A new look at those 'survivors'

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> Dear Sir / Madam,
> My name is Alexander McClelland I am an Australian
> veteran of WWII, a TPI (Totally and Permanently
> Incapacitated) and a survivor of a Concentration
> Camp.
> Aged 19 I volunteered for the AIF and fought as a
> Bren Gunner in 2/1 Infantery Btn in North Africa,
> Greece and Crete where I was wounded and captured by
> German forces. I spent the rest of the war as a POW
> but due to my many escape attempts I was finally put
> into the TEREZIN Concentration Camp close to the
> Theresienstadt Ghetto in Czechoslovakia.
> I have recorded my experiences in an
> autobiographical book entitled : 'The Answer-
> Justice' . In 1965 I was featured in an award
> winning but historically inaccurate Australian
> television documentary on Theresienstadt called
> 'Where Death wears a smile'
> I don't receive my TPI Pension because of the heavy
> wounds I received in the battle action on Crete. I
> get my TPI Pension because of the inhumane treatment
> I received in the Concentration Camp. It is a
> mistake to believe that the Germans had enough spare
> manpower to staff and run the concentration camps.
> The Germans only ever guarded the outer perimeter of
> the camps, we Prisoners hardly saw German soldiers,
> so it was not the SS or German guards that beat me
> up daily.
> No, the daily beatings that left me totally
> incapacitated, came from two fellow Prisoners called
> Kapos (or Camp Police) had extra privileges, such as
> their own room and they also had power, For example
> the Power to say who got to visit the Camp Sick Bay
> or the Camp Brothel, and because of the absence of
> the very disciplined Germans, these Kapos even had
> the Power over Life & Death.
> The two Kapos that beat me daily, using a heavy
> wooden baton they called 'Herr Doktor' (The Doctor)
> were both fellow Prisoners, both were Jewish, one
> from Hungary and the other was, I believe, a
> Ukrainian. I was often witness when they dragged
> other hapless prisoners from their cells onto the
> 'Appelplatz' and beat them to death with 'The
> Doctor'.
> So whenever I meet a ' Camp survivor' now, I look
> him deeply in the eyes to see what sort of a
> 'survivor' they are....whether they were really a
> Prisoner just like me, or whether they were one of
> the many 'Privileged' ones who survived the war
> being more inhumane to other Prisoners than the
> Germans ever were.
> As a matter of fact, it was a German SS Soldier who
> saved my life after the Kapos, who after beating me
> sent me outside the camp on a work detail, with a
> dangerously poisoned leg. The SS Soldier walking by,
> saw my mates helping me, came over and then gave me
> his medical kit.
> I now look deeply into the eyes of the 'survivors',
> because I know that not all Concentration Camp
> survivors were innocent victims. I know that a lot
> of the Prisoners were brutal and inhumane criminals.
> The world has never been told the whole truth about
> what life in the Camps was like. All we ever hear or
> read in the media is , how bad the German guards
> were and how badly they treated their Prisoners. I
> was in more than 8 POW Camps and a Concentration
> Camp, so who would know the truth? Me or the Media!
> sincerely
> Alexander McClelland
> PO Box 887 Toronto NSW 2283


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