Subj: ZGram - February 11, 1999 - "End Times / End Games"
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From: (E. Zundel)

Copyright (c) 1999 - Ingrid A. Rimland

February 11, 1999

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

As practically all of the world's Free-Speechers know, in 1995 a German
native and naturalized American, Hans Schmidt, 68, misspoke himself by
coining the, by now, immemorable phrase ". . . Jew- and

Schmidt was venting his feelings in a letter written and mailed on American
soil to a member of Germany's post World War II elite about both the
current German media and the toadies in the German Government.

Those four words cost him near-instant arrest and a five-month
incarceration experience in one of Germany's old and most unpleasant
prisons, after he went to Germany to visit his ailing mother, then in her
90s. Despite the fact that Schmidt was an American, with his rights
protected under the First Amendment, this man was unceremoniously put in
the slammer, with not a peep on his behalf from our government. much less
meaningful diplomatic intervention.

It was only due to relentless letter-writing by hundreds if not thousands
of people all over the world - including a vigorous letter campaign out of
the Zundel-Haus and numerous appeals for citizen's actions from the
Zundelsite - that he was finally released, pending trial. Some German
authorities have since commented that they had never experienced anything
like it - that they were simply inundated with angry protests from the
farthest corners of the world.

Schmidt's case became a very hot political potato because of the
ever-escalating protests and negative publicity for the German regime. And
so they let him go. (Actually, he was ordered to face trial but was
released, handed his passport - highly unusual! - and given to understand
that if he chose to leave the country, skipping trial, chances were no one
would stop him . . . )

Hans Schmidt is known for his sharp pen. If Ernst Zundel said in Canada
what Hans Schmidt still dares to say in Florida, luckily protected under
the umbrella of the First Amendment, Ernst would be tried, convicted,
jailed and deported so fast that all you would see is a dust cloud.

We all know that Schmidt is quite capable of pushing the limits of what can
be said - and still have a chance to live to a ripe old age. This he has
done once again. Yesterday I received a brand new Hans Schmidt book title
in the mail.

It is called "End Times / End Games" and shows a tower with the Star of
David whose base has crumbled away. I haven't yet read the book and,
therefore, I cannot state an opinion - I just quickly scanned the odd
paragraphs and, of course, the index. However, you can find out for
yourself by writing for some information to PO Box 11124, Pensacola, FL

There is a sub-chapter in this book pertaining to the Zundel struggle,
appropriately titled "Truth is not a Defense." It's quintessentially Hans
Schmidt who likes to quote right from the horse's mouth wherever possible:

"Jewish writer Jack Selzer states 'All this Jew...posturing about
'tolerance of dissent' is just another Zionist swindle, the sort of thing
which they forever preach to others but never practice themselves.' (...)

This ... is starkly exhibited in the enormity of the advertising
extravaganza mounted on behalf of the 6 million/Gas Chamber stories which
Jewish analyst Zygmunt Bauman says is 'polluting the world of the living'
by what he terms 'the Holocaust syndrome...sort of 'competition for
victimhood,' a 'pecking order of pain'... having a hereditary claim to
sympathy ... self-perpetuating and self-reproducing...' (Tikkun,
July-August 1998).

(A)ll Americans who want to retain their incomes, careers and good names
must assent to the 'Holocaust syndrome' or be branded 'deniers,' a category
defined exclusively by skepticism toward the axiom that Jewish lore is the
inerrant divinity of the cosmos.

Truth, history, evidence play no part in the equation. This was the
ruling...during the prosecution of Canadian publisher and homicidal gas
chamber skeptic Ernst Zundel, when the government's human rights tribunal
decreed that truth was no defense: 'It was the submission of the
Commission that truth was not a defense to a discriminatory practice under
s. 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act (herein referred to as the 'Act').

Moreover, it was strenuously argued by the Commission that allowing Mr.
Christie (Zundel's defense lawyer) to pursue this line of questioning was
antithetical to the very purpose of human rights legislation...the dignity
of the complainants and the proceedings should not be diminished by
allowing the respondent to prove or test the truth of inherently offensive
comments.' (...)

The truth about Judaism or the hoax the Soviets perpetrated in Auschwitz
has now become 'inherently offensive' and 'discriminatory.' These
sophistic snares are employed to defeat reality itself.

In the name of equality a special master class of 'hereditary victims' has
been elevated to so stratospheric a 'dignity' that they must be protected
even from the truth. Because telling the truth would offend this master
class, truth itself is proscribed as racist and discriminatory.

This Orwellian decree subverts the core of Western Civilization's most
cherished principles of jurisprudence and scholarship. One would think
that those who have made it their eponymous, lifetime vocation to
'conserve' our heritage would make the human rights ruling against Zundel
and the underlying 'Holocaust syndrome' which empowers it a major focus of
protest and dissent. Instead, conservatives have hermetically sealed the
issue in the sarcophagus of their own pusillanimity.

The corollary to the master class is the categorization of a class of
misfits and devils who are so low in status in 'democratic' society that
any lie may be told about them with impunity. Bauman: '. . . in a world
haunted by the ghost of the Holocaust, such assumed would-be persecutors
are guilty in advance, guilty of being seen as inclined or able to engage
in another genocide. They need commit no crime. Standing accused of just
being suspect, true to the message of Kafka's The Trial, is already their
crime, the only crime needed to cast them as criminals and to justify harsh
preventive/punitive measures.

'The ethics of hereditary victimhood reverses the logic of the Law; the
accused remain criminals until they have proven their innocence - and since
it is their prosecutors who conduct the hearings and decide the validity of
the argument, they have slim chance of their arguments being accepted in
court. ...Thus the status of hereditary victim may take the moral
reprobation off such new victimization . . .' (Tikkun, op. cit)

By this process, advanced under the rubric of 'human rights,' impudent
falsehoods cannot be countered, because to do so offends the master class
of hereditary victims. It is easy to see that in this state of affairs,
the whole discourse of society is plunged into the illusion engendered by
Jewspeak and the masses become too benighted and gullible to espouse the
truth about anything of substance, when to do so means to risk defamation
as a 'denier' or a 'discriminator.'

And herein lies the key to understanding the enormous significance of the
contest at hand. Many people concerned almost wholly with restoring the
Constitution or preserving the white race often question the utility of
organized skepticism toward gas chamber atrocity stories or sustained
criticism of Zionism and Talmudism.

What they fail to see is that the advancement of even Constitutional and
racial issues is impaired and inhibited by the intense level of
intimidation operating as a condition of the continuation of Jewish
supremacy. When a society is forced to suppress independent thinking in
sublimation to the irrational demands of the 'Holocaust syndrome', it will
exhibit the same denial of reality when any other controversial issue comes
to the fore, assuming that issue is clothed in the habiliments of human
rights, sensitivity, 'hate speech' and similar appeals to the sacred status
of various supposedly historical and hereditary victims such as ... blacks,
Mexicans and homosexuals.

The continued uncritical acceptance of the party line about World War II
and the benevolence of Judaism is intrinsically linked to the continuing
uncritical acceptance of every other hoax and illusion peddled by the media
and educational establishment.

In the 'pecking order of pain' it is 'racist' to claim that anyone suffered
more than Jews did. That such Jewish claims are themselves racist cannot
be acknowledged by those who wish to maintain their reputations in the
community and their careers in the establishment.

There's a 'Holocaust Memorial' coming soon to every city in America to
commemorate the massacre which overshadows all others by 6 million light
years, accompanied by daily 'Holocaust' films and 'human rights' pep
rallies where all who understand the perils of not having 'goodthink' in
their heads will cheer with mindless gusto.

But this relentless hysteria over Jewish suffering is absurdly
incommensurate with what actually transpired in this blood-drenched 20th
century, which has seen tens of millions of Christian, Russian and East
European peasants shot, drowned, tortured, frozen or worked to death at the
hands of the Soviet Union's early Jewish-Communist leadership (Lenin,
Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamanev, Kaganovich and hundreds of others).

Israel Shahak: "An examination of radical, socialist and communist parties
can provide many examples of disguised Jewish chauvinists and racists, who
joined these parties merely for reasons of Jewish interest and are . . . in
favor of 'anti-Gentile' discrimination. (Jewish History, Jewish Religion).

(end of excerpt)

Dr. Shahak is a genuine Israeli Human Rights activist who has long been
involved in exposing the human rights violations against Palestinians by
the Israeli government, Israel's courts, the military, police and Secret
Services. His shockingly revealing book tells it loud and clear what the
Jewish set-up really is. Only after reading Shahak's book can one properly
understand what's really going on in the world and why certain people act
the way they act.

That Schmidt is onto something in this "competition for victimhood" and
"copyright on pain" can best be illustrated by the Canadian government's
seizure and banning of my trilogy, Lebensraum, wherein I describe the
terrible ordeals suffered by my German Mennonite brethren at the hands of
Soviet Bolshevik - many of them documented by reputable sources to have
been Jews in highest echelons.

My trilogy gives a semblance of balance and perspective, for it shows the
tragedy and suffering of not only ethnic Germans on both sides of the ocean
but Slavs caught up in that great human tragedy called World War II. The
characters in my book illustrate vividly that the persecution of the Jews
was not unique - and that Jews were not the only or even the major victims
of that war.


Thought for the Day:

"In the whole world, is there any other group of people who
hold everyone else responsible for their dead relatives and
demand money in their names?"

(Letter to the Zundelsite)

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