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The "Final Solution" For Whites?

by Kurt Stele (

It is not an accident that everywhere in Nature birds of a feather flock together. It seems humans (and primarily only White humans) are singular in Nature in that they have evolved their reason to the point where they can choose to disable their own racial instinct and natural xenophobia.

However, the White peoples' evolutionary advancement of reason is currently being used as a tool for their destruction, instead of for the reason Nature evolved it in the first place: to be used as a tool for their survival and advancement.

That is because Whites have fallen prey to false reason and guilt, to a curious campaign of White collective suicide engaged in and promoted by a group of clever aliens who sense this weakness, and have cleverly used it against Whites. This has occurred not so much as the result of a planned conspiracy, although there has been much concerted and coordinated effort, as it is the result of an instinctive and quasi-religious chauvinism which unifies these people vis a vis their host. This chauvinism likely has a genetic component somewhere, even though there is considerable racial heterogeneity in the group of people to which I refer.

Uncannily, this same group of people have behaved in precisely the same exploitive and destructive way in every society in which they were left to their own devices. Their unity empowers them effectively to influence and replace the White host population's values with its alien set of values: cosmopolitanism, commerce, and materialism. This eventually destroys the host culture and sickens and radically disfigures the host society from the way it naturally existed under its own organic values.

Time and again, however, the White host populations have succeeded in unfastening this destructive and parasitic host from their necks and removing them from positions of power and dominance -- for the good of the Whites' very survival. Invariably, an increase in health and prosperity of the host population resulted. In England, for example, after this removal occurred there blossomed a cultural renaissance of unprecented accomplishment, in which Shakespeare wrote his plays.

The necessary precursor to these White revolts against Jewish dominance was the increase in racial feeling among the host people -- an upsurge in racial pride which fueled the movement to flush out the alien dominators from their positions of power.

However, this same group of people is seeking to destroy the racial feeling of its host population once and for all, through the means of encouraging racial mixing along with promoting the invasion of White homelands by swarms of faster-reproducing non-Whites. Racial mixing and numerical engulfment would result in the ethnic eradication of Whites, and their subsequent replacement with a mongrelized mixed-race mass.

Thus the problem of White racial pride, which historically has always been the bane of Jews, will successfully be neutralized. This is the Jews' final solution for the historical problem of White racial feeling: dissolution of Whites by miscegenation and outnumbering by non-Whites. In other words, the problem of White pride is being "solved" once and for all by the genocide of Whites themselves.

And it follows logically. Whites, like any race and species of creature that walks, instinctively possess a special feeling for their own kind and a natural xenophobia for those of a different kind. This natural xenophobia exists in all beings in order to accomplish the evolutionary will towards life forms of increasingly greater speciation by segregation. You can no more eradicate this natural affinity for one's own than you can eliminate a creature's will to breathe. Since this instinct can not be completely rooted out through propaganda, there is no way to eliminate it save through eliminating the PEOPLE themselves. This is being done by the dual forces of miscegenation and outbreeding by non-Whites in former White homelands. In this way Whites are being "phased" out.

By flooding White former homelands with non-Whites and effecting White miscegenation, the problem of White racial feeling will effectively solved for all time by dissolution. Afterwards, presumably Jews can carry on their traditional position of dominance and control of the society, but for the first time there will be no opposition, as the mongrelized population cannot assert racial pride, because by definition it can have none. Without a deep sense of racial pride, the mulatto population will not be able to oppose or overthrow Jewish rule.

The Jews have used their media and money power to label the natural and healthy racial instinct within all people as "racism" and has declared that specifically "White racism" is the root of nearly all evil in the world. This has resulted in White people feeling guilty for a natural urge within them, much like certain Christian sects made their adherrent feel "guilty" for the urge of sex.

Guilt is an excellent weapon for controlling Whites collectively. Whites demonstrate a weakness for guilt not present in other peoples. The Jews, along with peoples of other races, have sensed this weakness and exploited it in many ways. They have succeeded in making many Whites feel guilty for possessing societies of higher civilizational and technological advancement than non-Whites, and higher standards of living. They use White guilt to convince Whites "you owe us."

The most dramatic success the Jews have achieved in the effort to make Whites feel guilty is the "Holocaust" tale. This tale of endless embellishment and little evidence is their greatest weapon to dissuade Whites from opposing their ongoing racial dissolution. Every White effort to organize themselves in uncompromising opposition to is automatically identified as a form of incipient Nazism and thereby discredited. "Segregation is what the Nazis wanted" the Jews crows. "Racial purity is a Nazi ideal" they chant. "If you want to have a White society, then the next thing you'll want to do is shove Jews into ovens like the Nazis did" they yammer.

Through their Holocaust campaign, they have succeeding in convincing Whites that it is wicked to want to preserve one's own kind, and to to do whatever is necessary to preserve it. However, Jews know full well that racism is not only not wicked, but it is the only force that allows a people to survive. They know that any people who do not possess a healthy affinity for their own kind will be dissolved and eradicated. They know that a homeland is the very basis for biological survival and any people without an exclusive homeland, protected by Whites and for Whites, will not be able to survive.

They know that "racism" is not only healthy, but essential for a people's survival. They only want US to believe that it is evil, because that illusion furthers their effort to destroy the threat of White racial feelings.

The Jews have demonstrated in the conduct of their nation Israel, that survival in the human domain, as everywhere else in Nature, involves using force to ensure one's existence. Although they are as brutal as any other in history, if not more, in obtaining land for their people, they want to make Whites feel guilty for the same behavior -- because this suits their ends, of course. In other words, the Jews are hypocrites of a kind which at times defies comprehension, but they are clever enough, and powerful enough, to get away with it unchallenged.

In addition to the primary purpose being served by the Jewish effort towards White dissolution, Jewish dominance, there is also exists another motivation: a conscious or unconscious combination of distrust, envy, and resentment towards Whites.

Jews traditionally have always been looked upon as suspect in White societies and esthetically undesirable. Also, although many Jews today have obtained White genes such as blue eyes, there still exists the prominent Jewish prototype of dark hair, swarthy features, koala eyes, and a large hooked nose. This made the Jews stand out among his host societies, especially in the Nordic countries of Northern Europe. Today, thousands of Jews each year pay to camouflage their own feature to look like Aryans by surgically modifying their noses to the European standard of beauty.

In early Europe, Jews obtained a universal reputation for shrewdness in commerce, and as a result were always viewed as a sinister figure in Old European society. Reports of Jewish incidents of defrauding citizens in every country they inhabited earned them the general reputation of shysters. Furthermore, they added next to nothing to the European masters of art and music.

In short, Jews have historically been distrusted, shunned, and marginalized in European civilization from the very beginning. It is likely that there exists an element of resentment and envy, if not revenge, in the Jewish effort to dissolve the White race.

I would like to emphasize again, that this Jewish promotion of White racial dissolution is not so much the result of a planned conspiracy as it the result of an organic, instinctive, process. Jews are naturally and rightfully threatened by the racial feelings of their White host populations. For the first time in history, however, White homelands are being overwhelmed by non-Whites and racial mixing is being encouraged by a highly effective and sophisticated media, and it appears Jews are effectively, even if instinctively, dealing with the problem White racial feeling, which has always been their bane. Many Whites who begin to realize this phenomenon are fooled by specious counterarguments which maintain that there is no planned conspiracy by Jews against Whites therefore the Jewish efforts toward White racial dissolution do not exist.

This argument is fallacious in that it never WAS a planned conspiracy in the traditional sense but rather the result of natural instincts and cultural norms and the cultivated unity of a single people, inculcated and reified over hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Also advantageous to this group of people is the highly popular myth this group has succeeded in popularizing, which maintains that RACE DOES NOT EXIST. Along with distracting Whites from any awareness of their existence as a people and any concern for their people's ongoing eradication, this myth serves to disarm Whites from believing that there exist instincts which can serve as the primary means for group of people to unconsciously and synergistically work in tandem to dominate and subvert their society -- because of which there is not much need for organized conspiracy.

The analogy of the termite here is useful. A group of termites do not "conspire" to destroy a building -- they do it naturally. Their unity originates WITHIN them, far more than without.

I believe Whites who care about their race can reverse this trend. The first step is consciousness of its existence and the development of the will to survive against it -- primarily through an organizational strategy. Note that "survival" here means survival in the classic sense, precisely as found in Nature, where there are no rules, and the final standard of fitness is whether or not one's kind does survive. It is a retrospective evaluation, and will be made in the case of Whites if and after they can deal with and emerge from the current invasion of their former homelands by non-Whites. Of paramount importance to the success of this strategy is the availability of mass media in both its alternative and eventually its mainstream forms for the purposes of racializing, mobilizing, and unifying White people, and recruiting members into the organization and special units thereof.

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