHEN this news got out the Allies put an immediate BAN on the Intl Red Cross giving out more numbers...so these are the numbers that were registered updated 1984. --Paul



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