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Date: 5/3/99 8:40:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Subject: Jews to Extort California Insurance Companies
(and customers through higher rates)
Posted by: Capt. Morgan on Sunday, 2 May 1999, at 6:05

After the Jews successful extortion of Swiss Banks-Now California
puts pressure
on Holocaust-era insurers...This is from today's news- LOS ANGELES
(Reuters) -
The state of California on Friday began a campaign to force
European insurance
companies and their American subsidiaries to pay out on prewar
policies bought by
Holocaust survivors. (Check YOUR policy-Automatic cancel clause
during Wars on
mine) California Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush (I did
not make up
his name-honest)outlined a number of measures during a news
briefing, including
the establishment of an Internet site naming recalcitrant insurers,
the inauguration
of a letter-writing campaign and the possible shutdown of the
California operations
of some of the insurance companies. (if you work there-you better
freshen up your
resume and contact your creditors and bank to let them know you
might be a little
late with your payments) "There is a limit to our patience. When
they feel the heat,
they will see the light," Quackenbush said at the Simon Wiesenthal
Center, an
organization dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust. (how much
taxpayer money
went in to build this-can Arianna or anyone find out?) There are
about 20,000
Holocaust victims living in California out of about 860,000 people
worldwide who
managed to survive Adolf Hitler's death camps. About 6 million Jews
killed(someone provide me with all their names and then I will
believe your
figure-otherwise stick to the 400-500k that many experts agree on)
during the
Second World War by the Nazis. The battleground has shifted to
American soil,(
where survivors and the descendants of victims are fighting
European insurance
companies (afraid of bad media attention by the jewish dominated
benefits they believe they are entitled to from life insurance
policies they and their
families took out before the war but for which they have received
no money.
(Policies are automatically Canceled due to any wars-Check your
fine print in your
own policy...Who keeps accurate records for 55 years-BEFORE
computers-anyway??...) Quackenbush, a Republican, (butt kissing,
sell out)was
joined by Gov. Gray Davis and State Attorney General Bill Lockyer,
Democrats, (want jew and media backing for reelection-so are ready
to force stress
and possible unemployment on their own people for the sake of
israel)to stress the
bipartisan (???)nature of the effort to get the insurance companies
to pay. (No
Pay-No California State insurance contracts and more crackdowns...)
Quackenbush outlined a six-point pressure plan (extortion plan?)
under which: --
Letters will be sent to all insurance companies operating in
taxpayer money) asking that they inform his office whether they or
any of their
affiliated European companies issued policies in Europe before the
Second World
War. -- An alliance of organizations and individuals has been
formed to "mount a
massive outreach effort" (outreach to european pockets) to help
identify Holocaust
survivors and the families of victims with insurance claims.
(folks-this is called
ambulance chasing) -- There will be an advertising campaign in 30
of the state's
largest newspapers urging such people to come forward. (Again paid
by taxpayers
and benefitting the jewish owners of the papers for ad revenue) --
Letters and
simplified claim forms will be sent to survivors and victims' heirs
throughout the
state. (again using taxpayer money for strictly political reasons)
-- A toll-free
telephone number will be set up to answer questions and process
claims. (again at
taxpayer money) -- A Web site ( has
been set up to
identify companies that have failed to pay valid claims. (brand
them with a scarlet
letter and have people boycott theinsurers until they "pay UP") The
site also
contains the names of officials of those companies and instructions
on how to
contact them, (harassment capmaigns-invasion of privacy and
nuisance calls until
they give in to the extortion) as well as electronic claim forms.
During the news
conference, state Sen. Tom Hayden (Jane Fonda's ex and a draft
dodging bleeding
liberal from the 60's)handed Quackenbush a petition calling for the
suspension of
64 insurance companies practicing in California that have failed to
Holocaust-era claims. (How many Jobs in 64 companies-Anyone know)
them he named Allianz AG, the Munich-based parent company of one of
state's largest life insurance companies, Fireman's Fund. "Allianz
AG does $1.4
billion a year in business in California, and Fireman's Fund does
$1.7 million a
year. In all, there are 73 subsidiaries of 64 European insurance
companies doing
business in California," Hayden said. Spokesmen for Allianz and
Fireman's were
not immediately available, but Riccardo Niccolini, U.S. president
of Italian
insurance giant Assicurzioni Generali, which has also been accused
by California
of being "recalcitrant" over Holocaust claims, said his company was
committed to
a "fair and comprehensive resolution" of the problem.(Is your
company, industry,
civil rights next?) I challenge anyone here to say I'm an
Anti-Semite...I am 100%
PRO-AMERICAN who is had enough of being taken advantage of by Jews
those they have bought (most of government in many areas of the
world today) who
love their country more than ours, have the $$ (through this and
other similar type
scams...RTI just to name a few and the Power (media outlets and
paid off
politicians) who are more interested in re election than the
Constitutioon and we
the people they are supposed to serve ) They now think that just
because we have
allowed them to crap all over our Constitution, (through media
especially the last 7 years-they can now roll it up and use it for
toilet paper...

ex American (waiting til the dust settles to come back home)


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