Hitler Worship: The Bane of the White Nationalist Movement

By Scott Michaels


> Few roadblocks have been more powerfully effective
> in deterring millions of White people from joining the
> world-wide, White Nationalist Movement than Hitler
> worship. The insistence of various leaderships within
> White Nationalism of practically deifying Hitler has
> served in repelling countless numbers of White
> prospects. Much of the leadership within the White
> Nationalist Movement needs to become educated about
> Adolf Hitler. Some others, who are enemy agents, need
> to be ousted.
> There are many reasons for why Hitler should NOT be
> the object of adulation. First, Hitler was the "Judas
> goat", the front man, in a jewish plot to try and
> destroy Germany in order to eventually take-over
> White, western Europe. The jewish conspirators knew
> that if Europe was to be taken, Germany would have to
> fall first, for Germany was the "heart and soul" of
> Europe. Germany was to be plunged into a war of
> extinction.
> Kenneth Goff wrote in "Hitler and the 20th Century
> Hoax", on page 8:
> "Several hundred years ago, Nietzsche, the great
> Jewish writer, said, 'If Christianity is destroyed in
> Europe, Germany must first be removed from the
> picture,' and this one fact has always been uppermost
> in the minds of the Communist plotters since their
> conspiracy first began. Here are the direct quotes
> from the pen of Nietzsche:
> "'These Germans, I confess, are my enemies; I
> despise all their uncleanliness in concept and
> valuation, their cowardice before every honest yea and
> nay. For nearly 1000 years they have tangled and
> confused everything their fingers have touched; they
> have on their conscience all the half-way measures,
> all the 3/8-way measures, that Europe is sick of,-
> they also have on their conscience the uncleanest
> variety of Christianity that exists, and the most
> incurable and indestructible protestantism. IF MANKIND
> WILL BE TO BLAME.' - Taken from 'The Anti-Christ', by
> F.W. Nietzsche, pages 179 and 180.
> "One would wonder if it was more than a coincidence
> that every drive to destroy Germany began in the City
> of Munich. Every student of history is aware of the
> fact that Germany, for centuries, has been the heart
> and soul of Europe. It has been the citadel of
> religious freedom and the birthplace of the
> reformation.
> "The Communists (jewish conspirators) knew that
> Germany would have to be crushed, if they were to ever
> have complete dominance of the continent of Europe.
> Their conspiracy to destroy Germany, dates back to the
> year 1776, when on the first day of May, in Munich,
> Germany, an organization called the 'Illuminati' was
> launched by a group of atheists and free-thinkers. The
> founder and leader of this organization was Adam
> Weishaupt. Weishaupt was a cunning human devil,
> (literal son of Satan) whose dream in life was to
> destroy Germany, and to place the whole world under
> one government, headed by his God-hating
> 'Illuminati'." Of course, Hitler read and closely
> followed the writings of Nietzsche, the jew.
> The funding for Hitler and his National Socialist,
> Nazi Party came from Internationalist Banker jews.
> Goff states, starting on page 26 of "Hitler and the
> Hoax of the 20th Century":
> "'During World War II, and after, there has been
> published much material exposing the tie-up between
> Hitler and the Jews; proving that it was they who paid
> his way to power. In the early 30's, there was already
> being circulated material to this effect. In the year
> 1933, there was published in Amsterdam, Holland, by
> the well-known and reputable Dutch firm of Van
> Holkeman and Warendorf's, a book entitled, 'De
> Geldbronnen Van Het Nationale Socialisme Drie
> Gesprekken Met Hitler Door Sidney Warburg', which
> translated means: 'The Money Sources of National
> Socialism- Three Conversations Between Hitler and
> Sidney Warburg.'
> Goff continues on page 28: "After a hasty conference
> of the International Bankers in New York, including
> such big men as Montague Norman, Rockefeller, Carter
> and MacDean, it was agreed upon that Hitler was to be
> given 15 million more dollars. Warburg was assigned
> the job of making the negotiations. He again traveled
> abroad and met in Hamburg a Jewish banker who was
> quite enthusiastic about Hitler. Warburg was told the
> German people were not mature enough for democracy,
> and that the national movement was just the thing for
> the country. The Jewish banker was not at all uneasy
> about Jew-baiting as Hitler had assured him that the
> Nazis aimed only at Galician Jews. He, Hitler, knew
> the difference between native German Jews and Ghetto
> Jews: It is not strange to find this Jewish banker
> lining up with Hitler, when we note in Protocol 9 of
> 'The Learned Elders of Zion', the following statement
> in regard to promoting anti-Semitism for their own
> good, is revealed:
> "'Nowadays if any states raise a protest against us
> it is only pro-forma at our discretion and by our
> direction, for their anti-Semitism is indespensable to
> us for the management of our lesser brethren.'
> "By this the Jewish leaders reveal that they promote
> anti-Semitism to line up the weaker members of their
> race.
> "Already many of the Jewish leaders were hoping to
> plunge Europe into war so that they could, through it,
> enforce the Balfour Treaty, which would give to them
> Palestine, and place them in a strong position whereby
> they could place their ambassadors and envoys in every
> stategic place in the world.
> "It was through this Jewish banker that Warburg met
> the agents of Hitler, namely, Baron Von Heydt and
> Svetegbruno. The financial transaction was agreed upon
> and again was to be carried out through foreign banks
> (just like today)- the Mendelohn and Company in
> Amsterdam; the Rotterdamsche Bank and the Banca
> Italiana.
> "In the chapter headed, '1933', it reveals that
> Warburg remained in Germany, to help look after the
> International Bankers' interests in that country, and
> that the last transaction between the bankers and
> Hitler took place in that year at the Fasanenstrasse.
> This time the representatives of Hitler were Drs.
> Goebbels and Goering, and the request of the Fuehrer
> was for seven million more dollars. He promised that
> before the year was over that he would be able to gain
> control of the State Treasury.
> "While Warburg was cabling his report to New York,
> the clamor of the German revolution resounded in his
> hotel room. The fact that the revolt had already begun
> made an added incentive for the International Bankers
> to rush the money that Hitler needed. Five million
> dollars were placed in the Banca Italiana, and two
> million dollars were personally presented to Hitler in
> five equal checks, written out in Dr. Goebbels name.
> "This book, published in Holland, painted a clear
> picture of who paid Hitler's way to power. The fact
> that the International Bankers made possible the rise
> of Hitler to power is further substantiated in the
> book by Fritz Thyssen, called, 'I Paid Hitler', and in
> the book by the famous reporter Knickerbocker, 'The
> German Crisis', written in 1932. Also, in Henri S.
> Bertrand's book, 'Le Docteur Schact', and in 'Hitler's
> Magician', by Herbert Muhlen. Also, in the booklet
> published in Australia called, 'Hitler's Policy is a
> Jewish Policy'.
> "When the Warburg manuscript was published by the
> firm of Van Holkeman and Warendorf's, an immediate
> drive was put into effect by the International Bankers
> and Hitler's Secret Police to supress the book. The
> publishers recalled as many of the copies as they
> could. The job was so effectively done that a
> journalist wrote: 'Even the keenest of reporters were
> unable to obtain it.'
> "The only mention of the book in America was
> apparently a short item in the New York Times
> published on November 24, 1933, page 14, column 2, in
> which Felix Warburg charged that a hoax had been
> entered into, and that the author, Sidney Warburg, was
> not his son, nor was he a member of the International
> Banking group. The other appearance in America of
> articles on the book was in the International Review,
> Volume I, No. 5, for the year 1936.
> "From the outset, for the sake of argument, let it
> be supposed that the Sydney Warburg of the pamphlet
> was not the son of either Felix or Paul Warburg, the
> New York bankers. That there never existed a Sidney
> Warburg, because truly the personality of the reputed
> author is not of major concern. What is of intense
> interest, however, is the reason for the immediate and
> almost total suppression of the booklet in 1933. From
> the record it is known that the Warburg family,
> through a relative who was in Amsterdam as a manager
> of the Warburg Company, did all in their power to have
> the publishers recall the book, and lost no time in
> bringing pressure to bear on the publishing firm of
> Van Holkeman and Warendorf's.
> "But what is of greater importance is the fact that
> also Hitler and Company, the Goebbels, Hess, Goering
> and others, displayed the utmost zeal in having the
> booklets seized and destroyed, and shortly thereafter
> published another under the same name, showing how
> pure indeed were the real money sources of National
> Socialism. This book was sold to anyone who would
> request a copy of the former book.
> "With every effort being put forward to keep this
> material from the German public, fate did not allow
> that these facts should remain hidden, and in 1936,
> the magazine 'Der Sperber', published by Rene
> Sonderegger, of Zurich, Switzerland, carried a
> detailed report of the facts contained in the outlawed
> manuscript. This courageous publishing house also
> printed and circulated the book, 'Spanischer Sommer',
> which lays bare how the Jews and the International
> Bankers paved Hitler's way to power. This book is
> forbidden fruit in Europe; but we were fortunate to
> obtain a copy in the German language, and the facts
> that it reveals are astounding and should be read by
> every thinking person.
> "Those who had the knowledge of the transactions
> which Hitler carried on with international financiers,
> in general met with an untimely death, or were
> expelled from the nation. One of the most mysterious
> men connected with these financial maneuvers was Georg
> Bell. He was very active behind the scene in Nazi
> politics, and was present with Hitler and Von Papen on
> January 4, 1933, in the house of the banker Von
> Schroeder in Cologne, when huge financial credit had
> been granted to Hitler and his Party. He also knew all
> the secrets surrounding the Reichstag Fire.
> "About the time the Dutch manuscript was being
> printed in 1933, Georg Bell became extremely nervous
> during a trip to Holland. When he got back to Germany,
> he heard that the Brown Shirts were after his blood,
> and dashed across the Austrian border. He was seized
> over the border by Nazis, dragged back to German
> territory and murdered on April 27, 1933.
> "A brief mention of his murder was made in the
> London Daily Telegram, stating that Georg Bell, the
> murdered man, had been Liason Officer between the
> Hitlerites and the big international magnate, who had
> contributed much money to the Nazi cause. It added
> that, 'Last year Dr. Bell, with the Hitlerite leader,
> Alfred Rosenberg, had met the magnate in London, and
> big credit for the Nazis had followed.'"
> "A few days following the murder of Georg Bell, Dr.
> Oberfohren, who also was in the know, was brutally
> seized and dragged out of his apartment in Kiel, and
> his dwelling was ransacked. According to Glyn Roberts,
> in his book, 'The Most Powerful Man in the World',
> Bell had given Dr. Oberfohren the facts surrounding
> the Reichstag Fire. This, along with his knowledge on
> the international financing, was enough to seal his
> doom."
> Second, Hitler had a penchant for the occult and
> enjoyed reading about the old Norse mythologies and
> the pagan gods. Many of his "SS" officers were steeped
> in the occult and likewise adhered to Norse mythology.
> This attraction to the occult and pagan dieties
> naturally resulted in an obvious policy of an
> anti-Christian Church nature. Under Hitler's
> Government, neopaganism proliferated throughout
> Germany. Hitler, on more than one occasion when asked
> by Christian churches, refused to condemn the
> spreading neopaganism. This refusal to condemn
> neopaganism, along with his later instituted
> euthanasia program, which were both clearly
> anti-Christian practises, created a serious rift in
> Church-State relations which lingered until the end of
> Nazi power. Needless to say, Hitler was NOT a
> Christian. See pages 271-273 and 310-315 of the book,
> "The German Churches Under Hitler- Background,
> Struggle, and Epilogue" by Ernst Christian Helmreich,
> Bowdoin College, Wayne State University Press,
> Detroit, 1975.
> Third, Hitler maintained on his personal staff,
> several jews and even allowed some jewish police
> officers. "Strange as it may seem, while Hitler is
> painted as being anti-Semitic, we find that in his
> close personal staff he had several Jews; and several
> historians are suspicious of the fact that he may have
> been of Jewish parentage himself." Quoted from page
> 24, of "Hitler and the 20th Century Hoax" by Kenneth
> Goff, 1954.
> After decades of research, we find that Hitler
> himself was, indeed, of jewish extraction. In writing
> about the explosive ramifications of the publication
> of the book, "The Money Source of National Socialism"
> by Sidney Warburg, Kenneth Goff says this, starting on
> page 33 of his book, "Hitler and the 20th Century
> Hoax":
> "Page after page could be written on the murders
> that followed the appearance of the Dutch manuscript,
> but the most important of all of these was that of the
> Austrian Chancellor, Dollfuss. Not even a month had
> elapsed after the mass murders and bloody purge of
> Munich and Berlin had been consummated, when the
> Austrian Chancellor, (head of the Austrian Government,
> who had strenuously opposed the anschluss policy of
> Hitler to save his country from Communism,) was
> murdered by a band of savage Nazis who broke into his
> office. The description of that abominable murder,
> turns one cold with horror and angry resentment.
> Having wounded him mortally, the Nazi murderers let
> him bleed to death and refused even his dying plea to
> call a priest to assist him in his last moments. Let
> me quote verbatim the opinion of L. Fry, published in
> the Audust 27, 1953, 'Woman's Voice', concerning the
> death of Dollfuss:
> "'And here again we are confronted with the Dutch
> book. In this case, the evidence is irrefutable. It
> had become known that two copies, at least, of the
> by Sidney Warburg, had reached Dollfuss; he and his
> Chancellor, Kurt Schuschnig, and a few others, had
> made a study of its contents. At this point, one must
> refer to two sources of information. The first is
> taken out of Fritz Thyssen's own book, 'I Paid
> Hitler', in which he ascribes the murder of Dollfuss
> to the knowledge Hitler had received that the Austrian
> head of the government had prepared a document
> exposing Hitler's Jewish ancestry. That story had long
> before been circulating in several countries, even
> before Hitler came to power, in connection with the
> publication of his book, 'Mein Kampf'. It is told of
> his grandmother Shickelgruber having been seduced by a
> Baron Rothschild, in whose house she had been a
> servant in Vienna. That was no well-guarded secret,
> but public gossip. So when Thyssen writes, that based
> on the Jewish origin of Hitler, Dr. Dollfuss had
> prepared a secret document which was going to be made
> public; one wonders whether Thyssen was designedly
> disguising and concealing the truth; for the document
> which Dollfuss was going to expose, was the famous
> Dutch book which had come into his possession, having
> been sent him by the then Austrian Ambassador to
> Holland Alexis.
> "'For accurate details, then one must take up the
> second source of information; namely, a book published
> in German, 'Spanischer Sommer', (Spanish Summer) by
> Severin Reinhard, whose real name was Rene
> Sonderegger, who the readers will recollect first
> published excerpts of the Dutch book in his magazine,
> 'der Sprber', in 1936. From 'Spanischer Sommer', one
> gleans that it had been Dollfuss' intentions to have
> the book published; he had even annotated his own
> copy. After Dollfuss' death, Sonderegger was asked by
> the Austrian authorities to undertake the publication,
> and was given two copies of those sent by Ambassador
> Alexis. Thyssen again, through either ignorance or
> design, writes on page 160 of 'I Paid Hitler':
> Quote
> "'Dollfuss prepared a document in which all these
> facts referring to Hitler's Jewish descent were
> established. After his assassination, his successor,
> Dr. Schuschnigg, tok possession of the documents.
> Through his spies, Hitler was informed of this
> compromising inquiry. When he asked the Austrian
> Chancellor to come to Berchtesgaden in February 1938,
> he intended to get possession of the document. In
> order to get hold of it, he began to order the arrest
> of Countess Fugger, Chancellor Schuschnigg's friend,
> who later after he was taken prisoner by the Gestapo,
> became his wife. The compromising document was then
> given to Baron Von Ketteler, the secretary of the
> Fuehrer's Ambassador in Vienna, Herr Von Papen. It is
> quite possible that Von Papen took care to have the
> incriminating papers photographed, before having them
> carried to Berlin by Ketteler. It is clear that in
> these cicumstances the unfortunate Schuschnigg, faced
> by this terrible adversary in Berchtesgaden, was
> deprived of his one weapon against the Fuehrer, the
> threat to publish the Dollfuss documents, which would
> have revealed Hitler's true origin to the world.
> Incidentally, a copy of the document in question is
> said now to be in the hands of the British Secret
> Service. At any rate, it may be presuming, that the
> assassination of Chancellor Dollfuss, was connected
> with his inquiry into Hitler's geneology.'
> End of Quote
> "'Reading the above, one wonders whom Thyssen was
> trying to fool, since the Rothschild-Shickelgruber's
> little affair was long before a well-known incident;
> and besides could no way incriminate the unborn Adolph
> Hitler himself, whereas his transactions with the
> financiers of the world, including Thyssen himself,
> could ruin his prestige.
> "'As a side issue, it may as well be mentioned that
> Von Ketteler, who had been the trusted messenger
> carrying the Dollfuss secret document, was also
> murdered by the Nazis. As to Franz Von Papen, who was
> Ambassador in Vienna at the time the Nazis murdered
> Chancellor Dollfuss, he was the first included in the
> list of 'war criminals', who stood trial at Nuremberg,
> after the defeat of Germany. Strangely enough, he and
> Hjalmar Schacht were aquitted; they knew more than
> anyone about the money sources which had put Hitler in
> power and made him the head of the German Government.
> "'But to come back to the little Dutch book; Von
> Papen, in his memoirs lately published, mentions that
> he has one copy in his possession. Could it have been
> the copy which had belonged to Dollfuss and had been
> annotated by him?' End Quote
> "Hundreds of pages could be written on Hitler's
> Jewish connections, and we hope that which we have
> presented will be sufficient enough to prove to you
> that Hitler was not sincere in his denunciation of the
> Jews."
> On pages 36a to 37, Goff presents damning evidence
> which shows that Hitler was the grandson of Baron
> Rothschild, along with a review of Hitler's
> geneological chart.
> "Kenneth Goff suggests that Alois' father was none
> other than BARON ROTHSCHILD himself. If this is true,
> (which it is) it would stand to reason why HIS
> GRANDSON rose so promanently in Germany to become
> dictator and exterminator of over 9 MILLION WHITE
> CHRISTIANS throughout Europe and America!" Page 36d.
> Hitler was a jew, was funded and empowered by jews,
> and used the ploy of "National Socialism", even the
> name sounds communist, in order to trick Germany into
> a World War of planned German annihilation. It almost
> worked. They have WWIII on the stove cooking for the
> rest of us right now. (Just as Albert Pike had
> outlined.)
> The White Nationalist Movement today needs to become
> knowledgable and enthusiastic in the facts of
> "Christian Identity". Only truly Christian
> understanding can break the bonds of world jewry
> enslavement. Millions of Christians are hungering for
> the Truth of the Gospel of the Kingdom, which the
> White Nationalist Movement fails to provide. In fact,
> many within the White Nationalist Movement drive
> Christians away with their adoration of Hitler and the
> Third Reich, which were glaringly anti-Christian.
> White Nationalism needs to embrace the full Gospel of
> the Kingdom in order for Obadiah 15-21, Edom's
> Judgment, to come to pass. National repentance is
> still the prerequisite. No immitations will do.
> Scott

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