The New Religion: Holocaustianity

By Joe Furioso


Is it just me or does the story of the holocaust exhibit a grotesque mimicry of Christianity?

1) Christianity centers on the crucifixion of god's only begotten son whereas the holocaust centers on the annihilation of six million of god's chosen children.

2) For both Christianity and the holocaust the victim is entirely blameless.

3) For Christians, Jesus is the light of the world. Jews are the self-described ''light of nations''.

4) Both victims experience resurrection; Jesus rises on the third day and Israel rises, Phoenixlike out of the ashes of the Holocaust.

5) Christianity has its spotless virgin; the holocaust has Anne Frank.

6) On the way to Calvary Jesus is helped by Simon the Cyrene; the holocaust has it's ''righteous gentiles''.

7) For Christians, Jesus' death makes salvation possible; the holocaust forever discredits racist nationalism thereby insuring the triumph liberal democracy with its commitment to multiculturalism and diversity.

8) For both events the historical evidence is relatively thin, and both rely almost entirely on eyewitness testimony.

9) The Church regards deniers as heretics, tools of Satin and will not debate them; Jews regard revisionists as deniers with a satanic political agenda i.e. anti-Semitism and the resurrection of the radical right.

10) Pilate is the consummate bureaucrat, a mere cog in the machinery of imperial Rome: he does his job efficiently and without passion. His Holocaust counterpart is Eichmann who was described by Hannah Arendt as exhibiting the ''banality of evil''

11) Both Christianity and the Holocaust have their official houses of worship, churches for Christianity, museums and memorials for the Holocaust. In each case the larger ones contain actual relics.

12) Both have their official chroniclers; Christianity has the gospels and the holocaust has the accounts of Hillburg, Daswidowitz, Levin.

13) Christianity had Paul, ''Preacher to the Gentiles''. Elie Wiesel performs that same roll for the holocaust.

14) Both tales underwent extensive in-house revision. Just as some of the earlier accounts of Jesus, many of them actually quite popular were eventually jettisoned by the early church fathers in favor of a more streamlined version, so were many wartime claims about how the Jews were slaughtered, expunged from their official story.

15) For both Christianity and the Holocaust the actual instruments of death, the cross and the gas chambers have become part of the official iconography

16) Jesus was killed alongside two others but only his death is regarded as having cosmic importance, similarly the Jewish deaths among the 40-60 million who perished in World War ll.

17) The spiritual elite of Christianity, the clergy claims legitimacy through apostolic succession which spiritually connects them to the Twelve Apostles. Judaism has its elite, ''holocaust survivors', ''children of Holocaust survivors'', ''children of the children of holocaust survivors'' which is a kind of ''holocaustic succession''

18) Christianity blamed the Jews for the crucifixion; Jews blame Christianity for the Holocaust!

19) Christians sometimes speak of a ''Second Coming'', the Jews never stop warning of a second holocaust

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