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What the experts say...

"Despite thousands of detailed documents on the crematoria built to
dispose of the bodies of typhus victims, not a single piece of
documentary evidence has ever been produced to substantiate the
existence of even one gas chamber; not an order for construction, a
plan, an invoice, or a photograph.  During the hundreds of 'war
crimes' trials, nothing could be produced.  There were no gas
chambers at
Auschwitz or anywhere else in wartime Europe. On that I
state my reputation and career."                  Professor Robert
Faurrisson.  Le Monde

"I was in Dachau for 17 months after the war, as a U.S War Department
Attorney, and can state that there were no gas chambers at Dachau. 
What was shown to visitors and sightseers there and erroneously
described as a gas chamber was a crematory.  Nor was there a gas
chamber in any other the other concentration camps in
Germany.  We
were told that there was a gas chamber at
Auschwitz, but since this
was in the Russian zone of occupation, we were not permitted to
investigate since the Russians would not allow it.  From what I was
able to determine in six years of post-war
Germany and Austria, there
were a number of Jews killed, but the figure of a million was
certainly never reached.  I interviewed thousands of Jews, former
inmates of concentration camps in
Germany and Austria, and consider
myself as well qualified on the subject as any man." Stephen
F.Pinter, Sunday Visitor,
June 14th 1959.

Although millions of gassings are said to have occurred, 'no one has
ever been charged with murder by gassing.  That is, no one has ever
been charged with operating the alleged gas chambers."  John Bennett,
Secretary; Victoria Council for Civil Liberties.

After all, we are familiar with pictures of mounds of emaciated
bodies piled high at some - not all - German internment camps.  Yet
equally undeniably there are countless photographs available even on
display at
Dachau today that show well clad inmates in obviously good
health up to release.  Even pictures taken at
Belsen clearly show
healthy inmates among the emaciated dead.  
How then does this explain a Nazi program of genocidal intention
being so patchy in its application?  There can be only one
explanation.  These deaths were caused not by deliberate intent but
by typhus and cholera. Such photographs as those taken at Bergen-
Belsen could have been taken anywhere in Central Europe devastated by
nightly 1,000 bomber raids and total war, when millions of civilians
of many nations, Germany included,  died through starvation and
disease resulting in similar mounds of emaciated corpses.    

By reason of heavy bombing road communications had been destroyed and
no supplies had reached the camp (
Belsen); typhoid fever ensued and
hundreds of prisoners (Eastern European POWs) had died as a
consequence.  The allies arrived on the scene and found a terrible
situation."  The Golden Horizon, Weidenfeld and Nicholson,
"The German Army at
Bergen had forewarned the British that a full-
blown epidemic of typhus had broken out among the prisoners in the
camp."  In The Ruins of the Reich, George Allen & Unwin.

"Disease of all kinds was rife and i n a vast number of cases it was
difficult to tell which disease predominated - whether it was typhus,
starvation, tubercle or a combination of all three, which was
responsible for the shattered wrecks of human beings who formed the
majority of the inmates....there had been no water for about a week
owing to damage by (allied) shell fire to the electrical pumping
equipment on which the system depended." Appendix 'O' Chapter. V11,
Second Army History.  

"A typhus epidemic now rages amongst them, (German civilian
prisoners) and they are said to be dying at the rate of 100 a day."
London Daily Mail, August, 6th, 1945.    FREE FRANCE:  "There is a
typhoid epidemic in the camp (German POWs) which has already spread
to the neighbouring village." The Progressive,
January, 14th,
. "The only difference I can see between these men (German POWs)
and those corpses is that here they are still breathing."  Henry
Griffin, AP photographer who had taken Buchenwald and Dachau
pictures.   AND IN BRITISH POW CAMPS IN BELGIUM: Conditions "not much
better than Belsen" (German POWs) according to British Army

Invariably when such pictures are shown they are propaganda
linked 'as proof' that the Germans had a policy of extermination.  If
we separate reality from the propaganda of the victors the fraud
becomes clear.
The propagandists have been in retreat since 1945 when all camps were
said to be extermination camps but in the light of scientific and
objective analysis shown to be nothing of the kind.  You may have
noticed that much of the VE jamboree 'concentration camp' news
coverage quietly dropped all reference to gas chambers. 
Typically in 1946, a memorial plaque was unveiled at Dachau by Philip
Auerbach, the Jewish State Secretary of the Bavarian Government.  The
plaque read: 'This area is being retained as a shrine to the 238,000
individuals who were cremated here.'  Since then, this figure has
consistently been revised downwards to its present total of 20,600,
who it appears died from typhus and starvation at the end of the war.
(Note:  Auerbach has since been convicted for embezzling money which
he claimed for non-existent Jews).

It is now claimed that all the actual extermination camps
coincidentally happen to be situated in those parts of Germany and
Poland occupied by the Soviets. Dr. Martin Broszat, the anti-Nazi
Director of the Institute of Contemporary History in Munich who can
lay claim to being a major influence on the genocide issue, admitted
in Die Zeit, (August, 19th, 1960) 'that there were no extermination
camps on German soil.', and that instead, one had to look 'above all
to Auschwitz.'
How convenient then that this last redoubt of the propagandists was
occupied by the Red Army,  a bit of a dab hand at extermination
itself, which never allowed outside inspection until 10 years after
the war's end.  Gita Sereny, the Jewish holocaust historian
admits: "Auschwitz, despite its emblematic name, was NOT primarily an
extermination camp for the Jews and is not the central case through
which to study extermination." The New Statesman, November, 2nd, 1979.

"A report that an Auschwitz building could not have been designed as
a gas chamber is true but irrelevant."  Dr. Raul Hilberg, Los Angeles
Times, February, 23rd, 1989.
"Our detailed research (into the holocaust) however mostly
establishes only how shaky is the ground we're on: the consensus of
research data often turns out only to be the result of everybody
having uncritically copied what everybody else was writing; the
actual documentary basis on many matters is frighteningly narrow and
is in consequence easily shattered by some find or other.  In all too
many matters we are still groping in total darkness.  If we are to
avert being shown up, in the next few years historical research is
going to have to do all it can not only to establish better
documentary defences but broader-based ones as well." Dr. Hans-
Heinrich Wilhelm, University of Riga, 1988. 
"A large number of testimonials on file here were later proved to be
inaccurate when locations and dates could not pass an expert
historian's appraisal." Shmuel Krakowski, Director Archives, Yad
Vashem, Israel.

Because 'Survivor' evidence has consistently been shown to be
fraudulent the propagandists fall back on the 'evidence' of two
prominent German administrators to support their claims.  Rudolf
Hoess, Commandant of Auschwitz from 1940 until his arrest by the
British Army in 1945.  Subjected to torture and brain-washing, 'his
testimony at Nuremberg was delivered in a mindless monotone as he
stared blankly into space.'  Even Reitlinger regarded his testimony
as hopelessly untrustworthy; a catalogue of wild exaggerations. 
These included his declaration that 16,000 Jews a day were disposed
of - which would have meant 13 million in total. (Just short of the
world's total Jewish population of 15 million!)
Tortured, his statement appears in American-English idiom yet there
is no evidence that Rudolf Hoess could speak any English at all. 
Tried at Nuremberg and handed over to the Polish Communists in 1947,
he was ordered to write the story of his life which was published as
Wspomniena in the Polish language.  It is said that the hand-written
original exists, but no one has ever seen it. The other major player
being Oswald Pohl of the Economy and Administration Office: "Pohl had
signed some incriminating statements after being subjected to severe
torture including a bogus admission that he had seen a gas chamber at
Auschwitz in the Summer of 1944." Senator McCarthy.
Professor Paul Rassinier, a French Marxist and committed anti-
National Socialist was arrested by the Germans during the war and
interned at Buchenwald and Dora concentration camps between 1943 and
1945.  He has always been at the forefront in disproving the
allegations of genocide.  "I was in Auschwitz from January, 1944
until December, 1944.  After the war I heard about the mass murders
supposedly perpetrated by the S.S against the Jewish prisoners and I
was perfectly astonished.  There were no secrets at Auschwitz". 

WHY? "Why then are they, the Israelis, obstructing all honest
research into the six million question?  All statistics will so long
be controversial until world Jewry and Zionism will be willing to
present to the public exact official statistics of the losses.  The
roadblock to research is due to the fact that from six million dead
one can extract far more reparations than from say 6,000." Joseph
Ginsburg, Jewish survivor/researcher. Munich.

"A very disturbing thing has happened to journalism, to the writing
of history, and even to justice.  In anything to do with the Nazis
any attempt at detachment is considered suspect, any degree of
objectivity reprehensible." Gite Sereny, April, 21st, 1988.
"Are the truths on which the Holocaust relies so flimsy that they
need smears to protect them, coupled with prison sentences like those
now imposed in Germany, Austria, and France...?" Auberon Waugh.

"Truth seeks the light, it doesn't shun it." Horace Mann, American

"I hope my fellow Old Brentwoodian Jack Straw does introduce
legislation to make it a criminal offence subject to a two-year jail
sentence to question the Holocaust.  That will bring everything out
into the open.  I shall claim the honour of being the first
prosecuted by repeating the words for which I was fined £13,300 in
Munich, banned from German territory and Second World War archives,
namely ; 'The gas chamber shown to the tourists at Auschwitz is a
fake built after the war by the Polish communists.'   I assume a
British court will permit us to call witnesses and evidence which the
German courts denied us. (The Polish authorities have since admitted
that the structure in question was built in 1948." David Irving,
Historian. Sunday Times, 20th, October, 1996.


Here's freedom to him who would speak, Here's freedom to him who
would write,
For there's none ever feared that the truth should be heard,
Except he who the truth would indict.       


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"We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain destroyers forever.
Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands.
We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own."

Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles, Harcourt, Brace & Co., New York, 1924, pp. 19, 23


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