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Understanding Holocaust-Persecution Better

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The Good Holocauster's Dilemma

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (German Daily, Jan. 6, 1999, p. 38), once again, produced an outstanding description of the Jewish Holocaust. Under the title "The Olympiad of Sufferings" it lists the many holocausts and sufferings of various nationalities very briefly, but, at the end, the paper makes it clear, that there is only one real holocaust-grief – Jewish suffering. However, there cannot be an "Olympiad of Sufferings" since other nations are not allowed to compete with the Jews for the "Goldmedal" at suffering (that would be called; minimising the Jewish holocaust, and in Germany that is punishable by law and a five year jail sentence is usually imposed), it should therefore be more appropriately called "Holympics". A Holympiad in which only Jewish "professionals" are striving for excellence and the "GOLD".

And what is one allowed to say in Germany about the holocaust? Only one sentence of a religious type confession: "We Germans have committed the worst crime in the history of mankind and gassed 6 million Jews!" Any other opinion might bring the dangers of the accusation of "belittling" (what ever that means) of the holocaust.

Just think, there is no law in Germany that exactly defines what "belittling" means, but gives the authorities the power to persecute and prosecute. The arbitrarily used paragraph 130 of the German penal-code does not specify any "number of victims" one has to mention in order not to break the law. Paragraph 130 also does not specify which killing-method one has to believe in or speak about in discussions, in order not to run foul of the law. But anyone, who cannot believe for what ever reason, that 6 million Jews were gassed, goes to jail for up to five years.

Jewish prophecies in the Thora requires that 6 million Jews must "vanish" before the state of Israel can be formed. "You shall return minus 6 million." [1] That's why Tom Segev, an Israeli historian, declared that the "6 million" is an attempt to transform the holocaust story into state religion. Those six million, according to prophesy, had to disappear in "burning ovens", which the judicial version of the holocaust now authenticates. As a matter of fact, Robert B. Goldmann writes: ". . .without the Holocaust, there would be no Jewish State." [2] A simple consequence: Six million Jews gassed at Auschwitz who ended up in the "burning ovens" (the Greek word holocaust means burned offerings), therefore, the prophesies have now been "fulfilled" and Israel can become a "legitimate state". Today, nobody in Germany is allowed to talk about the easy recognisable trend to turn the holocaust-story into a world wide religion.

Let's assume that the typical German "Good Holocauster" reads in a newspaper: "The annihilation of Jews in gas chambers was part of the 'final solution' at the Wannsee-Conference in January 1942." [3] and later he learns from the holocaust museum-director in Israel, professor Yehuda Bauer, that this was just a "silly story, which everyone keeps repeating". [4] However, no German citizen is allowed to quote the professor, instead has to repeat religiously: "Six million Jews were gassed by we Germans, committing the worst crime since the beginning of the world."

Let's assume that the typical German "Good Holocauster", whose brain is filled with official government "holocaust-formulae" and is convinced that massive gassings of Jews DID take place in the Auschwitz main camp according to the Frankfurt court verdict (The Great Auschwitz Trial, 50/4 Ks 2/63), now reads in a newspaper article by holocaust-expert Linda Grant, that "this Auschwitz had no such facilities." [5] Here too, we see that the politically correct German citizen is not permitted, by law, to quote holocaust-expert Linda Grant, but he is required to believe: "Six million Jews were gassed by we Germans, committing the worst crime since the beginning of the world."

Let's assume that the typical German "Good Holocauster", by some strange coincidence, gets hold of two court-verdicts from trials against so-called holocaust-murderers. The evidence in one trial makes the point that "Maidanek had no homicidal gassing facilities" [6], while the other "proves" that "mass gassings" took place in the same camp. [7] Here too, the politically correct holocaust-citizen in Germany is not allowed to inquire about the obvious discrepancy arising from the above contradiction. The poor Holocauster risks, once again, a five year jail term.

Let's assume that the typical German "Good Holocauster" studies the Nuremberg Tribunal proceedings against German "war-criminals" and has reassured himself, through reading document 3311-PS, that hundreds of thousands of Jews were "steamed to death in Treblinka". But some years later, the baffled Good Holocauster gets hold of the great Düsseldorf Treblinka verdict (KI Ks 2/64) in which it clearly states; that the victims in the Treblinka camp were never steamed to death but "gassed to death". The now totally confused politically correct holocauster is not permitted to question this oddity: Gassing or steaming? that is the question (apology to William Shakespeare). Perhaps for Hamlet, but it is certainly not permitted for our Good Holocauster. Off he goes to jail!

Let's assume that the typical German "Good Holocauster" studies the Nuremberg Tribunal proceedings against German "war-criminals" and has reassured himself, once again, by reading document 3249-PS, that an "eyewitness, by the name of Franz Blaha, has actually seen "mass gassings" in Dachau. But since 1961, our Good Holocauster was told that: "Nobody was gassed in Dachau". According to the local museum director and a sign mounted in the corner of a fictitious gas chamber, printed in five different languages: "Gas chamber – never used". Franz Blaha committed perjury about the "gassings of Dachau", hence his eye-witness accounts are no longer valid. If our really confused poor Good Holocauster dares to ask, why then are "eye-witness" accounts on the "mass gassings" in Auschwitz considered fundamental proof that this atrocity took place, he will be rewarded with five years in the clink for his trouble.

Let's assume that the typical German "Good Holocauster" would read Germany's Supreme Court verdict against Günter Deckert (1 StR 179/94), where the high-court firmly established that 6 million Jews were killed, "almost all of them in gas chambers", but later he learns from Daniel J. Goldhagen's book 'Hitler's Willing Executioners' that the "gassing of Jews by Germans was only a sideline of the holocaust." [8] Here also, the good German Holocauster has to adhere to the courts statement and believe in the mass-gassings. Nevertheless, Goldhagen was awarded US$ 6.000 together with "The German Democracy-Prize" by the Kohl-regime on March 10, 1998, where as our Good Holocauster now almost pulling his hair out with confusion. Asking questions will be rewarded with up to five years in prison.

Let's assume that the typical German "Good Holocauster" reads in the newspaper that the chief-rabbi of Poland has stated that "6 million Jews were murdered in Auschwitz" [9], but knew from †Heinz Galinski, former leader of the Jews in Germany, "4 million were murdered in Auschwitz" [10], only to be told by Galinski, again, two years later, that the "correct" number is more like "1.5 million" [11]. On top of that, our obedient German Good Holocauster has to endure the pain of being told by J.C. Pressac, a French Holocaust-Expert, commissioned by the Jewish Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, that in Auschwitz approximately "470 000" [12] Jews were gassed. The international missing persons division of the Red Cross in Arolsen, Germany, came up with "66.206" fatalities, of all causes, for Auschwitz (all nationalities combined). Now our Good Holocauster is facing total insanity, he is panicking, suffering palpitations of the heart. His breathing is chaotic, he feels dizzy. He knows, there is only one way out to help him, he reaches out for bottles of scotch and pills,  for he is not allowed to raise any question on the official contradictions. If he in his demented state of mind, dares or has the energy to even whisper about his confusion, he will be carried off by men in white coats, armed with sedation needles, to face up five years in prison.

The typical German Good Holocauster finding himself in more pain and confusion despite having received some basic medical treatment from men in white coats. One day, he finds himself standing outside the main entrance of Frankfurt University Clinic. A medical student, instinctively observing the demented state of this individual, immediately guides him to the Department of Psychology of Mr. Isaac Rosenstein, the leading Holocaust Psychiatrist. Mr. Rosenstein quickly assesses the symptoms and is very prompt in dealing with this ever increasing phenomena of the typical Good German Holocauster. He makes him lie on a leather couch and encourages him to relax. The procedure starts with the softly spoken Mr. Rosenstein, gazing deeply into the Good Holocauster's eyes: "Dear Mr. Good Holocauster, I want you to look into my eyes, relax and  sleep. Ignore all other sounds but the sound of my voice. Listen to all I have to tell you and when I tell you to believe, believe. Relax and sleep, relax and sleep." Mr. Rosenstein produces from his waist-coat a medallion on a long chain. The round, golden medallion is engraved with the Star of David. He professionally swings it gently back and forth, back and forth as he whispers: "Ralax, be content, do not resist, just believe. You only have to believe. When you come out of your deep sleep, you will feel better, totally confident and you will be able to participate in the good life once again, as millions of other born again Holocausters have experienced." When Mr. Rosenstein counted to six, the typical German Good Holocauster awakes and smiles for the first time in years. He exclaims ecstatically: "Hallelujah, hallelujah, I believe, I truly believe." Mr. Rosenstein, a sensitive being, takes a tissue from his pocket and wipes away the tears from the corners of his eyes: "Thank God, thank God, I have saved another lost Holocaust-Soul".

ALL holocausts can be scrutinised, investigated, researched and questioned. Whether it is the 15 million German Holocaust victims or the 54 million Russian Holocaust victims in the ex-Soviet-Union, ordered by mostly Jewish commissioners. Regardless which Holocaust we want to study, the Armenian-Holocaust, the Cossack-Holocaust, the Negro-Holocaust caused by Jewish slave traders, the Cambodian-Holocaust, the Chinese-Holocaust, all Holocausts can be questioned – except the Jewish-holocaust.

No investigations or scientific researches are allowed! The "Central Council of Jews in Germany" scream immediately, to bring holocaust-heretics "to justice". "The Willing Judges" of the Jewish leader in Germany, Ignatz Bubis, go into action at once to perform orgies of the most vile persecutions. Looking at all these unatoned Holocausts that have taken place in our lifetimes history. Horst Mahler, a lawyer and former RAF (Red Army Faction) sympathiser stated: "The holocaust is neither incomprehensible nor unique." The "Jewish Council of Jews in Germany" reacted immediately, telling the German justice system: "Denying the singularity of the shoa is historically wrong and conceivably punishable by law." [14]


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