Untrue Confessions: Fabricated Testimony & Circumstantially Prudent Concessions

By Eric Martinson

There is no denying that various Jewish groups and individuals, as well as their bedfellows, have amassed enormous sums of money in promoting what has come to be known as the Jewish "Holocaust". It is big business, and Jews all the way from small time hustlers to mega-Jew corporations have gone along for the joyride on this cash cow. Since the ultimate concern of these groups and individuals is profiteering, they attempt to take us on the biggest roller coaster ride of them all. For the purposes of this article they will be designated as "holohoaxers".

Wilbur Pierce, a so-called Talmudic scholar from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has become a hawking huckster of holohoax memorabilia. His "museum for sale" purportedly includes such items as authentic currency signed by Mordechai Rumkowski, who served as a so-called Nazi overseer of the Lodz ghetto. [1]

Then there is the 60 billion dollars (a low estimate) stolen from innocent white Germans in the name of "reparations", with another 5 billion dollars from the Swiss. Some of that money went to individual Jews, but most of it went to Jewish agencies. Let's not forget about the profits from fantasy films posing as historical ones, such as Schindler's List, more appropriately known as "Swindler's List".

Furthermore, as is boasted by several Zionist spokesmen:

"The shattering effect of the holocaust on the Christian conscience results in a feeling of collective indebtedness to the Jews." [2]

This guilt trip has resulted in over 65 billion dollars being siphoned out of Americans' pockets as aid to the world Zionist movement. This is without considering the creation of that unbridled, charlatan, bellicose regime known as the bastardized bandit state of "Israel", which has not only uprooted a once thriving Palestinian civilization and culture, but constantly seeks to instigate horror and bedlam in most parts of the world - the events of September 11 being a perfect example, as some have claimed. The Palestinians had lived on their land for centuries before the Jewish gangsters came to town. Can a price tag even be placed on the lives and property that have been stolen from them?

Whenever the authenticity of their non-existent "Holocaust" is questioned, holohoaxers invariably raise the issue of witness testimony, as well as the fact that few of the National Socialists on trial in the Jewish kangaroo courts challenged whether or not the "crimes" that the Jews accused them of had actually been committed. In particular, these holohoaxers love to cite the "confessions" of a very select few alleged perpetrators from the SS, as the undisputed and absolute truth of the phony Jew holocaust.


Let us look at what appears at first glance to be the most compelling evidence - the purported confessions of the alleged perpetrators. Of the one-sided hearings conducted by the Americans, the Dachau show trials best demonstrate the mockery of the confessions that were "obtained" from the accused. We will begin with the shameful fact that there were 137 cases of demolished testicles [3] as part of the 3rd degree treatment that these German prisoners had received at the hands of their "honorable and benevolent" American custodians.

Is there any man that can seriously contend that he absolutely would not admit to something that he did not do, if it would stop a maniacal Jew or Jewish bedfellow from crushing his testicles?

The disgraceful conduct of the Jewish/American agents did not end with genital torture. Their reprehensible behavior was also manifest with the clearly visible marks on the defendants when they arrived in the Jew kangaroo court for the main Dachau hearing. [4] The causes of the ostensible injuries included: destruction of the bed of the finger nails, knocked out teeth, broken jaws, and various other wounds from beatings with clubs, [5] and things better not mentioned in front of ladies.

Many more disgusting tactics were exhibited by the Americans and Jews pursuant to the Dachau show trials: locking the helpless, naked men in cold, damp, and dark rooms for several days at a time, detaining them in hot, stagnant rooms with nothing to drink, depriving them of sleep, and presenting them with spies impersonating priests for council and confession.

Chicanery such as mock trials were also used, resulting in mock convictions, even to the extent of carrying out mock executions in front of the Jews' victims to mentally torment them. Then there are the years of unjust confinement under these conditions that many of these poor souls had to endure while waiting for their final "mock trial". In some cases, the Jews sought to humiliate the German prisoners by giving them black guards, but later it was found out that many welcomed this arrangement because they found the black guards, if you can believe this, to be less brutal and more compassionate than their Jewish and American tormentors.

The Malmedy Trial was one of the more notorious of the Dachau carnival trials. This "trial" consisted of Germans from the Waffen SS who were accused of killing eighty-three American prisoners during the Battle of the Bulge. Joachim Peiper was the principle defendant. Mr. Peiper has since related that the feeling of being completely at the mercy of others while being totally isolated from the outside world and one's fellow prisoners was harder to endure than the ruthlessness of the unbelievable interrogations.

Joachim Peiper was a Standartenfuehrer in the Waffen SS who was renown for his bravery on the Russian Front, as well as the Western Front. The fact that Joachim Peiper had no culpability, as alleged by the Jews, in the Malmedy incident was best demonstrated by the fact that Lieutenant Colonel Harold D. McGown, commander of the American soldiers allegedly massacred at Malmedy, appeared at the Dachau show trials as a witness for Mr. Peiper. He testified that Joachim Peiper went out of his way to make sure many Americans were safe.

One can only imagine the resentment, jealousy and hatred that the American "investigators", as well as prosecutors, most of whom were all Jews, felt toward a man like Joachim Peiper. After all, here was a man who, on any day of the war, had demonstrated more valor and personal honor than these Jew office rapscallions were capable of in their entire combined careers. The torture pursuant to the Malmedy show trial was especially egregious because there was a complete lack of so-called eyewitnesses. The case was, in other words, mostly dependant on "confessions".

Interestingly, Senator Joseph McCarthy was sent by the Senate as an observer of the show trials conducted in the American zone, meaning the American trials. He became immediately alarmed at Army and investigating committee members' efforts to cover up the repulsive American behavior. He resigned after two weeks, but gave a forceful speech before the Senate concerning the matter. [6] It is little wonder that the Jews and their Jewish media hated Mr. McCarthy, and later would pool their deceitful resources to destroy this man because of his exposing Jewish Communism in the Jewish movie industry and because of his personal integrity and honesty.

The perpetrators of the worst acts of brutality against the Malmedy defendants were later exposed as Lieutenant Perl, Frank Steiner, and Harry W. Thon. According to later testimony, it is claimed that Steiner's mother had supposedly been killed by the Germans, while Perl and his favorite whore had supposedly been former concentration camp inmates. Were these impartial investigators? Of course not. They were specially selected kikes that the Allied Jews had hand-picked for the predetermined purpose.

The chief of the Dachau War Crimes Administration Branch was Colonel A.H. Rosenfeld, who after quitting that post in 1948 quipped: "Yes of course ... it worked like a charm." [7], as an admission to a question of whether they had actually conducted mock trials, which is a Communist mental abuse tactic that the Russians also used. At first these low-life Jewish reprobates denied the torture that they had inflicted on the blameless Germans, but their lies came completely apart after the testimony of one of their own named Bruno Jacob. [8]

This brief example will demonstrate the total Zionist Jew control over the War Crimes Branch, or WCB. The WCB was conceived in 1944 when the Secretary of War's directive established a WCB of the Judge Advocate General, or JAG, of the US Army. The WCB, originally headed by Brigadier General John M. Weir, was intricately involved in the post war circus trials of Dachau, IMT (International Military Tribunal), NMT (Nuremberg Military Tribunal), Belsen, etc. Weir's successor was Colonel David "Mickey" Marcus, who directed the WCB from 1946 to April, 1947.

The "Mickey" appointment came immediately after the WCB was transferred from JAG to the Army Civil Affairs Division, or CAD. Marcus had been with the CAD since 1943, and was given the WCB assignment in order to specially select hundreds of lawyers, prosecutors and judges for NMT. [9] This was to assure that the most Satanic, lying, rotten, underhanded, depraved Jews from the worst possible dimension would have total control of the hippodrome, that they might vilify the inoffensive Germans.

The head of CAD who awarded Marcus the WCB post was General J.H. Hilldring. Soon afterwards, Hilldring went from CAD to the State Department and then to the United Nations as an advisor for the American delegation. In that capacity, Hilldring was a vehement proponent of the Zionist cause in the latter's UN diplomatic battle against Arabs. Coincidentally, after his stint at WCB, and while Hilldring was re-appointed to the State Department as Assistant Secretary of the State for Palestine, Marcus was made Supreme Commander in Jerusalem, which was the highest rank in the Israeli Army at that time.

According to the Zionists themselves, Hilldring's appointments to both the UN and State Department were the result of Zionist lobbying. [10] This "sequence" of events clearly shows the magnitude of the mockery that were these "trials". Essentially, Zionist zealots were running the WCB and were intensely instrumental in engineering not only the Dachau show trials, but also the NMT, IMT, et al.

Since the Dachau show trials did not directly involve the supposed extermination of the Jews, holohoaxers have not cited "evidence" from them in support of their extermination claims; they now like to smugly insist that the barbaric actions surrounding these phony trials are irrelevant to their holocaust contentions. What they fail to address with reasoning is that "Dachau" involved trials of staffs of concentration camps such as Dachau, Buchenwald and Flossenberg. Holohoaxers would like us to forget that early hoaxers originally asseverated that these camps were all places of extermination.

The Dachau show trials, replete with all of the ghastly Jewish torture of the falsely accused, still failed to produce any extermination evidence whatsoever. On the contrary, they served to prove that no exterminations had taken place in any of the western camps.

The serious pieces of postwar research have entirely established that the only atrocities at Dachau were those committed at the hands of the Jew Allies - On April 29, 1945, soldiers of the 3rd Battalion, 15th Regiment of the U.S. Army's 45th Division murdered 346 German guards in cold blood. The victims had been employed at Dachau and had surrendered in good faith. General George Patton initially made an attempt to cover up this outrage on behalf of his men. It was a classic case of an undisciplined American fighting force. (This was not an isolated occurrence; the U.S. Army had many such units.) Shortly thereafter, General Patton began to see through all the Allied programming and Jewish propaganda, when he astutely and courageously admitted: "Actually, the Germans are the only decent people left in Europe."

Because of Patton's vociferous honesty and his ardent opposition to the Allies concerted program of Jewish hatred against the Germans, including the victimization and brutality against civilians, Swedish Jew Dwight David Eisenhower stripped General Patton of his command. He was then "killed" under mysterious circumstances shortly thereafter. [11]

Dwight D. Eisenhower was a tactical numbskull and a coward in the face of combat, as was exemplified in his well known hiding exploits toward the latter part of the war, confined to his quarters, supposedly because his advisors were concerned "for the safety of the General". Oh yeah, of course, that's it, the military advisors forced him, he had no choice in the matter ...

Whenever Veteran's Day rolls around, when you see tributes to the American soldiers of WW II, when you see the applause for these "heroes", the American Jew patriot parades and the like, then you remember what these rotten scumbags did in Europe under the direction of their cowardly Jewish demigod Eisenhower. In the article, Jewish Race War Claimed 20 million German Lives by Michael Walsh and Vivian Bird, (March 13, 2001), we find the following statement:

"In the vast holding camps of General Eisenhower it is estimated that 740,000 German POW's died from malnutrition, disease and maltreatment. This included casual murder on a horrifying scale. One ex-guard described how some of the other guards would amuse themselves by placing food outside the camp parameters, and then shoot dead those POW's who were sufficiently foolhardy to take their chances."

If there had been an extermination program against Jews carried out in the eastern camps by Germans, wouldn't some of the tortured SS men have mentioned it? Even as unreliable as it would have been, no such evidence ever surfaced at Dachau. Since the administrating agency at Dachau, the WCB, was deeply involved in Nuremberg, the Dachau show trials exemplify exactly the caliber of the individuals that were behind the operation of the Nuremberg show trials as well.

In addition, the Dachau show trials demonstrate the character of early promoters of the feigned Jew holocaust. In other words, the results of the Nuremberg affairs also rely completely on the maliciousness of vicious Jews, who have such a blatant disregard for truth that they jubilantly resorted to this so-called "evidence" that they obtained under torture. Finally, the Dachau show trials are pertinent because of Mr. Peiper's statement of the isolation being worse than the 3rd degree methods. After all, isolation was utilized at Nuremberg as well.

Although torture was exposed as being the most flagrant at Dachau, it was certainly implemented for fabricated evidence in other Jewish kangaroo courts. The torture in Minden prison of Rudolf Hss, the former Commandant of Auschwitz, was not only later confirmed by Mr. Hss, but also by one of his tormentors. [12] The "Hss confession" was shamelessly used at IMT as "proof" that the mass murder of Jews was factual.

It has since been established that Mr. Hss, in addition to almost being beaten to death, was threatened with the deportation of his wife and children to Siberia. Entire portions of his alleged confession have since been scientifically proven to be impossible. [13]

For example, under torture, he had even supposedly said that there was an "extermination camp" by the name of "Wolzek", when no such camp had existed. If the crushed testicles didn't get you to "agree", then wouldn't you be tempted to admit to something that never happened when your family was targeted for torture as well? Again, "confessions" under torture are completely unreliable.

The same tormentor who confirmed the fact that Mr. Hss was tortured, also admitted that Hans Frank was tortured at Minden prison. [14] Oswald Pohl, in his testimony before IMT, also reported that similar methods were used to extract the "affidavit" used against him. Furthermore, the circumstances surrounding the Belsen show trial exposed the same category of brutality. Joseph Kramer, the Commandant of Belsen, and his co-defendants were tortured so severely by the British acting under Zionist tutelage, that many of them had asked to be killed. [15]

Let's not forget that a large number of these defendants were kept locked up for years prior to their phony trials, and there were also other practices that made these proceedings a further mockery of justice. One of these was the IMT rule that the prosecution was not obliged to submit, or even ascertain evidence that would exonerate the defendants. No civilized person understands Jewish justice, because it is cloaked in every manner of repugnant practices.

Additionally, the defense was only allowed access to those documents that the prosecution approved of them having. In other words, the prosecution was permitted to rummage through the captured archives of the Third Reich, to pick and choose, making selections of which pieces that they could somehow make "appear" to be the most incriminating, while on the other hand, the defense was denied access to those same archives.

In fact, chief prosecutor Robert H. Jackson addressed the tribunal, claiming that the proceedings were only a continuation of the war on Germany by other means, and that they were not bound by any of the limitations traditionally imposed on normal court proceedings. [16]

This is interesting language coming from the man who led the negotiations which formulated the "legal system" which was to be implemented for the tribunals. How many prosecutors, before a trial, get to make the rules by which they will be operating? It is little wonder that by letting the Jews have their own way, that outrageous miscarriages of justice thereby resulted.

Although the defendants at IMT were for the most part considered to be too prominent for extreme physical torture as an experiment, torture was reserved for underlings who could later present their torture induced testimony against IMT defendants. Nevertheless, the Jews could not resist their taste for inflicting misery on others. Gruppenfuhrer Petri [17] and Standartenfuhrer Mauer [18], two prominent SS men, were torture victims.

Another exception was Julius Streicher, murdered by vicious Jews, strangled to death, when he was only a private citizen; this poor unfortunate victim of Jewish hatred wasn't even in the German government during the war! Julius Streicher was a publisher of a magazine that at times would shed a pejorative light on events and people, including Freemasons, Jews and top Nazi officials. He had not even held a Party position since 1940.

His being placed in the first row of IMT defendants demonstrates the nonsensical nature of those proceedings. At IMT, Mr. Streicher related how he was beaten by black soldiers after his arrest. He was also forced to eat excrement. [19] Prosecutor Jackson filed a motion to have Mr. Streicher's testimony stricken from the record, and thanks to the despicable Jews, naturally the motion was granted. [20]

Under these conditions, it is amazing that all of the main defendants at Nuremberg insisted that prior to the IMT proceedings, none of them knew anything concerning a mass murder of Jews. [21] Anyone well versed in criminology certainly knows that this would be extremely abnormal for a group of guilty men. As for the defense attorneys at these farcical trials, the accused were essentially provided no legal representation whatsoever. During the "trials", the defense attorneys that were appointed were for the most part totally ineffective. The Jews had the show rigged from the beginning until the end. The defense attorneys couldn't have been effective if they had desired to be so. The accused never had a chance. Few of the defense attorneys had even an elementary grasp of the German language, and some were there only to help the prosecutors obtain confessions.

W.M. Everett, an American with a rare example of dedication, was continuously badgered by prosecutors. He found that he was not only denied proper access to relevant documents, but forbidden to speak to clients until trial time, and then it was only under the supervision of the prosecutors. Not only this, the defense was kept in the dark concerning what charges were being pressed until the trials began.

Moreover, if counsel strongly asserted the rights of his client, he risked being arrested himself. This happened to all of the defense attorneys in the Krupp Trial. [22] In sum, like a claim that evidence in these ridiculous trials was untainted, any claim that the accused were provided a spirited defense is nothing but a sham. The sworn statement of a former prosecutor at Dachau is instructive:

"I, the undersigned Stephen F. Pinter, since 1920 attorney at the city of St. Louis, in the state of Missouri, U.S.A. do hereby declare that I worked as U.S. Army Attorney at Dachau between January 1946 and July 1947, as prosecutor. While I did my best to represent truly decent law and to prevent the justice of hate, there were a number of persons who repeatedly raised false or insufficiently proven accusations against German defendants, and who very often could obtain successes with the help of notoriously perjured witnesses before the military courts of that time, which did not correspond to the real facts. As a result of such injustice, unfortunately, many were innocently convicted and some even executed. This is especially so at the great trial of Dachau. Also at the Malmedy trial and detention camps at Malthausen and Buchenwald, in which I did not participate, as they were known for their illegalities." [23]

False Witnesses

As far as any testimony proffered by supposed cohorts and subordinates of the defendants at these bogus trials, their testimony was obtained by employing tactics simular to the ones used to "extract" the so-called confessions already discussed. In addition, several alternative techniques were available for obtaining these statements.

Perhaps one of the most bizarre of those used to obtain testimony from former concentration camp inmates were "stage shows" or "revues". [24] This involved placing former inmates in a dark auditorium while the defendants were placed on a well lit stage in front of them. The former camp inmates could then scream whatever accusations that they desired from the darkness. If no accusations were forthcoming, prosecutors cajoled the audience with threats. Once again, any exonerating statements coming from the crowd were destroyed.

German "witnesses" were forced to give evidence through persuasive measures such as being placed in a limbo-like imprisonment for years, being subjected to threats that they would be handed over to the Russians, and non-stop interrogation. Needless to say, any exculpating testimony from former inmates was easily prevented through intimidation and harsh caveats.

The 5th article, Part 19 of the London Agreement, which dictated the framework for IMT, actually read:

"The tribunal shall not be bound by technical rules of evidence. It shall adopt and apply to the greatest possible extent expeditious and non-technical procedure, and shall admit any evidence which it deems to have probative value."

For those not accustomed to deciphering legalistic double-speak, Part 19 basically states, "We will get evidence any way that we want, make up the rules as we go along, and change around anything that we like to suit our needs wherever and whenever we so desire." It is painfully obvious that they were not kidding.

In 1958, the NSG-Verfahren trials ("Nazi Crimes of Violence Trials), which were later conducted by the German State Administration of Justice Central Office for Investigation of National Socialist Crimes, completely under the direction of Jewish handlers, as if you couldn't guess, were created to address alleged crimes that Germans committed outside Germany under the National Socialist government. One of the most famous of the NSG trials was the Auschwitz circus trial. The NSG were every bit as ludicrous as the Dachau, Belsen, IMT, NMT, et al., show trials.

In order to garner "witnesses", The Central Office, or Public Prosecutors Office, actually distributed so-called Criminal Dossiers to all potential witnesses. These dossiers contained lists of all alleged perpetrators along with current and wartime photos of those individuals, as well as a detailed description of all crimes attributed to them.

Also included were lists of crimes that supposedly could have taken place, but to which a need of witnesses was present. The so-called witnesses were then instructed to identify any missing crimes, in addition to providing "testimony" concerning the "crimes" already listed. Anyone seriously seeking truth recognizes this method, applied to events twenty or thirty and sometimes fifty years old, as ridiculously unjust. It is nothing more than a program to manipulate, distort, channel, and "suggest" to a person's memory.

Interestingly, a Jewish professor named Elisabeth Loftus has done significant research on the supposed Jew holocaust, especially the "witness" testimony. She relates [25] how in her own experience a false sense of loyalty to her people prevented her from giving rebuttal testimony to blatantly open lies. In other words, a Jew's first concern is the Jewish agenda, truth and innocent lives be damned. This of course says nothing of the financial motivations of ambitious, Zionist holohoaxers in formulating those lies in the first place.

Curiously, a document produced by the Soviets at Nuremberg [26] (Doc. USSR-008) bearing the signatures of prominent Soviets, assigned blame for the mass murders at Katyn and in Poland on the Germans. This "evidence" was produced despite the fact that those endorsing it knew they were lying and that the Soviets were the true culprits of this genocidal act.

Let's not forget that the Communist Soviet regime was a Jewish creation and movement from its very beginning. It is just another one of the many labels given to a set of "ideals", with the true intent being a one world governmental system under Jewish control. The fraudulent nature of this "evidence" was finally exposed in 1991, when the Soviets were forced to admit that it was all their crime, meaning this supposed evidence, as in all such cases, was just another Jew lie. Had the defense been able to search for exonerating documents, this lie could have been exposed forty-five years before, and spared innocent people's lives from misery and murder at the hands of the inhuman, bloodthirsty, barbarous Jews.

Another curious document having to do with witnesses is the American Military Government Ordinance No. 1, enacted August 16, 1945. This obligated every German, on pain of life imprisonment, to give the Jew Allies any and all information that they required of them. A department known as "Special Project" was created in order to collect and store whatever they determined to be incriminating evidence against reluctant witnesses.

The material was then used to strongarm people and force them into adjusting their statements to the Jewish Allies' will, since they could now be threatened or blackmailed with prosecution if they refused to provide false evidence against others. Many were threatened with confiscation of property and imprisonment of their loved ones. These intimidation tactics can only be described as absolute tyranny. There was even an absurd instance, pursuant to the Malmedy show trials, where an incomplete and unsigned affidavit of a person that was accused, who had committed suicide because of the torture and abuse, was presented by the Jewish tyrants as evidence against others. [27]

German prisoners were for the most part detained in camps that consisted of fenced in meadows. Most had no shelter other than burrows that they had to dig themselves, by hand, into the ground. They were given inadequate portions of food, or no food at all, and were denied all medical assistance. The Jews had purposed that these destitute, war-ravaged people were to die from exposure or starve to death.

The Red Cross was barred from providing any assistance or intervening on their behalf. A Catholic Bishop's conference once described their conditions as "unworthy for human beings ... Many of these poor fellows are without news from home and have not been allowed to send a sign of life to their loved ones."

Needless to say, millions of Germans died in these camps [28] under such barbaric, primitive, and unsanitary conditions. This was the REAL World War II Holocaust, and it occurred after the war was supposed to be over. This was only half of the story, because millions of other Germans, citizens and non-combatants included, were sent into Russia as prisoners or for slave labor. Most who took that ominous trip never returned.

To add to the ignominy, it is a most shameful fact that 140,000 Germans were held on U.S. soil under such conditions. It is against this background, with offers of freedom for self and family, that much of the testimony for the bogus war crimes trials was obtained. Some of these men were used for other deceitful purposes. For instance, Jewish Allies had captured German SS troops at the end of the war and placed them in prison suits in order to shoot Jewish propaganda films at Mauthausen concentration camp. Those films identified the men as "starving inmates" of the German camps when, in reality, they were starving German soldiers under Allied Jew imprisonment. [29]

This was not an isolated event. Every Jew propaganda film has been produced under similar circumstances, not only using abused German POWs, but for example, stacks and stacks of bodies photographed from the Commie Jew Russian Revolution. At least one Jew propaganda film was made in the United States in Jew York, yet it was presented as an authentic documentary. This kind of deceit, unfortunately, represents only a small fraction of the Jewish misuse of the movie industry.

Today, that abuse and Jewish social engineering continues with its targets being the grandchildren and great grandchildren of the poor dupes who forfeited their lives to the treachery and lying deceitfulness of Roosevelt and his White House of fellow Communists. At this hour in history, the Jews are using the strong illusions of movies to manipulate the opinions and belief systems of young white girls and boys in an effort to cause them to murder their own race through the irrevocable sin of race-mixing. Moreover, the latest Jewish campaign is to use the power and might of the white Christian nations in a war against the Muslim nations of the world.

When World War II was ending, there were people in some camps who were dying of disease and hunger, but this was because the Jewish Allies deliberately bombed the railroads and supply routes to the camps, cutting them off, creating these severe conditions themselves. Then they turned around and dishonestly blamed it on the German government, who had formerly always made a point of taking good and proper care of the camp inmates.

We have seen that the German "witnesses" were tortured both mentally and physically to obtain false testimony which was used against themselves and others. The same category of tactics were employed to discourage legitimate defense witnesses from testifying. The Vereinigung der Verfolgten des Naziregines, or VVN, (Organization of Persons Persecuted by the Nazi Regime) decided which former camp inmates received food rations in what was a starving country at the time. Of course, VVN pressured former inmates to refrain from providing defense testimony. [30] VVN was later declared to be an unconstitutional Communist outfit, but by then, the damage was already done.

Additionally, all of the witnesses from Eastern Bloc nations were thoroughly examined before they were permitted to travel to the various show trials in the West. Only witnesses who were willing to incriminate the accused were allowed to leave the eastern states to give any testimony at all. [31] A further outrage was that witnesses who could not remember or disputed the existence of crimes alleged by the prosecution were not allowed to be sworn in. Such witnesses were threatened with arrest and in some instances were even prosecuted for perjury. [32]

For example, in one case, a judge advised a witness who swore that he was telling the court the truth: "You will be punished for this truth, I promise you." [33] That comment perspicuously describes the disgusting nature of the insane trials as they pertain to defense witnesses. There was also the maniacal sham Jerusalem Trial of Adolf Eichmann. Each of the Germans who wished to testify for Mr. Eichmann were singled out and threatened with arrest or death at the hands of the Mossad until most conveniently decided not to appear. [34]Those with courage were never called.

Under circumstances where any prosecution witness, holohoaxers in particular, could at any time include any and all defense witnesses as culprits in the hysterical allegations of the crazy Jews, it is somewhat of a wonder that any defense testimony was provided at all by former members of the SS, SD, Wehrmacht, etc.

In those rare circumstances where, after the Jewish torture routine, a SS man had given a false confession, a standard comment from the judge would be - "A valuable witness, one of the few who confirm at least some of what everyone knows anyhow." [35]

We have seen three types of hoaxawitnesses: the professional liar, the bullied and brutalised victim, and the hard-core Jewish hate witness. Although the distinction is not always easy to make, they all knew that there was virtually no chance of a prosecution witness being prosecuted for perjury in the event that the witness was caught in their lies. This fact in itself promotes perjury. The proceedings are nothing more than an evil Jewish joke, since prosecution witnesses were assured of this prior to testifying.

Foreign witnesses for the NSG show trials were permitted to immediately return home after testifying. This allowed them to completely evade cross examination or any scrutiny for perjured testimony, that is, if the defense was permitted to test their testimony at all. [36]

The official record of these demented circus trials also contained nothing more than summaries of the trial results, meaning that there were no court records containing the exact hard data of what had transpired, no literal information. In other words, it was impossible to pin down a holohoaxers to any precise statement, if the lies happened to later be brought to the surface. Again, this invites perjury once the holohoaxers are aware of the Jew game.

At the Auschwitz show trial, prosecution witnesses were even permitted to tell their tales to the press before trial, as well as having their stories in "Witness Information Pamphlets", published by holohoaxer organizations. The only things missing from the carnival atmosphere were the Lizard Lady, a Ferris Wheel, Cupie Dolls, and the daring young man on the flying trapeze.


"Hoaxees," or one deceived by the Jewish holocaust myth, as well as the holohoaxers, also like to point to the fact that the majority of the defendants did not deny the existence of an extermination policy against the Jews. They like to point out that the defendants only denied their involvement. This can best be explained by a modern example.

Let's suppose person "A" has reported that his car was stolen and suppose that person "B" is falsely accused, arrested and jailed for the crime that he did not commit. In reality, person "A" was pulling an insurance job on the car by falsely reporting it stolen in order to collect the theft insurance, while at the same time collecting a fee from unscrupulous operators of a car dealership. However, since "A" has filed a police report and the car is now out of state with a different serial number, Is person "B's" best chance of defense to challenge the existence of the car in the first place, or of a theft having been committed? Or, is his safest defense to simply show, whatever the situation, that he did not steal the car?

The latter might not be exactly easy in itself depending on the circumstances and the court atmosphere, but to challenge the existence of the crime, he has to essentially prove that "A" committed the crime of fraud. This is no easy task from a prison cell. Many factors need to simultaneously come together for such proof.

Police detectives and insurance investigators would have their hands full attempting to prove fraud; it would be almost impossible for a prisoner to successfully demonstrate such a crime. It would be more feasible for person "B" to attempt to show that he was not the one who stole the vehicle, but that defense carries with it the implicit concession that the car was indeed "stolen".

The same is true with the defendants at these phoney war crimes trials, and is all the more so, considering the hysterical environment that pervaded these farcical hearings and the prevailing general assumption promoted by the Jews that there had been a Reich state policy to exterminate the Jews. It is true that the Jews were rounded up or deported or asked to leave Germany, but Hitler's Germany was certainly not the first nation to ask the Jews to leave their soil. Edward I of England not only kicked them out of England, but made them wear identifying yellow badges resembling a big M or the stones of the Ten Commandments. He also hung a large number of the more notorious usury criminals, whose tyrannical use of money had brought such pain and suffering upon the English people. Some enterprising English sea captains took it upon themselves to drown 100's of the fleeing Jews, probably remembering how they had promoted the death and starvation of their relatives. The point is that there is hardly a country in Europe that at one time had not out of survival necessity demanded that the evil Jews and their anti-Christian sentiments leave their country. But this does not prove a "Holocaust" in England, Spain, or even Germany. In fact, Hitler's final solution was to send the Jews to Madagascar, that they might have their own homeland because it had been the Zionist desire for the Jewish homeland that had started World War I and World War II. Today, we might include Korea, Viet Nam, and Afghanistan.

A defendant at these so-called trials had no choice except to distance himself from the alleged crime for the means to disprove the existence of the crime at all were not provided him. As we have seen, the accused were given practically no defense, let alone an opportunity to disprove the "crimes" themselves. The newspaper Neues Osterreich, best sums up the Jewish attitude in its comment about the testimony:

"Whatever the accused cannot disprove did obviously take place, as incredible as it may sound."

Then there was always the unusually honest admission in the Jewish press that the Jerusalem Trials of Adolf Eichmann and John Demjanjuk were both show trials. [37] The Soviets were a little more up front, because they simply stated that they favored just executing the accused without any trial at all, since the guilt was self-evident anyhow. [38]

There was yet another reason why a witness or defendant could not dispute or dare to question the pretended crime itself in these Jew lynch mob surroundings - disputing it would bring a much harsher sentence for a defendant and a certain indictment for a witness, as if ruining the witnesses' careers was not enough.

This again brings us back to false confessions and fabricated testimony. Since the courts were always ready to make concessions for someone who was willing to "confess" or who would incriminate a third party, sooner or later the accused realised that a false confession or concession was the only hope for obtaining leniency from the superintendents of the Jewish court.

Another indication that these insane show trials were, and in actuality still are a travesty of justice, is the fact that the overwhelming majority of these defendants who were not murdered, continue to resolutely deny any guilt, even after serving many years or a lifetime in prison. As we had mentioned before, this type of behavior is totally out of character for guilty parties.

Criminals almost always concede their involvement in a crime after years of imprisonment, as anyone familiar with prisons well knows. This has even been admitted by at least one of their prosecutors, albeit grudgingly. [39]

Keep in mind, that none of these courts had any forensic evidence of any mass graves that contained the bodies of these supposedly exterminated Jews. Not one autopsy was ever performed which forensically showed the cause of anyone's death to be any of the methods claimed in the Jew holocaust fantasy theories.

In fact, scientific studies conducted pursuant to this topic have been intentionally withheld from the public. [40] There has been no location of, or even a search for, the monstrous burning sites necessary for the alleged crimes, and not one of the alleged mass murder weapons has ever been found, or even sought by courts bound by rule of law. [41] Rather, the outcome of these trials are exemplified by this disclosure:

"The incomprehensible was proven in a makeshift sort of way, but it was by no means investigated." [42]

The Show Trials In General

Over a quarter of a century ago, the ground-breaking Dr. Arthur Butz compared the war crimes show trials to the witchcraft trials of medieval Europe. [43] There are rather striking similarities indeed. Both pertain to the scientifically impossible, with no forensic evidence supporting any guilt. Each variety of these trials had the blame constantly shifting. Both are teeming with testimony from witnesses who were promised rewards, as well as confessions from defendants who were tortured.

Finally, both witch and Jew war crimes trials were spirited with hysteria. There is little difference between people who believe the bizarre claims of the holohoax promoters, those supporting bogus war crimes trials, and those medieval folks who accepted that their daughters were fornicating with serpents, casting spells on others, and dancing with toads, all because the devil made them do it. [44]

After all, these fraudulent war crimes trials were based on the premise that a nation known for scientific practicality, and which was trying to win in the face of a collapsing front, suddenly decided to waste precious man power and resources with the staggering project of executing millions of people in the middle if its industrial complexes.

These holohoaxers further require the belief that this nation, Germany, in the turmoil of defeat, then somehow managed to perfectly dispose of the entire body of relevant hard evidence of this monumental program, without leaving a trace of it anywhere for anyone to see. The more a person studies these ranting holohoax claims, the more they can relate to an inside view of the delirium in the days of the "witch" tales. There is a sobering lesson which the Jewish sponsors of the IMT, NMT, NSG, and the other bogus war crimes trials have taught us - For all their pretentious prattle about "civil rights", "due process", as well as them exalting themselves through their vehicles such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and ACLU as the champions of the First Amendment, Jews reveal a vicious vicissitude when upholding "rights" is not in line with the Zionist Jew agenda.

This same Jew venom will be directed at the blacks in the USA once they have finished serving their purpose toward the Jewish cause. Anyone who is stupid enough to believe otherwise is fervently deluding himself.

Any black out there that thinks the Jews are his friends better take two steps back and feel again. If you want to see your future in this new 21st century JUSA, take a good, long look at what the Jews have done to the Palestinians. Thanks to the Jewish immigration policies, among other Jew organized and implemented programs, the Mexicans have already passed you up; soon you will know what it is like to actually be a real minority. Jew mongrelization is breeding you out. The Jews may create mongrel superstars as "role models", but they do not represent you, they mock you. Colon Powell, Tiger Woods, Mariah Carrie and Pamela Anderson aren't real blacks and you know it as well as I do.

Many people seem indifferent to questioning the hoaxters' holocaust claims. They feel that the question is insignificant and often say things like, "It happened long ago and so what if the Germans in losing the war were unjustly accused and blamed for it?"

Yet when there are acts of terrorism broadcast on the talmudvision, these same people sit in front of their jewbox one-eyed monster, hanging on every word of the "news", as it spews forth out of the bowels of the Jewish media's selective programming. For some reason, it doesn't even begin to occur to these stooges that terrorism and the holohoax are inextricably intertwined.

As we have seen above from the Zionists' own words, the holohoax set the stage for the "shattering effect on the Christian conscience". This guilt trip was essential in order to secure the mislaid sympathy which was the basis for the formation of the colossal fraud known as the bastard bandit state of "Israel".

No honest person can deny that Israel's usurping presence in the Middle East is the root and fuel of "terrorism". Don't be duped into forgetting that these idiotic "war crimes trials" are the only so-called "proof" that there ever was such a thing as a WW II holocaust against the Jews.

No matter what you believe, no matter how you feel, no matter what you "think", no matter what your "rationalization", no matter what you have downloaded into your mind from that infernal talmudvision, or what you have seen in any jewspaper, you simply cannot separate the Jews apart from the Big Lie, the Big Lie being their fake erroneous holocaust, because it is a part of their very composition; it is their religion and a fundamental way they manipulate unthinking peoples in order to bring them closer and closer toward unmitigated world domination.

Making themselves the victims in order to illicit sympathy from people who should be their enemies, while the Jews themselves continue to victimize the people stupid enough to feel sorry for them or believe their lies, has long been the tactic of the Satanic Jews and Satan himself. This writer believes that it was the Jews and their fellow-travelers in the US government and the Mossad that murdered John F. Kennedy. Time has shown that only the Jews profited by his death. Any diabolical group capable of murdering a popular US president, is certainly capable of manipulating the blowing-up of federal building and even the Word Trade Center towers in New York, all in an attempt to promote false American patriotism against the Muslim peoples of the world. If you and I don't stand up against the true tyrants and their one world police state, and, as Franklin said, "hang together", then we will certainly hang separately because the Jews intend to hang every goyim. Read the Talmud and quit listening to Jewish preachers.


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