Subj: ZGram - February 28, 1999 - "From the good city of Nanaimo"
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February 28, 1999

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Mr. Dennis Shaw, who gentlemanly-fashion made Mr. Keller of the Toronto
Globe and Mail fall mute and, so we hope, pensive about some well-known
Holocaust shibboleths, has taken on another writer - this time one Hubert
Byer of the Nanaimo Times.

On August 9, 1994 Mr. Beyer let loose with the following: "No, no, no -
Ernst Zundel doesn't deserve to be a citizen of Canada". Having saved that
article and, in response, Mr. Shaw wrote recently:

"I have been waiting since 1994 to nail a local columnist for what he wrote
about Ernst. It occurs to me that Ernst may have a source of income here.

"The article below was probably syndicated in several newspapers, and
similar incidents may have occurred in papers Canada-wide, so he might make
settlements with quite a few papers and writers for libel ? Or perhaps a
complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission :)?

The Beyer article itself is Poison Pen City, and I won't cite it here. But
Mr. Beyer can be reached at (Let ***that*** melt on
your tongue...!)

Here's Dennis:

Good Day Mr Beyer

I have in front of me your column dated 9 Aug 94, published in the Nanaimo
Times, and titled "No, Zundel does not deserve to be a citizen of Canada".
I have saved it because you are a man of principle, and you are against
Zundel because he denies "the holocaust". You are a German who says proudly
in your column "I cannot close my eyes to the truth".

Not knowing what to think on this topic, I recently asked a journalist like
you (an editor of the Globe and Mail) to tell me what the Jews say is the
truth about "the holocaust". Like you, he claimed that 6 million Jews were
killed. Because he is a Jew I asked him for authoritative statements from
Yad Vashem, the world center of Holocaust studies, so that I could show
"holocaust deniers" were they are wrong. It seems he can not do that
because he never replied to me again.

So I went myself to Jewish sources. And now I want to tell you that two of
Yad Vashem's top experts consider that when Hubert Beyer told his readers
in 1994 that "6 million Jews were slaughtered in Auschwitz, Belsen-Belsen
(which I think should be Bergen-Belsen), Treblinka, and other death camps",
that Hubert Beyer was the one telling the lie, not Zundel. I am sure that
you are spreading a lie unwittingly, not deliberately - the Jews told you 6
million and you naturally believed them.

You wrote in 1994 that "Zundel is guilty of a most vile crime: attempting
to poison minds". Unhappily, Mr Beyer, you have unknowingly helped to
poison the minds of my four children who were taught in school that 6
million were killed.

You wrote in 1994 "...How do I describe my loathing when I see a man like
Zundel abuse the right to free speech...", but Zundel suffered two long
trials for saying exactly what Yad Vashem says today. Yad Vashem agrees and
admits that Zundel was absolutely right and correct and truthful back in
1988 - the figure 6 million is a myth. Can a man abuse free speech when he
tells the truth ?

You wrote in 1994 "I have seen the newsreel footage taken by war
correspondents who were with the advancing Allied troops that liberated the
death camps". But recently an official of the Washington, DC, Holocaust
Memorial Council admitted that "... American troops did claim that people
were gassed at Dachau, but after historical study the consensus seems to be
that people were executed in many ways, but not gassed". So was the message
of the newsreels distorted?

And the Jewish Princeton historian Arno Mayer admitted in his book that
more Jews perished at Auschwitz as a result of typhus and other natural
causes than were executed. What you called in 1994 "... the nightmarish
scenes of corpses piled high..." was the result of typhus. Typhus was the
result of Allied bombing which stopped the delivery of Zyklon B to the
camps for fumigating. Is Arno Mayer telling the truth, or not ?

You wrote in 1994 "...I have read Anne Frank's diary many times and
cried...". You must know by this time that a ball point pen was used to
write the diary, and that the Jews themselves are arguing over who wrote

In conclusion, if Yad Vashem admits that Zundel was telling the truth, then
Hubert Beyer must also admit it, because you have said in print that "I
cannot close my eyes to the truth". I ask you Mr Beyer, will you now offer
another column to the Nanaimo Times putting the record straight ? I remind
you that in 1994 you wrote "...there are laws that transcend justice
systems and criminal codes, laws of truth and decency, virtue and

I don't think that you should wait for Mr Zundel to start a libel suit
against you. I think you should do the decent thing. Jewish Professor
Yehuda Bauer used to believe the 6 million figure, but now is quoted by the
Northern California Jewish Bulletin as saying "We do not have to go on
believing untrue stories", so you will be in impeccable company.

Dennis (father of 4 brainwashed children) A reply would be appreciated.

(Below is honest Jewry's latest version of the holocaust, in case you need
to write what they say in order to save your job.)

Jewish Authorities on the Jewish holocaust

One of Israel's leading holocaust scholars is Yehuda Bauer. I believe that
he was quoted in the New York Times on 12 Nov 89 as saying that "the number
of Jews murdered at Auschwitz is far fewer than commonly reported".

A leading Jewish historian, Raoul Hilberg, is quoted as saying in an
interview with the Jerusalem Post on 28 Jun 86 "the 6 million figure was
adopted very early. It was based mainly on hearsay evidence... maybe we
have to rethink the figure of 6 million".

It seems to me that the Auschwitz State Museum in Poland, along with
Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust Center, announced in July 1990 that
altogether perhaps one million people died there. (not 4 million)

I am told that the London Daily Telegraph quoted Schmuel Krakowski, who is
head of the Yad Vashem memorial for Jewish victims of the holocaust, as
saying that the new Polish figures of less than one million Jews deported
to Auschwitz are correct, and that 300 000 at most perished there. The
Daily Telegraph seems to have stated that the concrete plaques at Auschwitz
claiming four million victims have been removed from the Auschwitz museum.

Apparently Princeton University history professor Arno Mayer, who is
Jewish, recently wrote a book in which he acknowledges that more Jews
perished at Auschwitz as a result of typhus and other natural causes than
were executed.

Steven Vitto, a library technician for the Holocaust Memorial Council in
Washington, DC, appears to have written in a letter to a member of the
public that "...American troops did claim that people were gassed at
Dachau, but after historical study the consensus seems to be that people
were executed in many ways, but not gassed..."

I believe that the Princeton historian, Professor Arno Mayer (who is
Jewish), wrote in the late 1980's that "sources for the study of the gas
chambers are at once rare and unreliable".

Holocaust historians rely heavily on so-called "survivor testimony" to
support the extermination story, but Samuel Gringautz apparently wrote in
January 1950 (Jewish Social Studies (New York), Vol 12, page 65), "most of
the memoirs and reports [of "holocaust survivors"] are full of preposterous
verbosity, exaggeration, dramatic effects, overestimated self-inflation,
philosophizing, lyricism, unchecked rumors, bias, and partisan attacks."

A leading German newspaper (die Welt, 4 Jun 95) seems to me to have run the
following statement taken from the pages of a leading Israeli newspaper
(Ma'ariv, Tel Aviv) - "It is well known that the Germans never made soap
from the fat or ashes of the Jews - this is a legend. If Jews can lie about
soap, our haters will say, they are also capable of lying when it comes to
gas chambers and crematoria".

Jewish historian Walter Laqueur is reported as acknowledging in his 1980
book, "The Terrible Secret", that the human soap story has no basis in

Gitta Sereny, another Jewish historian, is reported as noting in her book,
"Into That Darkness", that "the universally accepted story that the corpses
were used to make soap and fertilizer is finally refuted by the generally
very reliable Ludwigsburg Central Authority for Investigation into Nazi

About the soap story, on 27 Apr 90 the Northern California Jewish Bulletin
appears to have printed a Jewish Telegraphic Agency story on Professor
Yehuda Bauer, quoting him as saying "We do not have to go on believing
untrue stories".

I believe that on 26 Nov 1987 a H Shapiro wrote a piece about Immanuel
Jakobovits on page one of the Jerusalem Post (Israel's English language
newspaper, owned by Conrad Black) Immanuel Jakobovits is the chief rabbi of
Great Britain and apparently described the holocaust affair as "an entire
industry, with handsome profits for writers, researchers, film-makers,
monument makers, museum planners, and even politicians". He seems to have
added that some rabbis and theologians are "partners in this big business".

Finally, I am told that a Professor W D Rubenstein, of Australia, has
acknowledged that "if the Jewish holocaust can be shown to be a Zionist
myth, then the strongest of all weapons in Israel's propaganda armory

Thought for the Day:

"It's not possible to conduct a discussion if one side systematically
ignores every argument and question addressed to it, doesn't agree to any
rules as basis for collecting and analysing facts, and simply goes on doing
what it does best. That is posting the same thing over and over like a
weird robot in loop."

(ASMarques - cyber fighter extraordinaire)

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